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Mullah Omar was for killing civilians before he was against it

Reclusive Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has urged insurgent fighters, who he said had successfully infiltrated the security forces, to avoid civilian deaths after a swathe of suicide bombings this week killed 63 people. Islamist suicide bombers on Tuesday targeted markets crowded with Ramadan shoppers and a provincial hospital in Afghanistan, killing scores and wounding 148 in the worst attack since a series of sectarian bombings against Shi'ite Muslims late last year.

The Interior Ministry said the Taliban had not let up on attacks during Ramadan and security forces had stepped up security ahead of the three-day Eid al-Fitr festival. But Mullah Omar, who is thought to be sheltering in Pakistan despite government denials there, boasted that his forces had successfully infiltrated Afghan security forces to mount rogue shootings of foreign troops that have killed 39 soldiers in 30 attacks this year.

Dozens of Afghan civilians die in bloody day: Twenty-three people were killed and 50 others were wounded in the suicide attack in a car park crammed with vehicles supplying the largest NATO base in southern Afghanistan, police said.A suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck first and as a crowd gathered to help the victims a second bomber walked into their midst and set off explosives strapped to his body, Kandahar provincial police chief General Abdul Raziq told AFP.

"All casualties are civilians -- not a single military person," he said. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying on their website that "several dozen of the foreign terrorist forces and their puppets were killed Wednesday in a martyrdom attack".

Last year was the deadliest on record for Afghan civilians with 3,021 killed, a rise of 8 percent from the year before as insurgents ratcheted up violence with roadside bombs and suicide attacks, the United Nations said Saturday.

Taliban-affiliated militants were responsible for more than three-quarters of the civilian deaths in 2011, the fifth year in a row in which the death toll went up, the U.N. said. The figures were a grim testament to the violence the Taliban and allied Islamist militants can still unleash in Afghanistan, even as NATO begins to map out plans for international troops to draw down and give Afghan security forces the main responsibility for fighting insurgents by the end of 2014.

Who is the real Mullah Omar? Omar was for killing his people before he was against it before he was for it before he was against it... You get the picture

Mullah Omar Wikipedia

Just over a year ago Taliban leader Mullah Omar ordered fighters to kill Afghan civilians, contradicting orders he issued the prior year. Remember that farce they called a code of conduct to protect civilians. Yes civilians are dying from both sides. As usual they get the shit end of the stick!

In a statement, NATO said it intercepted orders that Mullah Omar gave to subordinate commanders at the beginning of June 2010 . It says he instructed fighters to kill Afghans who work with NATO or the Afghan government, and to kill women who provide information to coalition forces. I have to ask what's changed really?

There was no immediate reaction to the claim from Taliban leaders. prior to that, Mullah Omar called on militants to avoid causing civilian deaths when attacking government and foreign troops. NATO says Mullah Omar ordered the Taliban to kill civilians You saw the results, while the west was found to be responsible for much fewer deaths the Taliban were purposely killing as many as possible to show them who was in charge.

We managed to lower the number of civilians killed so Mullah Omar had ordered the Taliban to kill as many as possible. Now that Omar says his forces have been successful in infiltrating the Afghan military and police forces enabling him to kill NATO forces it seems at will with 6 so called green on blue killings in 2 weeks Omar figures it is time to give the civilians he plans on ruling a break.

I want us to get the hell out of Afghanistan like we should. If we are lucky enough to have that happen and I have my doubts, the people have a choice. They will still have their tribes but otherwise they have the choice of Mullah Omar who will kill them if they do not live the way he says or the corrupt drug dealer Hamid Karzai.

I just do not get it. If those people know how bad their life is going to be under the Taliban then why do they not fight to defeat them? *Vietnam all over again regardless of what they say. They are now offering the Taliban to join in the Government.

I really do not care what they do. Our soldiers did their job. We should get them out now with heads held high for a job well done. They have performed magnificently.The Taliban are going to take over again regardless and the people know it that is why everyone who can is making preparations to get out now.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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