Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Executions in the United States as Connecticut becomes 17th state to abolish death penalty

Executions in the United States as Connecticut becomes 17th state to abolish death penalty, peruse the extremely definitive Death Penalty Information Center

Connecticut becomes 17th state to abolish death penalty: The law is effective immediately, though prospective in nature, meaning that it would not apply to those already sentenced to death. It replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of release as the state's highest form of punishment."Although it is an historic moment -- Connecticut joins 16 other states and the rest of the industrialized world by taking this action -- it is a moment for sober reflection, not celebration," Malloy said in a statement.

Death penalty information center, "executions in the United States" Extremely definitive!

Executions by state
State 2011 2010
Texas 13 17
Alabama 6 5
Ohio 5 8
Georgia 4 2
Arizona 4 1
Oklahoma 2 3
Mississippi 2 3
Florida 2 1
Virginia 1 3
South Carolina 1 0
Missouri 1 0
Delaware 1 0
Idaho 1 0
Louisiana 0 1
Utah 0 1
Total 43 46

I've said it before but many of us have a moral problem with the death penalty in light of the many recently highlight cases of those put to death who were railroaded and were innocent.. Plain and simple, it's barbaric. Illinois recently joined the ranks of those outlawing the death penalty aand now Connecticut too! I am glad for the historic drop but why can't the entire US at least use the death penalty only in obvious deserved necessary cases?

China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, and the United States lead the world in carrying out the most death sentences. Amnesty International: US in top 5 that’s quite the company to be proud of isn't it?

What do you think about the death penalty? My thoughts below; Thirty-three states, including Virginia and Maryland, allow capital punishment. All use lethal injection, and, until recently, most had used a three-drug cocktail: sodium thiopental to render the condemned unconscious, pancuronium bromide to paralyze the prisoner and potassium chloride to stop the heart. They can no longer get their hands on it. What do you think about the death penalty? My thoughts below

states with the death penalty

Alabama Missouri
Arizona Montana
Arkansas Nebraska
California Nevada
Colorado New Hampshire
North Carolina
Delaware Ohio
Florida Oklahoma
Georgia Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Indiana South Carolina
Kansas South Dakota
Kentucky Tennessee
Louisiana Texas
Maryland Utah
Mississippi Virginia
US military
US Government

States now without the death penalty

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Dist. of Colombia

If you read my stories in the past on this you know I have mixed feelings on the death penalty. Often times a person may be arrested and sentenced to death knowing they were innocent just to further someone's career or to quell the public. Now that we have DNA testing we are finding too often we have the wrong man. We have seen it too often

I do believe the death penalty is justified as in the case of the Fort Hood shootings and the Jared Loughner's shootings where they should be put to death immediately with no trial. They should not have a venue to plead their case. Sane or insane they did it wantonly and publicly, that is all that matters. Cases like those aside I am no longer comfortable with the death penalty being justified because of the horror of the crime because we can not be certain we have the right person unless we actually see them do the deserved crime.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Not only does the DNA evidence free an innocent man or woman but oft times it gets the right person.

My objection with the penalty is what constitutes the crime for the punishment. That has been inconsistent.

As for no trial executions that is nothing more than mob mentality. Even Hitler's henchmen got their day in court. Otherwise we land up with a "stand your ground" mentality judicial system.

an average patriot said...

I know what you're saying Demeur but in cases like Loughner it is not mob mentality I volunteer to do it myself and televised!

Ranch Chimp said...

State's are becoming more divided than ever .. and the "right" want's that ... on everything from the insurance you buy, to the payscale's, to marriage, and yes, to execution. I have alwayz supported the death penalty, but only for the victim's familia. I still feel that we ALL ought to have some law's that cross all state's on this, and because of all the mistake's and innocent people that have been wrongfully executed, the federal level should jump in and postpone indefinitely ALL execution's in the country until SOLID DNA evidence can connect them to the offense, and if it cant ... well ... their still in prison, not ike their going anywhere's. Just my opinion here Jim.