Monday, May 28, 2012

Report: Obama seeking Russia aid in orderly Syria regime change.

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Report: Obama seeking Russia aid in orderly Syria regime change. while Medvedev did not outright reject the notion of a Yemen-style power transfer, the final say would have to be that of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with which Obama will discuss the issue in a meeting planned for next month.

According to the New York Times Obama's National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, raised the plan with Mr. Putin in Moscow three weeks ago. In addition, American officials told the Times that Russia would be allowed to retain its influence in post-Assad Syria, saying: “Look, we recognize that Russia wants to have a continued influence in Syria,” adding that the U.S. “interest is in stabilizing the situation, not eliminating Russian influence.”

Syria blames Houla deaths on 'terrorists': The Syrian government has denied responsibility for an attack that killed at least 85 people, including 34 children, saying that it was carried out by "terrorists".Jihad Makdissi, the spokesman for the Syrian foreign ministry, also severely criticized foreign leaders for accusing the government of having committed atrocities "without any evidence".
He told a press conference that "hundreds of armed men" had attacked Houla, a cluster of villages in Homs province, on Friday and clashed with government forces. "They used heavy weapons and anti-tank rockets," he said on Sunday. "That's why we lost some of our men from the security forces." Makdissi said Syrian forces were trying to defend themselves but insisted that "no Syrian artillery or heavy weaponry" had been used in Houla. "Syria will continue defending its citizens," he said.

FFFing liars! The Syrian Government, Bashar al-assad, and the ruling religious minority has to go. They simply want to eradicate all other religions and keep the Alawite's in control as they now fear eradication themselves.

There are two very important issues here, both middle east changing! Right from the very beginning of this carnage that was only to keep Russian and Iranian interests in the middle east alive and in control we knew the IRG would be in the front of this and the carnage would be horrific and dwarf what we saw during the the protests of the stolen election to keep Ahmadinejad in control. We were right!

We just heard that the IRG was taking control of the carnage to keep Iran and Russia's interest protected. That satisfies 2 purposes. It gives Syria the cover to say they are not doing this and that terrorists are. Terrorists are and they are called the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. They are ruthless and have a free hand. No one is on the ground to verify who is doing the killing as independent sources are no allowed and killed by "terrorists" if they are found.

Second and most important is Russia: From the beginning they have and still are supplying Syria with the arms and ammunition to slaughter the people who only want their freedom. From the beginning Russia and China have been blocking the rest of the world from helping the people of Syria. Syrian people are being sacrificed only to fight what Russia views as US Hegemony!

You know Putin just got himself reelected as President, he did this so he could be at the helm of Russia as he like me knows 100% that world war is our future. He plans on marshaling China who is rapidly building a more formidable military and whoever he can to take on US hegemony.Russia watched helplessly as we had our way in Libya. Putin blames what is happening in Syria on our interference and Libya for training the protesters to fight against Bashar Al-Assad. Russia and Iran will not let this be another Libya but?

Putin is going to do everything possible to keep us from helping the Syrian people and I really feel for them. I do not see this going down the way Libya did and Iran and Russia are going to make sure it does not. I am afraid the Syrian people are going to be sacrificed, sacrificed in what is merely an opening salvo in this the wars for future dominance. God help us!

* We now know Iran and probably Russia are preparing for Syria to fall to the protesters or at the very least into total disarray for years. Proof of that is a renewed effort to replace Syria with Lebanon as the new vanguard against what is viewed as US hegemony in this war for middle east and future world dominance.

The US is being smart here for a change. They are guaranteeing Russia that they will not disrupt Russia's nuclear sub Base or their interests in Syria and the middle east. They know for a fact that the Syrian people after Russia directly facilitating their slaughter are not going to be allowed to stay in Syria once Assad is removed regardless of what Medvedev and Putin say so this is just beginning whether Assad stays or goes. Those poor Syrian people!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Looks like our assistance in the background isn't working. Even after the latest slaughter, which you saw on the news, the Syrian army set out to bomb another city.

an average patriot said...

I know, another 34. Maybe Syria didn't slaughter all those women and children because they have the killers the IRG taking the lead now. Life of another religion is worthless there, just vermin!