Saturday, December 04, 2010

The nuclear weapons debate from the eyes of an expert answered from the eyes of a modern realist

I have discussed in the past that I have a good friend and I will invite you all to read his many works as he has touched us all and is known around the world. He is known on line as The Relentless Liberal

His real name is Jerome Grossman, oh yeah he is 93 and he is behind the Vietnam Moratorium, the Council for a livable world, America's nuclear nonproliferation program, and many more programs and foundation's that touch us all.

His latest discussion was the start treaty, reduction of nuclear weapons, and life in a nuclear free world. It is quite good but to me unrealistic in todays world, please read it Here I first met him at one of his routine lectures and he knows his subjects well. The problem lies in the fact that Jerome is principled and thinks all our Politicians are and in being so are the best and the brightest. At one time they may have been but not any more.

They are in it for themselves, to see what they can take before we go down and their party. We are on our own! In this instance Republicans are using the start treaty to gain leverage in their efforts to continue to help the rich.

He feels as I do that getting rid of any nuclear weapons is a good start. As usual I agree but differ on all the specifics especially that everyone wanting nukes is because we have them.. I hope you went to his link and read his line of thinking.Jerome you really make me think! Do you think Pakistan, India, and now Iran's supposed nuclear weapons desire is to compete with the US and not regional competition?

Your work against nukes is only one thing that endears you to me but I just can't see a nuke free world leading to peace or anyone's dominance though like you I feel it is imperative.

I am all for the start treaty being ratified and now but the Republican's are holding it up to use in their tax cut fight while they are ignorantly accusing Obama of playing Politics.

Anyway I just feel with all the nuclear weapons and massive amounts of waste around the world here forever it makes me feel nuclear weapons reduction by the US and Russia is a moot point.

Bottom line for me is mutual destruction use to be a deterrent but no longer and I will go to my grave knowing man is his own worse enemy and destroyer.

In closing I am happy to hear that Medvedev at least realizes our successful future is dependent on Russia and the US coming together and yes I do have faith we can do it but China Iran Somalia Yemen North Korea and much more has to be dealt with.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I just wonder what the brainiacs in the think tanks think about the situation now. Back in the late 80s they came to the realization that it would take only 24 warheads to destroy life on this planet. The Russians realized that as well which is why the nuclear clock was pushed back. Now it makes one wonder. Would a country have the guts to push the button knowing that they would be the cause of world destruction? Or would you be so mentally off to pull the trigger on a gun that would kill you as well as your enemy?

an average patriot said...

Demeur if you looked at Jerome's link you know. We butt heads a lot because I think the way you said. It is too little if their is one and look at the waste.

Jerome has been championing the fight with his money and foundations since day one. He could not get into ww2 so he decided to help the people and our world.
He is great but things have changed enormously.