Saturday, December 31, 2011

After a decade of disappointment what does New Year 2012 mean to you?

The first Decade of the 21st century was dominated by alcoholic and life long loser George w Bush and his damage to the US and the worlds order. Every year under his misleader ship got worse and worse. Sadly his damage will be felt for decades and generations to come. He started in 2000 with a stolen election, he allowed 9/11 to happen, and he followed that with the hell of a mess he made out of Katrina. He illegally attacked Iraq, and did his damnedest to instigate more war around the world.

After Bush's destruction anything to look forward to would be from President Obama undoing Bush's damage but Republicans are doing their damnedest to make sure he fails us and the country so they can get back in and get Bush's elitist agenda back on track. Anyway It is New Years Eve and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

After Bush got reelected in 2004 he announced that the election was a mandate, oh yeah! He said he had earned Political Capital and he was going to spend it,remember? many of us believed he was politically bankrupt even then. He had no Political Capital to spend. He had been since day one working on making us morally and financially bankrupt but I'll leave that alone today as I promised to be nice.

Every New Years Eve we have had a feeling of dread facing the upcoming year! On 12/31/05 I noted We're in trouble, Bush Promises to make 2006 as bad as 2005!! I said Today is New Years Eve and we just heard the Presidents weekly radio address. It was his last hurrah for 2005 and he was talking about how he wants to continue his abuse of the past through 2006. This had to really scare you the average American. Bush was a nightmare and he flew into the sunset proud of his societal and world destruction.

President Bush vowed to continue what to you and I as average Americans witnessed and experienced as the continued destruction of society and the country as we like to remember it. He still thinks we are the envy of the world. This is still partially true but only because a large part of the world is still behind us in their progression. Due to his insistence on continued tax cuts for the wealthy. His continued destruction of the lower classes, his continuing outsourcing of his Karl Rove’s taught 3D politics (deceitful, deceptive, divisive, politics) contributing to world disorder he is continuing to erode this envy as we moved into 2006.

New Years Eve 12/31/06 I noted Bush promised to make 2007 more deadlier than 2006 for American's and Iraqi's! He certainly did just that. I woke one morning to hear the 3,000th American had been killed in Iraq that number is now 4370. I reiterated that this Bush created Iraqi breakdown will spread throughout the middle east, being a total war between Shiite and Sunni as you can see it developing still

Thanks to President Obama's election in 2008 2009 dawned with renewed hope but the decade of Bush's destruction was still playing out and will be for many years. Millions have lost their jobs, homes, and health insurance. We saw massive bailouts for our capitalist system. Capitalism was bailed out so we still have hope. Now for us! More than a year into President Obama's Presidency we had not seen any accomplishments.

That said New Year 2010 arrived: Our troops are scheduled to depart Iraq in 2011, foreclosures have slowed down, Job losses have slowed drastically, the economy of the wealthy is recovering and ours looks to be showing positive signs of improvement so we have hope. We watch the mess in Iran, our and the worlds financial mess hopefully improving and we have hope for 2010. Again we were wrong, our hope misguided.

2011 sees the middle east just beginning to explode and not just Syria, Iran, and the Arab spring countries as our troops just came home at least for now.We would do well to remember the History of what an Arab spring often brings, "WAR" The entire world is unstable as never before in my lifetime.

With a house divided and nothing period being done for the United States or its average citizens, the too real prospect of more impending "wars", and the people's and countries situations worsening in every respect around the world, I ask you what does New Year 2012 mean to you? What do you think? How do you feel?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

First of all Jim, really good and frank posting here. As far as what this New Year mean's to me? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... not much : ) In fact the election's to me, are just voting in more of the same ole same, and if you dont vote Democrat, you get stuck with bloody Republican's ... what a goddamn situation! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... of course, probably my favourite politician has to be Sen.Sanders of Vermont. I dont know Jim ... but the stuff you wrote year's back in 05/ 06 was a good assessment ... it's reality now.

Anywayz Jim ... Have a decent New Years Eve and your familia ... Later Guy

an average patriot said...

I know, it is fucked up! what are people supposed to look forward to, lies wars and deprivation.

I feel really bad for our kids and grand kids. Like it or not admit it or not we had the best! Happy New Year to you and yours my friend and Good Luck!

Tim said...

Hi Jim, my hope for the new year is the end of the world. Sounds harsh but there is no fixing it now. We jumped the shark so to speak. PS Thanks for sticking with me.

Demeur said...

And a Happy New Year to you Jim.

We have three scenarios to look for in the coming year. Either things will get worse, they'll get better or they stay the same. They can't get much worse for most of us although I could be wrong on that point. Until we reach a certain tipping point I see nothing getting better any time soon. What that point is I don't know. I'm expecting little change until after the next elections. I just hope I can hold on until then.

an average patriot said...

Hi Tim, my win and I know what you mean. They certainly have given us no hope only utter failure today and for the future.

an average patriot said...

Happy New Year Demeur! I am a realist not a pessimist but I only see much worse particularly in wars and the health of the planet. I see nothing good!

Dave Dubya said...

Once again the big picture is bleak, but here's to our personal world being as best as possible.

Happy New Year.

an average patriot said...

All right Dave! Right as usual and I only see it getting much worse all around and quick. We have got to stay together. It is more critical than ever to ensure we do have a future hopefully a better future of some sort. Am I too dire?