Saturday, December 17, 2011

The middle east nuclear arms race is already well under way but Saudi Prince Turki urges nuclear option to counter Iran and Israel

Saudi Prince Turki urges nuclear option after Iran: Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal, voicing alarm about Iran's nuclear programme, has said the leadership should consider acquiring nuclear weapons to counter threats from Tehran, and from Israel.

The prince, seen as influential though no longer holding public office, noted that Israel is widely assumed to have a nuclear arsenal and that Iran, Riyadh's arch-rival in the Middle East, is believed by many to be developing such weaponry. "If our efforts, and the efforts of the world community, fail to convince Israel to shed its weapons of mass destruction and to prevent Iran from obtaining similar weapons, we must, as a duty to our country and people, look into all options we are given, including obtaining these weapons ourselves.

You know, I have long said that Iran’s civilian nuclear program is a cover for their nuclear weapons program. Now I see that Arab leaders feel the same way. They fear a nuclear arms race and I can only conclude that knowing how far along Iran is and how they feel that they are hedging their bets and it is already under way clandestinely.

The Gulf Corporation Council “Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman. And the United Arab Emirates, who are all incidentally armed by us with advanced conventional weapons and technology and missile defense batteries all want the Middle East to be declared a nuclear safe zone. That as you know is DOA as neither Israel or the US will never agree to that. The centuries of acrimony and convoluted Relationships throughout the Middle East though I knew of it is mind boggling and worse than I thought so I invite you to read the report it is eye opening. ! Why Arab leaders worry about Iran's nuclear program | Bulletin of atomic scientists:
Now what?

I just want to highlight Iran creating a ticking time bomb for its traditional rival the Sunni Persians. Remember Chernobyl? So doesn’t Iran and the rest of the Middle East. None of them trust Russia’s nuclear reactor safety record after the vast environmental destruction and cost to human life. As you know Russia built the Bushehr nuclear reactor but I did not know that, that is the reason for where Bushehr was built and why!

The location of the Bushehr nuclear reactor, less than 2 miles from the Persian Gulf and closer to six Arab capitals (Kuwait, Riyadh, Manama, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Muscat) than it is to Tehran, this is a serious problem. Any nuclear accident would be an ecological disaster. The Persian Gulf, the only source of water for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, would be contaminated, leaving those countries without drinking water. Meanwhile, the air contamination would spread to most of the populations who live downwind of the reactor.

The Persian worlds concern is concern for the environment and future dangers, in the event of a nuclear leak that could pollute the entire Gulf region. What increases concerns about an ecological disaster is Iran's reliance first and foremost on Russian nuclear technology. The safety of this technology cannot be trusted and I am starting to smell a rat

* Knowing that technological failures in the Chernobyl disaster caused radioactive ecological pollution in extensive regions of the world and the Persian world would be wiped out in the eventuality of a nuclear accident I now have to ask, is nuclear weapons that would destroy the entire Middle East the issue or a nuclear “accident” whose location has been set to “conveniently” affect all of Iran’s perceived enemies Iran’s real goal?

With that questionable act I firmly believe there is already a middle east nuclear arms race and not just between Iran and Israel. I also believe it is all unnecessary as the middle east in no way can handle a nuclear disaster there and there is no way Iran should be toying with nuclear material.
Why Arab leaders worry about Iran's nuclear program | Bulletin of atomic scientists:

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think we are going in the wrong direction on this matter. When your hostile neighbors are arming themselves to the teeth what would you do?
If anything we should be disarming countries in the region. We're turning this into Bush and Cheneys' wet dream.

an average patriot said...

You're entirely right! We are doing what we always swore not to and that is add fuel to the fire with all these advanced weapons we are giving them. With China and Russia doing the same for their allies we have built an explosive tinderbox.