Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Drilling in the Arctic is a Shell game

Grounding of drill ship in Alaska narrowly avoided
BP and Shell "Chevron" racing to destroy the Arctic

Chevron fire and explosion bringing dangerous pollution Pretty dramatic pictures coming from California!

From the Sierra club: It's a shell game

Dear James,

Shell Oil is supposed to start drilling in the Polar Bear Seas of America's Arctic in a matter of weeks.

But over the last two weeks, Shell has fessed up that they can't meet the air pollution reductions they agreed to, the Coast Guard found Shell's clean-up barge inadequate, and this weekend a Shell drill ship came dangerously close to running aground on its way to the Arctic.

Tell the Obama administration not to ignore such obvious warning signs. It's more apparent than ever that we can't trust Shell to drill safely in the Polar Bear Seas.

Shell has been trying for months to get approval to drill in the Arctic this summer. To get the permits, Shell made promises about the kinds of equipment they would use to reduce air pollution and clean up a potential spill. But now, with just a few days left before they want to start drilling, they've admitted that their equipment isn't up to par – and they have no way to fix it before they start drilling.

We've been telling the Obama administration for months that Shell can't be trusted in the Arctic. The administration needs to hear your voice now more than ever.

Just this weekend, a Shell drill ship headed to the Polar Bear Seas almost ran aground while moored in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. 35 mph winds pushed the vessel within feet of the shore. What would happen if the ship met the gale-force winds and 25-foot waves of the Polar Bear Seas?

Shell is still trying to convince government agencies that what they have is good enough, even though it's not what they agreed on – and it's clear that Shell is not ready for a disaster. Shell wants us to trust them.

Do you trust Shell? Me neither. And the Obama administration shouldn't either.

Tell the Obama administration that we can't afford to just trust Shell.

Thank you for everything you do for our environment,

Dan Ritzman
Sierra Club Arctic Campaign Director

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Demeur said...

So glad I never had to work in that industry or even at a refinery.

All this just after the fire at a refinery in Tulsa, Ok. just 5 days earlier.

an average patriot said...

Yeah refineries have to be pretty hazardous places to work. It has been a while since I researched it but I am pretty sure it has been 30 years since one was built so they are old too.

NIMBY is the order for the day. The Prez ought to be able to order them built. They are a built on bottle neck and our shortage problem not supply.