Friday, December 30, 2011

The 2 million permanent Iraqi nomads President Bush created must not be forgotten

Iraq war ends; refugee protection does not: . the President barely mentioned the Iraq that the United States leaves behind – including the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis forced to flee their country, and the 2 million-plus internally displaced inside Iraq.

The conversation over the coming weeks must include an acknowledgement of the millions of Iraqis displaced by the war. Thousands lack permanent and safe housing in Iraq; thousands more languish without formal legal status in their countries of first asylum, awaiting protracted and uncertain resettlement processes.

What Bush (now Obama) doesn't want you to hear about his created Hell for Iraqi civilians! First "Despite claims that the security situation has improved in recent months, the human rights situation is disastrous," Amnesty International said in its report, titled "Carnage and Despair: Iraq Five Years On." In a summary of the report, Amnesty writes that "a climate of impunity has prevailed, the economy is in tatters and the refugee crisis" keeps escalating.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, in a report titled "Iraq: No Let-up in the Humanitarian Crisis," writes, "Despite limited improvements in security in some areas, armed violence is still having a disastrous impact. Civilians continue to be killed in the hostilities. "The injured often do not receive adequate medical care.

Millions of people have been forced to rely on insufficient supplies of poor-quality water as water and sewage systems suffer from a lack of maintenance and a shortage of engineers." "Nothing has changed people but we are leaving them to their own demise and it will spread through the entire middle east."
Both Amnesty and the Red Cross slam the Iraqi government for failing to grapple with the critical needs of their populations.

The two reports cited a litany of concerns that will not be corrected, including severe widespread poverty, a lack of food and water, and broken families left to scrounge for whatever they can find to get by. Both reports described a situation that shows no sign of clear improvement. Many women "have been forced to wear Islamic dress or targeted for abduction, rape or killing. That is not to speak of the more than 2 million permanent nomads because of Bush's and Obama's.

There is no progress needed. Just the excuse for us to stay there until the excuse can be found to attack Iran. That is why Iraq was attacked and it will not be avoided. The hell the world sees in Iraq that the likes of Bush and McCain call success will be spread through out the entire middle east creating a permanent nomadic culture before the entire world is involved in this success of Bush's. We created one of the greatest refugee crises in the world!

If Bush had stayed in Afghanistan as he should have instead of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq so he could start implementing his new middle east order, Iraq may still have a Dictator but they would have security, electricity, water, fuel, and a lot more than they have now or will have in the future.
We cannot and will not bring stability back to Iraq. Despite the political rhetoric it will get a lot worse and then spread throughout the entire middle east. We will never be able to bring services anywhere close to the level they were at when Saddam was in power. It is laughable to think that anyone thought they would be better post Saddam.

The Congressional investigation into reconstruction in Iraq found that six out of eight projects the Bush administration claimed to be a success were falling apart, throwing doubts over the long-term viability of much of the $30 billion program. I have to tell you, the entire program, the surge, Democracy, everything, was guaranteed lost from the get go. What ever is built will be destroyed.

The report which was published today looked at hospital projects that at last count their was one capable of operating at all and that great success McCain was bragging about, the increasingly secure Baghdad Airport. It does not matter how much money or effort we put into Iraq. Iraqi's as a whole do not want Bush's new Iraqi order they want their own version.

Each sect is only concerned with looking out for their own interest and future and as we are told to ignore everyday because it is not "the reality on the ground" reality is much worse! The inspectors found serious plumbing and electrical failures due to looting, equipment lying idle to me primarily because people are scared to death to venture out into the reality Bush has created for them. This 2007 report blames Iraqi's for the disaster Bush created and still exists today From the Political system to the oil Industry, Hospitals, electricity, plumbing, security, everything, It will not be turned around and will only get a lot worse before it spreads throughout the entire middle east.

In closing, the 2009 report:The humanitarian situation remained alarming. According to the UN, at least 4 million Iraqis still did not have enough food, around 40 per cent of the population did not have access to clean drinking water, and 30 per cent did not have access to adequate health care services. The education system was near collapse with schools and universities lacking essential materials such as books, and teachers and students terrorized by violence. Many schools were bombed. The unemployment rate remained extremely high at 50 per cent or even higher. If this is success the entire middle east is screwed!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I recall reading several Iraqi bloggers even before the war started. When things got really bad most of the middle class who had the resources packed up and left the country leaving what you see today. Imagine if you had to pack up everything you had or could carry right now and moving to Canada with no time frame when you could return. Add to that the fact that you couldn't legally work in your newly found home either.
But the really sad part of all of this is that they once had the capability to rebuild the country. They did so after the Iran Iraq war with no help from the outside.

an average patriot said...

Iraq is a mess Demeur and it will get much worse before it spreads around the middle east and soon. Sadly I can envision the Canada scenario, makes me regret not taking my dual citizenship.