Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Syrian uprising shifts toward suicide bombings. Al Qaeda's handiwork? Assad? (+video):

Fresh attacks target symbols of Syrian state power: In fresh attacks on symbols of state power, twin suicide bombs exploded Monday near a government security compound in northern Syria and rockets struck the central bank in Damascus, killing nine people and wounding 100.

The regime and the opposition traded blame, accusing each other of dooming a United Nations plan to calm violence that has largely failed so far. The head of the U.N. observer mission acknowledged that his force cannot solve the country's crisis alone and urged both sides to stop fighting. The attacks are the latest in a series of suicide bombings that started in December and have mostly targeted Syrian military and intelligence positions.

Syrian uprising shifts toward suicide bombings. Al Qaeda's handiwork? (+video): Twin suicide bombings today in the restive city of Idlib in northwest Syria left at least eight people dead and suggests that the nascent insurgency against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad could be shifting to jihadist tactics that have been a hallmark of conflicts in Iraq and the Palestinian territories.

Violence erupted in two Syrian provinces on Tuesday, with a rights group reporting 10 civilians dead in an army mortar attack and 12 soldiers killed in a fire-fight with rebel gunmen: An activist on the Turkish border, Tareq Abdelhaq, said 35 people had been wounded and that some were being carried 25 km (15 miles) along mountain tracks to receive emergency treatment in refugee camps dotted along the frontier.

"Some are being smuggled over the border to Turkey. They had to carry the wounded and go through the mountains to avoid checkpoints on the road," Abdelhaq said. "One guy died on the way. He was 19 years old and had very bad injuries." In the eastern Deir al-Zor province, troops hit back with mortar and heavy machinegun fire after losing a dozen of their own to insurgents, killing at least one villager and destroying a school.

We knew Al Qaeda has been calling its fighter to come to Syria for a Jihad against the Government and suicide bombings are their calling card but they have become the calling card in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan not because Al Qaeda is spreading but what works is. Plus you can bet Assad is killing some of his own to gain favor so he can continue and worsen the slaughter.

It is the growing rebel force of military deserters that are turning into the most potent fighting force. I tried to find figures as to how many soldiers have now defected but could not. At last count 25,000 had defected but as of late despite atrocities by pro Assad forces the defections are increasing.

Hundreds at once and by a lead force so close to the palace has got to be making Assad nervous. I wish I had saved the link but I read a story from Syria that the Alawite minority was getting nervous. Some were getting nervous in Latakia and other Alawite areas that the other religions were going to come chop off their heads.

I now believe they have reason to worry. In the beginning we knew it would take the whole military to defect were this insurrection to have a chance and it looks like it is happening despite knowing Assad followers would put them to death if caught. At the very least the rebels will in the end know they are not fighting only the Alawite minority but Lebanese and Iranian IRG.

Any way you look at it the Russian's and Chinese have drawn the line on what they view as US hegemony and with the blood of the Syrian people. Taking us on is why Putin stole himself an extended election. This is just the opening battle in the war to determine who is going to lead the way into the future. It will not be short or good. As time progresses wars do not get easier they get much worse. Be very concerned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I see no sense in sending observers when there is nothing that they can do. They may report back to the UN what they've seen but after that no action. Unless they are video documenting the atrocities for future evidence I see no value in this.

an average patriot said...

I agree, observers are only going to be used by Syria to trap and kill people if they are stupid enough to talk to them and give away where they hide and with observers from Russia, China, and the UN, to confuse the issue enabling further killing which seems to be Iran, Syria, Russia, and China's goal and idea of success and cooperation.