Friday, May 18, 2012

Israel legalizes three illegal West Bank outposts angering the world but so what?

: Israel announced Tuesday that it has legalized three unauthorized Jewish outposts in the West Bank, a move that Palestinians and anti-settlement activists condemned as a step toward creating the first new settlements in more than a decade.

The decision marked the latest effort by Israel’s right-wing coalition government to prevent evictions — some of them court-ordered — of Jewish settlers who have established communities without government permission in the West Bank, where Israel occupies land that Palestinians want for a future state though most foreign governments consider all settlements illegal

US 'concerned,' seeks clarification on settlements: UN Sec.-Gen. "deeply troubled" by move; PA President calls it a "dead end"; Jordan, France also slam Israel for decision. "The Secretary-General reiterates that all settlement activity is illegal under international law," a statement from Ban read, adding that the decision was a "provocation" and contrary to Israel’s obligations under the Road Map.

Palestinian leaders reacted strongly to the settlement legalization on Tuesday, with PA President Mahmoud Abbas calling it a "dead end" and PLO official Saeb Erekat threatening to take the issue to the UN Security Council, according to Palestinain Ma'an news agency. Israel could care less what the US, the UN, or anyone else thinks.

Israeli fury at UN probe into Jewish settlements: There is anger in Israel at moves within the UN to investigate the effect of Jewish settlements on Palestinian human rights.Israel is considering severing ties with the UN Human Rights Council and withdrawing its ambassador after the organization voted to establish a fact-finding mission in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel and the residents disagree.

Israel 'turning blind eye' to West Bank settlers' attacks on Palestinians: "Acts of settler violence are becoming a serious concern for the Israeli state which has so far failed to effectively protect the Palestinian population," says the report sent to EU ambassadors in Brussels last month. The report notes 411 attacks by settlers last year resulting in Palestinian casualties and damage to property, against 132 attacks in 2009.

The campaign of intimidation is especially targeted at Palestinian farmers and their livelihood, the reports found, noting that settlers damaged or destroyed Palestinian olive groves en masse. Around 10,000 trees were destroyed last year. But last autumn's olive harvest season was quieter than previous years. The Israeli authorities are accused of structuring their security operations to minimize the cost to the settlers of the campaign of harassment, intimidation and violence.

6 months ago we noted where Israel and the US stood: Israel to speed up settlement construction:Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for speeding up the construction of 2,000 housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.According to a senior Israeli official, the plan involves building 1,650 units in East Jerusalem and the rest in the West Bank settlements of Efrat and Maaleh Adumin.

The construction will take place in areas that are expected to be part of Israeli territory in any future peace agreement, and there is no contradiction between it and the various peace plans that have been on the table, the official said. Palestinians claim the land Israel occupied in East Jerusalem and the West Bank after the 1967 war as part of a future Palestinian state. This will only make matters worse with not only the Palestinians but Iran and Syria at a time when Israel is openly debating an attack on Iran.

US, EU criticize Israeli plans to speed W. Bank building: The United States and European Union both expressed concern and disappointment on Wednesday at Israel's decision to accelerate settlement building in response to the Palestinians' acceptance to UNESCO. Israel does not care what anyone says, they know when push comes to shove the United States will be there to pick up the gauntlet for them.

I wrote about it numerous times, to hell with Israel they are the problem. Netanyahu does not want peace until he gets everything he wants which includes all of Jerusalem. We have to take care of our own and let them hang themselves. Ahmadinejad was right in one thing when he said years ago that is Europe and the US felt so bad for what happened to the Jews in ww2 they should have given them part of their country. We would have no problem then. We are as guilty as them for not enforcing UN resolution 181. UN Resolution 181 that was established in 1947. Stop supporting Israel!

I was impressed when He came out and said Israel must go back to the 1967 borders which I do not believe they will ever do but he is the first US President to take the right stance. Obama Backs Deal Based on 1967 Lines

As Obama Endorses '67 Borders, Netanyahu Objects Of course, they do not want a two state solution and they will never share Palestine.

As we discussed there is a rising cry around the world for Israel to return to 1967 borders but they do not care and never will, only Israel matters to them period!

The only thing to do is to force the instigating war mongers Israel to adhere to 181 or leave them to their own demise and Iran would see to it. You know, first reading how Israel and Palestine was allotted their territories in 1948 I do not condone that Israel has not been forced to adhere to that resolution. We, the US Britain and Europe especially are as guilty as Israel for not insisting Israel adhere to UN Resolution 181

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Nothing to do with the posting here Jim, but was just browsing your photo collection of Salem, that is such a beautiful awesome town historically. I havent been there in year's, and only when I was in Boston just briefly, year's back they had witches on a broomstick as a logo even on the police car's there ... some of the best inde shop's in the nation for art's and craft's related novelty item's is actually there (New Orleans is another, but with a tad different flair). I lived not far from you actually year's back, in both Brooklyn(NYC) as well as Montreal(QE) ... awesome photo line- up though!

Dave Dubya said...

As long as Israel is represented more in our federal government than any of our states, this madness will never end.

an average patriot said...

Yeah it's beautiful RC! Those that grew up with me think my childhood was hell but I had a one in a billion childhood growing up in Salem in the 1960s. The streets were mine especially in the middle of night.

Had the Salem woods, had my own rowboat and the inlets were crammed with sunken relics to explore and pilfer. All the historic sights were free to residents and I grew up right on Gallows Hill.

I started a book about my childhood growing up Huckleberry Finn in Salem, Ma or something like that but I set it aside for all this crap and still haven't gotten back to it.

an average patriot said...

Hey Dave! You're right, as far as I'm concerned Israel is more our fault than theirs. We are the enablers! Now we are their lap dogs.


REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, why haven't these TRAITORS and ENEMY COMBATANTS been executed by now?