Saturday, December 03, 2011

Medvedev: Russia may target missile defense and Europe

Medvedev: Russia may target missile defense :President Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will aim its missiles at the U.S. missile defense sites in Europe if Washington fails to address Russian concerns on its missile defense plans. Medvedev said that Russia will deploy missiles in its western most Kaliningrad region and other areas if Russia and NATO fail to reach a deal on the U.S.-led missile defense plans.

Bush was using the missile defense shield to instigate Russia to war! Putting it in Czechoslovakia was by no means the best position for the system. Britain more than once expressed an interest in having it on their soil. They were flatly refused. I have always agreed with Russia that putting the system on the door step was a direct affront to them and was targeted at them. Putin had expressed his concerns vehemently. Russia even suggested working on the system jointly and of course was flatly refused.

I had high hopes for cooperation even before Obama met with his Russian counterpart and hinted that depending on Russia's stance he might be amenable to altering Bush's plan for a sedentary missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland. It was not even known if That MDS worked as we were told it did. It had never been tested in a realistic multiple fire missile situation which in fact is what would be encountered.

Obama did consult our allies including Czechoslovakia and Poland and let them know we would still be there for them. Despite the negative rhetoric we were hearing from the likes of Partisan war monger John McCain Europe is not now in danger and Czechoslovakia and Poland betrayed but once again quite the opposite is true or so we thought. If you remember. if the MDS was to be deployed there Russia had threatened long ago to once again turn its nuclear missiles in their direction.

Russia had even volunteered to stop work on their own missile defense shield. Remember this? Nato chief proposes missile shield to include Russia

Also Russia has said it wants to take part in the proposed NATO-backed anti-missile shield in Europe. What happened to that?

The announcement was made by President Dmitry Medvedev at the Franco-German-Russian summit being held in Deauville, France. Medvedev has also accepted an invitation to attend the next NATO summit This is almost the best news I ever heard!

Remember when speaking at a conference in Brussels Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen called for a new missile defense system that would protect the US and its allies, and include Russia as well. I was psyched! I keep saying in every regard but in regard to the war on terror in Pakistan and Afghanistan every day things get better and better. So to is the case with Russia, NATO, and US relations.

Ever since Obama pressed the reset button the relationship between Russia, NATO, and the US has been improving. This proposal is bold because Obama has been trying for months and months now to illicit Russian cooperation in the new missile shield system. This is good for NATO and hard for Russia to turn down. This is great! So what happened?

First I have to say thanks to Obama lightening up the mood between Russia and the US. I am still feeling very optimistic about working together to proceed successfully into the 21st century. Switching to the Aegis missile system which is mobile and already used and proven and scrapping Bush's war mongering worthless MDS Boondoggle was a GREAT IDEA!

As I said already I am psyched that Russia is now cooperating on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in many instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror. There is now a possibility that NATO the US and Russia will work on a joint missile defense system thanks to Obama's smart move to use the Aegis missile system and scrap Bush's worthless missile defense shield.

We keep hearing from the war mongers on the right that that when Obama went with the AEGIS and scrapped Bush's war mongering plan that we gave Russia the farm and screwed America and Europe. Quite the opposite is true and you hear it from the horses mouth! This is a win for everyone! Russia now knows they are not the target and have started being productive partners or so I thought.

I still have faith that all the missile defense shield issues will be worked out. When all is said and done I am afraid it will be necessary but I am afraid circumvented one way or the other. With Bush we knew war was the goal but I have faith in Obama. He is still the community organizer that is why he has been very successful around the world.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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