Friday, August 03, 2012

Another Afghan in uniform kills three more NATO trainers as time is rapidly running out

AP Interview: US Afghan withdrawal halfway done‎: It's a kind of milestone toward wrapping up the U.S. and NATO combat role after a decade in the war-torn nation - but Allen cautioned against putting too much emphasis on the U.S. troop drawdown, because the U.S.-led coalition's campaign is continuing. Still, Allen said that he knows the clock is ticking on the NATO coalition's combat mission, which is to end at the close of 2014 - just 29 months from now.

An Afghan police commander and 12 junior officers have defected to the Taliban after poisoning seven comrades, government officials in the western province of Farah said on Tuesday. The commander, named only as Mirwais, was in charge of a checkpoint in the Bala Boluk district when he and his unit defected to the Taliban and handed over their equipment and weapons, including military vehicles.We must get out and leave this to the Afghan's!

Afghan in uniform kills three NATO (2 Americans and 2 Brit) : The shooter was killed in the incident in the west of the country, the International Security Assistance Force said in a statement, without giving further details or naming the nationalities of the victims. An Afghan official who requested anonymity said he knew two Americans had been killed in the attack and they had been shot by an Afghan man in a police uniform in a military training centre near the Herat airport.

The number of so-called green-on-blue attacks -- in which Afghan forces turn their weapons against their Western allies -- has escalated this year. The latest deaths would take the green-on-blue toll this year to at least 29, in 19 such incidents. In the most recent incident, three British soldiers were shot dead by a man in an Afghan police uniform in the southern province of Helmand earlier this month. Although Taliban insurgents claim some of the attacks, many are believed to be the result of cultural differences and antagonisms between Afghan soldiers and their Western counterparts.

Just recently Lance Corporal Lee Davies, 27, from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and Royal Air Force airman Corporal Brent McCarthy, 25, were shot dead by members of the Afghan Police Force, in Helmand province on Saturday. Their bodies are due to be flown back to the UK on Thursday. Their deaths mean 12 British service personnel have now been killed in the country since 2009 in "green on blue" attacks, where members of the Afghan security forces have opened fire on international allies.

I reiterate though it is a waste of time that like Afghanistan Pakistan is largely tribal but they want a central Government and freedom from the Taliban to continue to have their tribal customs and freedoms and are fighting for it! NATO go home! Scale back! Get out! We keep hearing how tough Afghani's are. Prove it! Pakistan has shown what they want and so has Afghanistan. Can't we take a frigging hint?

We keep hearing how we must get to Taliban moderates and Afghan moderates well get with it do it now and let them fight for their country. Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what will develop into a mass resistance movement.That is what Afghanistan must do!

America and NATO must get out! We have been there 11 years, more than twice as long as WW2, now our longest war! If Afghanistan wanted freedom from the Taliban they would already be trained and fighting for it instead of just letting themselves be killed as pawns.

Our soldiers did their job leave now with heads held high not our tails between our legs like in Saigon! Give food and supplies to the Afghans and if they want their freedom they will fight for it like the Pakistani tribes are. We should be helping Pakistan who has proved they want their freedom from Taliban and Sharia law. Don't keep adding more troops this is Afghanistan graveyard of Nations. Cheat history get out now!

look at the quickly growing History of these insulting deaths

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You'd have thought we'd have learned something by their history but I guess not. I suspect that once we leave they will revert back to their old tribal ways.

an average patriot said...

I know! They will immediately revert to S.O.P unless we stop supporting them then they will anyway. We are in a lose lose if we think they are going to change.