Saturday, December 04, 2010

Yemen suicide attack hits rebels for the 2nd time in days.all this a blow at Iran, great kill each other off

Yemen suicide attack hits rebels for the 2nd time in days yippee!

I seem to have to beat a dead horse an awful lot lately. I guess it is appropriate that once again it is over a problem Bush created having freed Iran to raise hell around the Middle East. As I watch the situation in Yemen devolve into Sunni Saudi Arabia and the rebels by Shiite Iran this “may” erupt into a Sunni Shiite civil war throughout the Middle East! That is a fact Bush guaranteed when he ignored good advice and attacked Iraq as God told him to!

The goal absolutely is to be the country who decides which direction the new Middle East (dis)order will take. Bush started it by attacking Iraq to get into the middle east to destabilize it and start the new middle east order the idiot said God told him to do now it will be up to Iran and Saudi Arabia at least up front fight it out whether this goes the Iranian Shiite way or the Saudi Arabian Sunni way and do not forget Israel!

I reiterate, could this confrontation erupt in war between Iran and at the least US armed Saudi Arabia? Iran is warning and threatening retribution but they are supplying the Yemeni Rebels who pushed into Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has fired well over a hundred missiles from their fighter jets as they pummeled their hideouts.

You can not blame them but I had no idea the dissension goes all the way back to the naming of the Gulf. Saudi’s know it as the Gulf of Arabia and I can remember that but Iran calls it the Persian Gulf as the rest of us seem to now.

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have been using Lebanon as their battlefront up to now able to avoid direct confrontation. Iran has pumped millions of dollars in supplies and arms much to the consternation of her suffering people while Saudi Arabia has been supporting the Palestinian Authority.

While the world has been engrossed following events in Iran since the election was stolen to keep fascist Ahmadinejad and he fascist agenda in control Iran has been fueling a rebel war in Yemen and what a surprise it has extended into Saudi Arabia.

A propaganda war is also being waged. Egypt and Saudi Arabia last year pulled the plug on Iran’s Arabic speaking TV. It makes me wonder why they did not do that during the height of the protests when Iran’s Government sanctioned channel was televising pure lies and propaganda? I find it hard to believe that Iran is that vulnerable in that area!

So far there has been no direct confrontation. However I absolutely see what I have been warning about since Bush diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq and get back in the middle east to create a new middle east (dis)order! I do not give a damn what anyone says. Bush Chaney and their Democratization program in an already historically unstable middle east set all of this and more in motion!

* The hell on earth Bush created for Iraqi’s will engulf the entire Middle East before it encompasses the entire world if we can not contain it. Under Bush we broke a long standing tradition of not adding fuel to the Middle East fire by supplying weapons. We are now, including advanced weaponry and missile defense systems. The Middle East breakdown Bush started armed and funded will continue under Obama. This up to now proxy war in the Middle East is under way. Wait, watch, and listen, this is not good for the world and our future!

You know, Yemen is half of the new front in the so called war on terror. I am happy to see the rebels killing each other but what is next? when are we going to realize that so called terrorism is the head of the Hydra? You cut one off and many spring up in its place. No one in their right mind can really think they will quit. I have said it to many times but we are winning nothing. This is still barely beginning, will keep growing, and will equal all past great Religious wars. As you know, Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest!

With our air raids in the East, civil war looming in the north, pro-independence protests in the south and al-Qaeda in the background threatening a wave of attacks on America, Yemen is today’s war. To top it off Yemen is running out of water! There is more Al Qaeda there than in Afghanistan "supposedly 400" so why are we in Afghanistan and not Yemen?

Somalia will be the next war as those Al Qaeda who did not flee the existing wars to help in Yemen have gone to Somalia! Al Qaeda has always been in Yemen but it has now become Al Qaeda central. Their principle targets are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the US, allies and allies in this so called war on terror.

The Saudi and Yemen branches of Al Qaeda have joined forces and many outsiders are moving in to join the fight. We must act in kind! Yemen is on the verge of being a failed state as you already know especially if you have been following my story line. Yemen is on the Abyss and we must help them for own good!

Ya think they have been preoccupied? They have been dealing with terrorism and insurgencies for years! They are not a failed state but well on their way! Their attention has been on survival as a country.

Al Shabab in Somalia and Al Qaeda in Yemen are both reinforced by those fleeing the fight in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Somalia is a failed State and Yemen is rapidly headed towards being a failed State. They are perfect havens for Al Qaeda to set up new training camps in lawless regions.

Yemen has stepped up its efforts to go after Al Qaeda where they live and train. Yemeni Al Qaeda previously sent arms and help to Al Shabab in their fight in Somalia. Al Shabab is reciprocating sending fighters to Yemen to help Yemeni Al Qaeda. Supposedly the so called experts say the three forces operating to destabilize Yemen from the North, South, and East will not join forces but you bet they will! Al Qaeda has been leaving Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mauritania; to use Yemen as their new base we in turn better meet them there with some kind of force. This entire so called terrorism war is barely beginning. This is not a war to end all wars but the war of all wars! It is barely beginning!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


karen said...

When you believe in something strongly enough, like Armageddon for example, you will work toward that goal. If you are a egocentric president who believes such, and has his god yammering in his ear, he will do his best to fulfill the prophecy in his holy book of Revelation. I believe this has always been a religious war and that Bush's use of the word "crusade" was never a mistake or Freudian slip.

an average patriot said...

Damn Karen glad to see someone else not iced it. That idiot always thought he was doing what God told him to and Gods work. I use to have righty Bloggers say yes he is bringing about end of days I am ready are you?

Any way you look at it at this point we are quite a mess and largely because of what Bush purposely did and now Republicans are trying to blame it all on Obama and getting away with it. AAARRRGGGHHH!