Saturday, December 18, 2010

South Korea will not stop and North Korea threatens attack as world tensions mount

Russia warns, North Korea warns, South Korea & US warns while China is silent and announces they are building an Aircraft Carrier, what's that tell you?
North Korea denounced artillery drills by the South as Bill Richardson arrived on a mission to reduce tensions.

North Korea said on Friday it would strike again at the South if a live-fire drill by Seoul on a disputed island went ahead, with an even stronger response than last month's shelling that killed four people.

UN chief urges North Korea to show restraint

Russia warns on South Korea drill

China has confirmed for the first time that it is preparing to build an aircraft carrier, a move set to heighten international concerns over the rapid expansion of its naval power. Beijing announced its step quietly with one sentence buried at the end of a lengthy government publication.

Japan to bolster defense against China

No words needed, This just gets worse and worse daily. This situation is changing so rapidly and not for the good that we just discussed that I at one time thought there would one day be a reunified Korean Peninsula but not the way we and South Korea envision it. Just remember something! One way or the other this is going to end in war and I was listening to the so called experts shoot blanks having fun discussing all the wrong reasons and solutions and what is happening is very simple.

We forget history but China does not. They remember the Korean war that they fought too and the fact that General MacArthur wanted to take China too. To bad he didn't! Yes, Beijing has been using North Korean belligerence in order to keep us off their door step. They have also for as long while been abusing their increasing financial and military strength. Yes in the past we too did it but that time must be over if we are to move successfully through the 21st century.

China says nothing while the rest of the world freaks out and they are building aircraft carriers to project their power in Asia and around the world. China's real role here is her goal to keep Democracy off her doorstep and the Kim regime in power because they will remain a puppet whose strings China can pull. Kim Jong Il said he was committed to establishing "a lasting peace system" on the Korean peninsula and to making it nuclear-free "through dialogue and negotiations" a lasting peace system, what is that? donations of food and supplies from us while he maintains his 7 million man army for China and continues to toy with advanced weapons and starve its people?

In the end I don't care what they say. This is a confrontation long in the works. MacArthur was right wanting to go right through North Korea then China back than because it would eventually have to be done. There is a lot behind the scenes to be concerned with here and yes China is our banker but they are over stepping their boundaries. We owe them trillions but with Russia's cooperation we can come out on top here. I fully expect we would and in the end being victors we would cancel our debt to China!

I have had those that point out Russia and the US will never join against China because of Russia and China's connection in the Shanghai cooperation but don't forget China is also connected with South Korea and Japan and look what that's worth. Dmitri Medvedev realizes as I do that Russia and the US need each other and our close relationship is critical to both of us proceeding successfully through the 21st century.

We know China's most senior Diplomat was just in North Korea to show support for China's guard dog. I no longer see a unified peninsula allowed to happen unless one of two scenarios occur. 1. We fight North Korea thus China too and are defeated and China unifies Korea and kicks us out. 2. We are able to defeat North Korea and China "totally" and then unify Korea ourselves. However I have a hard time envisioning that. What a mess! Good thing Bush took North Korea off the terror list huh? They sure deserved that.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Ignore the politics on this Jim and follow the money and that will tell you where this will all land up. Is China wanting North Korean natural resources?

an average patriot said...

China wants North Korea as the instigator and to keep us off her doorstep. That is why she was ignoring this and is acting the way she is.