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Iran becoming a pariah state as Israeli Jews say they would support a nuclear weapons-free Middle East including Israel

Most Israelis Favor a Nuclear-Free Middle East, Poll Shows: A clear majority of Israeli Jews would support a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, even if it meant that Israel too would have to give up its stockpile of nuclear weapons.

This was the most surprising result to come out of a pair of polls conducted separately on Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel. The polls, conducted in November by Professor Shibley Telhami and presented Thursday at the Brookings Institution, covered a range of topics, from the Arab Spring to perceptions of the United States and hopes for the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Iran becoming a pariah state, says US official: The United States and Israel have not ruled out military action against Iran's nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails to resolve a dispute over a programme they suspect is aimed at developing atomic weapons. Iran denies it is seeking nuclear weapons and says it would respond to any strike by attacking Israel and U.S. interests in the Gulf.

That would be a big mistake as all the war ships destined to be in the Gulf to deal with this will be carrying lasers and rail guns specifically to deal with the Iranian threat. Iran has often warned of major retaliation if they faced a military strike from Israel or the West, but the latest comments appear tailored to emphasize the expanding range of Iranian missiles following 10 days of war games. Good luck with that.

They have their medium and long range missiles but our carriers can defend against them and have more than an adequate offensive capability. I remember that at one point we had 5 carriers and their battle groups there and the Charles DeGaulle was guarding the entrance to the Gulf. Anyway it is our battleships that will be their big problem too as they are being outfitted with Lasers and Rail guns to deal with Iran's unique way of fighting in the gulf.

The U.S. Navy destroys a boat with new high-energy laser and ship splintering rail gun: Target Iran

In an undated photo supplied by Lockheed Martin, an Aegis-equipped destroyer launches a missile, using hit-to-kill technology to intercept and destroy short- and medium-range ballistic missiles.

The US Navy recently performed its first test of its new HEL system, destroying a small boat in a matter of moments. We've got the video above. The Navy has begun field testing early versions of its high-energy laser (HEL).

This concept of fighting with rail guns that fire non explosive projectiles at supersonic speeds to put holes in ships 100 miles away and destroy their munitions at the same time and firing lasers to destroy the engines of small boats to disable them is at first glance a concept strange and hard to comprehend in an environment of today's high tech weapons.

However make no mistake, these weapons are very high tech, still under design, and geared towards an enemy and location we will be facing in the future. It is no coincidence that these weapons were tested at the same time the military tested its most challenging test yet of its ballistic missile defense system, blasting an incoming target out of the skies over the Pacific Ocean.

I remember in 2009 when Obama first announced he was scrapping Bush's missile defense system that did not work other than to instigate war for the Aegis system used on land or water to go after land or water fired intermediate-range missile's. This was the first successful test of a land fired missile from a ship. Of course defending against Iran in the future is the announced goal. Iran can already reach Europe. US Military Successfully Tests Missile Defense System

That said, at the same time we test the high energy laser successfully its goal to be soon on every navy vessel in order to be fired from the ship at the motors of small boats setting them on fire thus disabling them rendering them useless and dead in the water. Supposedly the HEL would come of use against pirates but it is no surprise that Iran banks heavily on its use of small high powered boats in the Gulf.

These Lasers are designed to take them out of the equation. It is no surprise that both Bush and Iran with the IRG (Iran Revolutionary Guard) did everything possible to instigate war and it was only because cooler heads prevailed that they were not successful in this endeavor. There were many provocations as you may remember by fast boats just like the one taken out in the video above. We now have a defense against them albeit still being tested and soon will be many times more powerful. The U.S. Navy destroys a boat with new high-energy laser

I had no idea there was even such a thing as a rail gun but they list it as an enemy of the laser so we have to learn more about them and build a successful one. I have to imagine Iran has one or can get their hands on one.

A rail gun is a projectile device that, via a combination of electrical impulses and magnetic fields, can send a non-explosive projectile vast distances with excessive force. They are extremely high-tech, high-efficiency cannons. In this case, the technology allows the projectiles being fired to break the speed of sound, I have heard up to 8 times the speed of sound. This allows the gun to have a range of approximately 100 miles. To lend that some context, the Navy’s current artillery has a range of only 12 miles but I have read up to 26 miles. Either way this is a formidable weapon and perfect for the Gulf against Iran!

The current design fired a projectile at 33 megajoules. Megajoules are a way of measuring kinetic energy; A ton up to a 100 miles at up to 8 times the speed of sound that is formidable! These devices are designed to put gigantic holes in enemy ships while simultaneously destroying enemy munitions in the process — causing damage of a previously unachievable scope. Navy punches through records with ship-splintering railgun

It is only a matter of time before we at the very least have a "confrontation" with Iran. I always figured it would come from the Gulf as Gates said the navy as of yet is not over extended. Iran's primary navy weapon seems for now to be those high powered boats. We seem to be building a defense and offense capable of handling a confrontation with Iran and the IRG. I find that troubling but it is worsened because we are getting ourselves into a war with our 3rd Muslim Nation with the Persians but I know we will do it.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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