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Iranian General threaten's Turkey that they are next in line for violence:

Highlights: 48 Iranian hostages are supposedly "retired IRG and regular Army troops, Iranian General threatens Turkey that they are next in line for violence: Bashar Al-Assad threatens to set the middle east and especially Israel on fire and it will lead to WW3

Syrian President Bashar Assad threatened to set fire to the Middle East, and especially Israel, if NATO (the United States’ surrogate military force) attacks Syria. Assad said: “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.”

According to the Fars news agency, the Syrian president stressed that Damascus will also call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch a fierce rocket and missile attack on Israel, such that Israeli intelligence could never imagine. “All these events will happen in three hours, but in the second three hours, Iran will attack the US warships in the Persian Gulf and the US and European interests will be targeted simultaneously,” Assad said.

That said, everything else said here will be put into perspective

The State Department tells CBS News it has no reason to doubt Syrian rebels' claims that 48 Iranians they are holding hostage are members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard military unit. Iran has flatly denied the claim that the hostages are military personnel, insisting they are all civilians who were in Syria to visit the Sayyida Zainab shrine, south of Damascus, when they were abducted.

The shrine has been frequented by Shiite Muslim pilgrims in the past, including many from Iran. On Wednesday, however, Iran's foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi was quoted by the Islamic Republic's government-controlled media as saying, "some retired individuals from the Guards and army" were among those being held.

Iranian General threatens Turkey that they are next in line for violence: A suggestion by Iran’s top general that Turkey is next in line for violence after Syria are “unacceptable," the Turkish Foreign Minister said today, but added that Ankara would nevertheless agitate for the release of Iranian nationals being held hostage in Syria. Iranian Chief of Staff Hasan Firuzabadi’s statement came on the eve of a snap visit to Ankara by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.

The two countries' foreign ministers held talks today regarding the situation in Syria and the 48 Iranian pilgrims being held hostage by Syrian rebels in Damascus. "I told [Salehi] that Iranian officials should seriously consider their words before issuing statements," Iran and Turkey differ on their approach to the incidents in Syria, but the party responsible for this difference of opinion was "no one else" but the Syrian regime, which has used heavy weapons against its own people, Davutoğlu said.

before Bush went after Iraq he had designs on Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt when all is said and done. We are all observing age old hatreds play out and Sunni against Shiite, Persian against Arab hate is only serving to make a already volatile region and situation worse. The united States and Iran's IRG have both been instigating for war since day one now it will come at the behest of Syria's Assad.

The Perle-Wurmser policy document demanded: 1) Destroy Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, blaming them for every act of Palestinian terrorism, including the attacks from Hamas, an organization which Sharon had helped launch during his early 1980s tenure as Minister of Defense. 2) Induce the United States to overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. 3) Launch war against Syria after Saddam's regime is disposed of, including striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon, and targets in Syria proper. 4) Parlay the overthrow of the Ba'athist regimes in Baghdad and Damascus into the "democratization" of the entire Arab world", including through further military actions against Iran, Saudi Arabia, and "the ultimate prize," Egypt. a clean break Think about what is going on now in Egypt, Syria, and throughout the middle east. Now do you see it differently?

That plan was formulated in 1996 before they found a fool to push it through in 2003. I knew about that but did not know about this. The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She is credited with coining the phrase. I am disturbed with the role she played because she sat on chevron's board before she became Secretary of State to push Bush's plan through. We have discussed that and her and Cheney's role in energy and Afghanistan in the past and will again but for now:

Bush with his illegal attack against Iraq freed Iran up to pursue her version of new middle East order by interfering wherever she could while Bush was doing the same thing with his Middle East Democratization program. I think you can see how successful Bush and Cheney were with chaos creating Middle East Democracy program but you are barely seeing the results they created in Iran.

As many of you know by now my prime concern in Yemen was the interference by Iran in trying to get Shiite dominance there. Bush freed Iran up to pursue her version of new middle East order by interfering wherever she could while Bush was doing the same thing with his Middle East Democratization program.I n Yemen once again the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is the instigator. They are ferrying weapons through Eritrea to Yemen. They are now avoiding the Arabian Peninsula as Saudi Arabia has instituted a blockade along the coast of Yemen. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has also transported Lebanese Hezbollah fighters to fight with the rebels.

The goal absolutely is to be the country who decides which direction the new Middle East (dis)order will take. Bush started it by attacking Iraq to get into the middle east to destabilize it and start the new middle east order the idiot said God told him to do now it will be up to Iran and Saudi Arabia (Al Qaeda?) at least up front fight it out whether this goes the Iranian Shiite way or the Saudi Arabian Sunni way and do not forget Israel!

You know I firmly believe and have said so a million times by now that since 9/11 everything was construed to allow Bush to gain the power he needed to prosecute his new order not just in the Middle East but on the entire world! He diverted from Afghanistan to get back into the Middle East with the goal of setting up a larger safety zone for Israel and going after Iran. Both will fail! It has long been my contention that coming to Israel's aid once they attack Iran will be our in to Iran but with Iran, the Gulf, Syria, and everything else who knows what will happen first. Worse Russia, North Korea and China are there waiting to step in.


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