Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Iran vows it will not allow Assad to fall, to find out this too is all about energy is down right despicable!

I was waiting for evidence of Russia being on the ground and in the front The Free Syrian Army claimed that it has killed a senior Russian general working with the Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria. The report, published by Al Arabiya on Wednesday, claims that the Russian General Vladmir Petrovic Kojai was serving as a security adviser to the Syrian defense minister, who was also killed in Damascus roughly a month ago. Kojai’s personal translator was also killed 
The Syrian rebels also stated that they obtained documents and maps belonging to the Syrian Army, which show opposition positions throughout the country. Kojai was killed outside of Damascus, when according to reports, his bodyguards attempted to open fire on a Free Syrian Army roadblock. The rebels told “Al-Arabiya” that the Russian adviser’s presence in Syria is further evidence of Russian involvement in the Syrian crisis.

No wonder Iran will not let Syria fall and the other side wants it to. Always about frigging energy! Deep beneath "Damascus volcano" and "the battle of Aleppo", the tectonic plates of the global energy chessboard keep on rumbling. Beyond the tragedy and grief of civil war, Syria is also a Pipelineistan power play. More than a year ago, a $10 billion Pipelineistan deal was clinched between Iran, Iraq and Syria for a natural gas pipeline to be built by 2016 from Iran's giant South Pars field, traversing Iraq and Syria, with a possible extension to Lebanon. Key export target market: Europe.

During the past 12 months, with Syria plunged into civil war, there was no pipeline talk. Up until now. The European Union's supreme paranoia is to become a hostage of Russia's Gazprom. The Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline would be essential to diversify Europe's energy supplies away from Russia. It gets more complicated. Turkey happens to be Gazprom's second-largest customer.
And stupid me thought it was because Iran did not want a Democracy at its door!

Tehran to host foreign ministers meeting on Syria on Aug. 9: According to the report, foreign ministers from a number of influential regional and extra-regional countries will attend the meeting for consultations on the Syrian crisis in order to find political ways out of the current situation in the Arab country.

Syria has been gripped by unrest triggered by armed protests against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which Iran says is a foreign conspiracy fueled by the United States and its allies meant to undermine the country, which is on the front line of the resistance movement against the Zionist regime in the region. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian also said on Monday that the purpose of the meeting is to explore ways of tackling the crisis to help bring stability and calm to the country.

Syria: Iran vows it will not allow Assad to fall: Tehran will continue to back Syria and Bashar al-Assad’s regime because the alliance between the two countries is central to Iran’s foreign policy in the region, a senior Iran official has said. Iran has accused Turkey and Gulf countries of arming the rebel opposition in Syria, in collusion with the United States and Israel, to overthrow the Assad regime, Tehran's key regional ally.
Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, appeared with the Syrian leader in Damascus on Tuesday to pledge Iran’s support for Assad regime. “What is happening in Syria is not an internal issue but a conflict between the axis of resistance on one hand, and the regional and global enemies of this axis on the other,” he said.

I am sickened that Iran, Russia, Turkey, China, indeed the whole so called civilized world is sacrificing the Syrian people over another energy corridor as they war over energy and their standing as they endeavor to make it through the 21st century. I am sick!

We did it in Afghanistan as a deal has been struck on building a 1,700km (1,050m) pipeline to carry Turkmen natural gas across Afghanistan to Pakistan and India. Gas pipeline to cross Afghanistan

Most as usual paid no attention to what was happening in the world or to our demise in the White House when George W Bush was President. I want to remind you why almost 10 years ago some of us started calling Afghanistan pipestan in this part of the lie we are living today. Cheney Bush and Condi did all this. I discussed it ad nauseum. Everyone forgets but remember the secret White House meetings with the so called energy Czars?

They had meetings with the Taliban in the White House and in Crawford. After the Taliban said no to Bush putting a pipeline through Afghanistan Bush threatened to attack them and what a surprise, 9/11 was allowed to happen and we did. This is well worth a quick read at least after the Kennedy stuff but did you ever read we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan

China just announced all their instigation and threats of war are over all rights in the South China Sea. The war on Gaza is over offshore gas fields. Gaza War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields by Michel Chossudovsky

All the conflicts involving the so called civilized world are over energy sources. We are going to kill each other over the right to destroy the planet. The planet is already at the point in its life cycle called "the nurturing stage" and we are threatening wars around the world to make it infitismally worse. Hell in the process of getting it to the point we can use it we will further destroy the planet with spills. What the hell is wrong with us in this lie we are living today?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I believe I brought this point up several weeks ago when I first started to analyze the situation. It's never about the principles of freedom or justice or anything like that. It's always about the money and who has the most to gain.

The FSA has made some advances in the struggle. And they have one advantage over the Syrian army. At this point they are not afraid to die and their nightly protests continue. It's an amazing thing to watch. I wish them well.

an average patriot said...

Yeah I admit you always say it is all about the money. I am just sickened that it is always about energy even with the so called righteous Jews. Did you read the link about gazprom and the Russians and all? This is going to be bad.