Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The truth about the Ronald Reagan who destroyed America and main Street

The truth about the Ronald Reagan who destroyed America and main Street and a Ronald Reagan (Jr.) I agree with!

With the Republicans once again trying to blame all our ills on President Obama I find that once again I have to remind the country that President Bush did this. He as you know was following Reaganism. Reagan was the father of this nightmare. If we are foolish enough to let Romney in he will be influenced to bring us back to the destruction of our version of America and finish us off with Reagan and Bush's version.

Now if you have not yet You have to read this about Ronald Reagan the Destroyer of Main Street! I have been saying it for years and am finally happy to see someone of repute who is not calling him an American hero. He is the Father of this nightmare we are living and it is just beginning. You better be very concerned they want to return to the ways of Ronald Reagan.

They call themselves the party of Ronald Reagan! That scares the hell out of me because Reagan was the Father of the war mongering high Deficit compassionate Conservatives that gave Birth to much war present and future unless Obama can turn around the disaster they created around the world with their war mongering!

If only because I feel compelled to keep reminding the country of it Reagan also was the leader of the over spending "small Government" "fiscally Conservative" trio Reagan, Daddy Bush, and Bushie, who rang up 74% of our Nations debt choking our children's future while once again they want to blame Democrats for and Obama for worsening as he must in order to try and rescue us from the mess they have created and passionately want to continue!

Allow me a little Debt and Republican "success" history!

It was President Reagan's "success" in keeping us "safe" that made it necessary for us to start the "Debt Clock" as due to Reagan's success our debt was climbing so fast a clock keeping track of its rapidly changing total was a necessity! Due to Bush's "success" last year the Debt clock had to be refitted as it could only handle a $9 trillion figure. it was refitted to handle $10 trillion plus.

It is now moving so rapidly it makes your head spin. This article is awesome. Actually it is a book and it backs up 100% everything I keep repeating over the years. The book is a scathing, and well deserved, indictment of that "empty suit" Ronald Reagan, and his ultra-grasping political creed, "Reaganism," which directly led to the "Financial Meltdown of 2008. Reagan was nightmare leader and The President who destroyed main Street America

I frequently listen to Reagan's Republican son Michael Reagan and can't stand him! He is arrogant and I can not stand listening to his cynicism about President Obama and his and the Democrats wanting to destroy everything Ronald Reagan stood for. If that is true we can thank god and look forward to surviving as a viable successful America well into the future! A few years back I turned on the TV on to CNN and was listening to D. L. Hughley interview Ronald Reagan Jr. Awesome! A Reagan I agree with!

There is no way on earth to eliminate or make up for the nightmare Ronald started! That said self admittedly Ronald Reagan Jr. said he is the lone voice, the lone Democrat, the voice in the wilderness that is today's America thanks to Reagan and his followers of Reaganism to finish off our version of America.

As you can tell, I am no fan of Reagan's so I shied away from the name whenever I heard it mentioned. I had been out of the service a while when I went back in the Army reserves to help supplement my income because I was married with 3 kids working full time 3rd shift while going to school full time. It was the beginning of Reagan's presidency and his war mongering concerned the hell out of me so I got out after one hitch!

It was an absolute pleasure to hear the discussion with his son defending not Reagan and his nightmare policies but stem cell research! Wow! Reagan reiterated that with stem cell research you can turn stem cells into into pancreatic stem cells to make a new pancreas or anything else you need. Reagan mentioned something I found very intriguing and that was that with increased funding with Federal money it may be possible to some day have your very own personal repair kit. Just think about the implications! How the hell can anyone in their right mind be against that?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim ... Interesting posting here ... and I feel true now. What I mean when I say "now" is because I voted for Reagan, I voted for Bush even in 2000, and to this day I regret it. I was only worried about Bush being too religious, but was I broadsided after I seen what he was doing as far as economic's, war, and just about everything not religious even ... I almost couldnt believe what I was seeing, but I never really paid atencion before Jim. As you know, Texas has a strong conservative stance, and so many of them here are really blind to what is happening, and I am all for free market, strong defense, entrepreneuerialism, I am VERY pro business basically Jim, and I actually thought that was what conservatism stood for, just like rugged individualism, so most of my voting life I voted conservative, even though my wife, kid's, and most of my friend's were ALL die hard democrat's. Jim ... I really never took a close look at politic's until I first got online in 2008 and started really questioning shit after the last President Bush ... the war's/ occupation's really caught my atencion, and the funding, how much we were paying, even though Iraqi money was being banked in NY by the multi million's, etc Bottom line, after I started to REALLY take a look at politic's ... I started to see something that really made me think. But I acdtually feel that it was Reagan now that started all this, looking at the market's and everything else. It's sad that folk's like me were so blind to this for year's, but it's the reality Jim, and I cant cry over what I past done and spilt milk ... I just voted without even paying atencion. My view's today on what I see Jim is a complete turn around.

Later Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I vote straight democrat these dayz, and will also vote again for this President even if he does shit that I dont like, I simply am left with no choice of alternative, I supported Obama before he was even the candidate, because of his way of thinking, being truely bipartisan like myself on so much. The thing is Jim, is none of Washington is truely bipartisan. I really dont even fit into any party category, being that I consider myself "tripratisan" (liberal, conservative, and independent) depending on what the issue is ... I dont really see how any person can truely fit into one category or party. Ron Paul make's alot of statement's that are attractive to young folk's I noticed these dayz, but I actually over a decade ago was invited to a Ron Paul speech or whatever you call it here in Texas ... he also has some really shakey idea's and sound's kind of libertarian, well at least from a libertarian guy I know and share gun's with here in the neighborhood, who's about 25 year's younger than me and doing well as far as his own small store business. Basically Paul wanted to shut down every social programme and service (public), fed reserve, outlaw taxation, etc, etc nationwide, I couldnt believe it ... I dont hear none of this about him today though, so I have no idea where Paul even stand's to day, but if he's anything like when I listened to him over a decade ago, it would be disastrous to the nation financially and socially, maybe he's changed or something, I couldnt say one way or the other. ... as I told my neighbour that is libertarian and believe's this is workable ... I dont feel in a country such as our's, and especially with over 300 million population, this would work. Also when you get rid of goverment which is a right wing stance ... the people will have "no" voice left ... as you can see ... the corporate sector who they allow to cominate, dictate's without the people's voice in mind or taken into consideration.

an average patriot said...

I hate to admit it but in my youth and nativity I too voted for Reagan until I got a whiff of his crap and it stink.

I would never admit to voting for Bush, he was an obvious lying fool from the beginning. Repugs would never admit it but 3 Repugs, Reagan and the Bush's are with 9 trillion to their names, the fathers of today's debt.

an average patriot said...

RC I have to laugh after looking at your second comment. I was all over the political spectrum because of all the shenanigans but after Bush I realized we would always get a liar but he made me forever a Democrat and I too would vote from there.

Everyone pigeon holes us as liberals but I am more conservative. I just expect the truth and the right thing for the masses and that is never done in this lie we are living today.