Friday, December 16, 2011

Now that he stuffed the ballot boxes and intimidated voters the Headlines tell Putin's story

Putin Says His Foes Are Using Protests to destabilize Russia and he will not allow it As is normal for a stolen election right or wrong he blames the West

Putin defends election results : Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday brushed off widespread criticism that the December 4 parliamentary elections in Russia were falsified.
He said their results "reflect the actual line-up of forces in the country, as well as the fact that the ruling force -- the United Russia party -- has lost certain positions."
Doublespeak BS! Once again citizens see their vote does not matter unless it agrees with the "mis"leader

Vladimir Putin warns on dangers of protests : Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the result of a parliamentary election had reflected the views of the population, despite widespread protests and opposition calls for a fair vote.

Determined to return to the Russian presidency next year for a controversial third time after a March 4 vote, Mr Putin is under growing pressure to allow greater political competition and to hold a re-run of the disputed election that saw support for his ruling United Russia party tumble by fifteen percent.
But he made it clear there would be no re-run and confirmed he intends to appoint Dmitry Medvedev as prime minister following a March presidential election that is expected to return Putin to Russia's highest office.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has faced the nation live on TV for the first time since a general election that his opponents claim was rigged. In his annual question and answer appearance on Russia’s main channels he dismissed allegations of fraud and reiterated there would be no re-run of the vote

He said the recent street protests – which he described as reflecting the economic, social and political situation – were acceptable as long they remained within the law. Putin was responding to questions by phone and from a studio audience. Commentators said he looked less at ease than in previous years.
Now that he frauded the people and the polling stations to squeak in he calls for cameras at the polling stations because he thinks it will rectify things and appease the people. WRONG!

The USSR's Mikhail Gorbachevz has warned that Russia risks six lost years when Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency, echoing rumblings of dissent over his Kremlin comeback. I always find myself agreeing with Gorbachev but that is putting it mildly. This is bad news for the US and the world!

This is very concerning. I remember back in 2008 when Putin was going to try and be President for life. He was not alone. Leaders aligned with Russia were all trying to get permanent leadership so they could be at the helm of their prospective countries to take on then President Bush when his war mongering hit the point where Russia, the 135 non aligned Nations, Iran, and others were prepared to join forces and take him and our allies on.

I remember when Bush first met Putin and he said he shook his hand and looked him in the eye and saw a man of compassion, a man who was true to his word, and a man he could work with. I shuttered at Bush's stupidity. I looked at Putin and saw a man deceitful to the core who was not to be trusted period.

We were too pompous then and were pushing the world towards WW3 with our take it or leave it, my way or the highway, interference around the world. Putin was determined to head us off, to directly confront us when we were on Russia's front door trying to instigate war by installing the so called missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and return Russia to the role of a world leader.

Personally we blew it when Russia broke up and the Berlin wall came down. We were the world leader and had the perfect opportunity to be humble, show we were the leader, and bring the world together to proceed successfully through the 21st century.We egged on the likes of Vladimir Putin who understandably chaffed under our we are the boss do what we say take it or leave it, it your face tactics of Bush and Cheney.

With the return of Putin to the Russian Presidency I am again very concerned and see an end to a partner country whose leaders words and actions we can trust and a return to a confrontational relationship with Russia. I do not like the man, I do not trust the man, and I am very concerned as to which direction Russia and the United States are headed now and at a time when China is surging militarily.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This really should come as no surprise to us Jim. Most in power will fight to keep it or to regain it once they lose it. Look at Egypt and keep an eye on Iraq now that we've left. I doubt there is anything we could have done to change this either.
Now look at our example. What do we do? Invade other countries in the name of democracy. An interesting book (booklet) From Dictatorship to Democracy gives perspective on our failed methods.

an average patriot said...

You're right it is no surprise but a step backwards for the entire world. I remember when he was strengthening Russia and rallying the world to take on Bush and when they were all trying to become lifetime leaders. Not good man!