Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do we need any more proof Obama is on his own? The two party system is our biggest enemy!

Top Obama aide defends tax deal as Obama caves to Republicans and Democrats fume

Republicans and Democrats have both turned out to be the enemy of we the people. Republicans call Democrats the enemy and and Democrats call Republicans the enemy while they are both the enemy of we the people and President Obama. They only care about doing the right thing for their party and as I keep saying from day one, President Obama and average Americans are on their own.

So it's about time as Obama charts his own course

When I remember Romney stumping for McCain for President and he said democrats are America's biggest enemy it gave me chills.

Our trying to take care of the sick and elderly and everyone who needs help is why we have all these problems.

Bush was always reducing what they call unfunded liabilities "social security, Medicaid, and Medicare, amongst other things.

We are absolutely screwed if Republicans succeed in getting the power to repeal Health care, privatize Social Security, continue and enhance welfare for the wealthy, and taking Obama to court for crimes against America.

That should have been Bush's reward for destroying America and then flying away proud of his accomplishments. Not a good future we have before us and remember the state of the Political and environmental world of today!

This recession is not over it has barely begun. Think of the frightening prospect of of putting this mess in the hands of the know nothing Republican party hijackers, the tea party voodoo fools.That is frightening! That possibility is what we are now facing.As we just discussed, only Bin Laden can end this so called war on terror he started and only keeping health care and staying on the track of the recovery of "our" America Obama is trying to get us on, will give us a future, success into the 21st century.

The Brown Shirts I mean tea party have successfully hijacked the Republican party as threatened if you have not noticed. If they get in control what happens will not be pretty nor will the "liberty" they want. You have seen it before and know the results. If the so called tea party gets in control of the US it will be much worse mark my words.

We need those companies that were increasingly incentified by Bush to send their companies and jobs overseas to be forced to come back to the US. Obama's plan is doable and not as destructive to companies as those against the plan want you to think. We have to start putting the people ahead of companies

We are in serious trouble as you know, if we can not get our manufacturing base back and put the people back to work and enable them to pay their mortgages and pay the bills. I refuse to believe Republicans and other turncoats can get away with voting against the people and a return to Bush's destruction of "our America and world order" Obama has finally started to gather forces again to finally get something done. We better show the tea party Republicans we are not going to let them undo any progress and finish destroying our America. We must come out and keep his agenda moving forward. Get out the vote!

For a while there the Republicans looked lost forever. They took a back seat and let the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck lie and whip up those in America angry at losing their version of America. Glen Beck and Sarah Palin were the leaders in the dumbing down of America. The tea party seems to have silent control of the Republican party now and since the election have allowed the leaders of the party to come back to the forefront or the leaders are done using them for now and have stepped forward again.

John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, Eric Cantor, they are frightening to look at let alone hear their rich man fascist stance. They are war mongers to top it off and with the likes of Newt Gingrich who wants to attack Iran as President we would be in more serious trouble than we are now. We can not allow them to get back in. I wish there was a way for Obama to separate himself from the Democratic party and run as an American who simply wants to see average Americans and our America succeed and not the party. The two party system is our enemy!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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