Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Somalia offers new deal to Al Shabaab rebels: This is a beauty they better take!

 Though Al Shabaab as an in command islamist fighting force has been defeated they are disjointed but will be around to perform terrorist activities such as car bombs and murders. That lends even more importance now to the offer of employment to Al Shabaab fighters if they abandon their insurgency.

Somalia offers new deal to Al Shabaab rebels: Somalia has promised to find civilian jobs and training for rebels from the radical Islamist group Al Shabaab if they abandon their part in a six year old insurgency. The new deal comes after around 250 fighters from the Al-Qaeda linked group surrendered to pro-government forces over the weekend.
Interior minister Abdisamed Mohamed Hassan appealed to the estimated 6,000 militants occupying areas in the south of the country to give themselves up. “If the Shabaab come back, we’ll not just send them to the streets. We will divide them into few groups. If they come voluntarily, they’re going to be part of the factories and we will take care of them
They better play it smart and take this deal!

In the beginning of the year: Somalia conference opened with Al-Shabaab under pressure: Ahead of a key international conference on beleaguered Somalia, transitional government forces, backed by Ethiopian allies, seized a key southern town that was once a strategic stronghold for Islamic militants.At the United Nations, meanwhile, the Security Council voted unanimously to increase the African Union force in Somalia from 12,000 to 17,731 troops. 
The town of Baidoa fell into government hands, said Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade, a Somali member of parliament and an officer leading the fight. Baidoa lies on a key commodities route, and last year, global aid agencies flew in emergency supplies to the town to help thousands of hungry Somalis fleeing drought-ridden areas. Al-Shabaab militants abandoned the town in fear as government troops closed in.</a>

Then: KDF kill top al Shabaab commander in Somalia: THIRTEEN Al Shabaab insurgents including one of its top commanders were killed by the Kenya Defense Forces following a fierce exchange of fire at Dalayat, Southern Somalia. Following the attack, one Kenyan soldier was wounded, and had to be flown to Garissa military camp, where he is undergoing medical attention.

That has worked well! It will not help Al Shabaab unless they leave Somalia and spread around the world as we said. They will now become another part of the head of the hydra!

After what happened to the United States ending with Black Hawk Down and our departure from Somalia I thought Al Shabab would never be defeated. Then I came to the realization that they could be defeated if area countries and the world rallied around the effort to make them a non entity at least as a separate arm of Al Qaeda. Well it has happened and they are being defeated.

Al Shabab's demise is not guaranteed yet and I still believe many have left for the Gulf of Aden, Yemen, and other areas they think they will have an impact. Their demise though started with a new militia faction that is about the only group in the country to go against the al-Shabab and win. The Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama - followers of Sufism or mystical Islam - are mostly volunteering students who say they have no political ambitions beyond expelling al-Shabab.  Al Shabab should have negotiated last November when they were given the chance

Better still They should have taken Amnesty from Somalia when it was offered.Somalia is winning their long battle! I am impressed and really believe we stand a chance at defeating the Islamist extremism if only the entire world and every region where they flourish comes together and eradicates them. This deal they are being given now of jobs is a winner and they better take this one.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch here Jim. There's still a very unstable situation there. So many locals have turned to piracy it's become a way of life. They don't just want a deal with the government they want to be the government in that part of the world. Look for more conflicts as time goes by and remember they have the backing of the Saudis. Don't believe me then look at their boats and weapons.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah it is still very unstable and Al Shabaab has promised to do the same as the Taliban but I am more confident that Somalia can control Shabaab, Stabilizing Somalia is something else altogether.