Wednesday, October 31, 2012

T Boone Pickens: We have more energy than any other country, get off middle east oil!

Natural gas accounts for just 22 percent of the nation's energy consumption. Natural gas advocates say that increased use would mean a cleaner environment and less dependence on foreign oil.

T Boone pickens: We could easily attain energy independence if we really wanted it. Simply ignore the influence of oil interests to keep their conglomerate of support businesses owning us and switch over to    natural gas.
T Boone: There is no country in the world living of its own resources that Isn't successful! Get on our own resources. switch to natural gas. There would be $60 Billion in savings and a 75% reduction in Middle East dependency.We must get off OPEC oil.
Introduce humility in Congress. We do not need middle east oil.We have large naval resources constantly trying to keep the Srait of Hormus open for oil traffic and to NATO military use.In one way or the other we are involved with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Africa, and who knows where else.
We don't have to settle for war. Switch to natural gas and get out of the middle east.We have 3 times more natural gas equivelant to the oil in Saudi Arabia. Stop killintg American soldiers. Stop funding the Taliban., switch to natural gas.
We have more natural gas than Saudi Arabia, We have more energy than any other country.  I have to ask, why are we killing our soldiers for energy and relationships we do nopt need. We are not wanted in the middle east, we do not need to be in the middle east for oil. I agree we need to have a rellationship with middle east countries but we do not have to be involved militarily.
* Switch to natural gas and be in control of our own destiny!
James Joiner
Gardner, ma

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Demeur said...

Here's the thing that everybody keeps forgetting. All the oil natural gas and coal isn't really ours. It's sold on the open market to the highest bidder. We're drilling more oil in the U.S. now than we ever have. As for switching to natural gas I would say that was fine 25 or 30 years ago, but now the mega gas companies are subcontracting their drilling operations to less than honest drillers. Look no further than Fort Worth, Texas to see what they've done to the environment. Just ask RC I'm sure he could give you an earful.

No I think it's time to look for alternatives and very soon while we still have a chance. You will note T Boone gave up on his massive wind project because oil prices shot up. Now it's a push to build the Keystone pipeline and all that oil will be sold on the open market and we subsidize it!