Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A return to McCarthyism or worse?

"Government Takeover" of Health Care Called "Lie of the Year"

The senators who dissed baby Jesus so they could go home for Christmas

The senators who dissed baby Jesus

Rep. Pete King's proposal to hold hearings on the "radicalization" of American Muslims is something straight out of the Bad Ideas Department. Make that the Worst Ideas Department. Just substitute the word "movie" for "Muslim" and you've got McCarthyism. McCarythism revisited. It isn't just going after Muslims but it is health care, social security, immigrants, minorities, everything. We are in serious trouble! Molloy: A return to McCarthyism

We have to beat these liars somehow! I refuse to believe Republicans and other turncoats can get away with voting against the people and lying and just promise a return to Bush's destruction of "our America and world order" Obama has finally started to gather forces again to finally get something done. We better show the tea party Republicans we are not going to let them undo any progress and finish destroying our America. We must come out and keep his agenda moving forward.

For a while there the Republicans looked lost forever. They took a back seat and let the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck lie and whip up those in America angry at losing their version of America. Glen Beck and Sarah Palin were the leaders in the dumbing down of America. The tea party seems to have silent control of the Republican party now and since the election have allowed the leaders of the party to come back to the forefront or the leaders are done using them for now and have stepped forward again.

John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, Eric Cantor, they are frightening to look at let alone hear their rich man fascist stance. They are war mongers to top it off and with the likes of Newt Gingrich who wants to attack Iran as President we would be in more serious trouble than we are now. We can not allow them to get back in. I wish there was a way for Obama to separate himself from the Democratic party and run as an American who simply wants to see average Americans and our America succeed and not the party. The two party system is our enemy!

The entire pile of BS which is today's Republican party is sickening. You might think the odds are stacked against them but forget it!They are the underhanded controllers of our modern built to be stolen Political system. I said a long time ago if we do not figure out how to combat the Republican disinformation juggernaut we are shoveling shi#@ against the tide and our so called leaders have not.

This is downright frightening! The lying and the fear mongering are holding sway over common sense and the truth. We keep hearing Obama compare to a Nazi while years ago we were saying that about Bush and his mis-administration. Now they are demonizing Muslims and others to get back into power. I'm telling you this is the 1933-34 Brownshirts all over again.

I was stunned listening to Romney's withdrawal speech when he was running for President. It was a rant against the danger of Democrats getting into the White House with their welfare and new deal programs in tow and their desire to stop the war mongering. I was sickened that Democrats were painted as the enemy of America and Bush's so called success. What ? Success? Can the average American survive any more of this so called success? We have somehow got to defeat this juggernaut before it defeats humanity. I do not like this at all!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Hi Jim - Of course I do not disagree with this but I am very skeptical whether these ideas and the repugs can be beaten back. This is what our country wants now. To believe the bullshit and lies. This is just where we are at. It really sucks.

an average patriot said...

Tom you know sucks is putting it mildly. I don't think it can be beaten back, eventually it will take over and it won't be good. What sucks is Republicans,, tea partiers, whatever you call them, they are all a lie! It is so 1933,34 Brownshirt it is frightening but we are powerless to stop it. Yep it sucks!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

I applaud and encourage your enthusiasm to engage the dishonesty and outrageous-ness of the Rethugs. The wealth and war mongery will continue, don't you think? This is the agenda of the White House, too. I agree with your repudiation of the Republicans. They lost whatever political integrity when Reagan was elected. Conspiracy theory is the truth for much of America... so said. Fox News enjoys a large audience. I'm not as encouraged any longer by the administration... yet; I really support your blog and it's support of Democratic politic and ideal. I am always happy to read it.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Gwendolyn! Despite all efforts I am afraid it is going to get worse. I blame all this on Reagan who started us on the road Bush was following and Republicans are lying about until they get back in to finish us off.

They are guilty of everything they accuse Democrats of as usual since Bush. This is the 1933,34 brown shirts all over again but we can't lay down and let them roll over us.

You know the lower classes are on their own and do not matter to the ruling elite. It is frightening to hear what the Republicans have planned for us and people are actually voting for them. Be concerned and stay in touch!

RealityZone said...

The system is toxic.
We can no longer just blame one side of the aisle.
It is the Corptocracy that we should be fighting.
Not one another.

More pain will be the path for the next few years, as austerity comes to America.

Perhaps total collapse is our only chance of survival.

All new beginnings arise from an end.

an average patriot said...

RZ you are right! The corporatocracy owns the government and total collapse is long a given. Bush merely sped up the natural process of our societal degradation. We were heading the way of the Roman Empire anyway.

it is worse when you know for a fact it was done on purpose and those that did it could care less of your demise.

I have a friend living up near Canada in Maine. Him and his wife own 150 acres and are totally self sufficient.

No electricity and they hunt for their living. They each weigh over 300 pounds so are good at it.

A few of my family were just visiting them and dressed out a moose and a bear.

They need a new room they build a new one very basically onto their house. They rent out to hunters all year round to earn a few bucks.

My brother in law learned the value of waking up to stoke the fire. Anyway people like them will sacrifice nothing when the shit his the fan and equally I will be okay.

RealityZone said...

RE: "it is worse when you know for a fact it was done on purpose and those that did it could care less of your demise."

I tell people this and they think I am effen crazy.
This is a very deep rabbit hole that people do not want to enter.
Americans have been massaged not to look behind the curtain.
As I have said a million times.
Mistake after mistake is not a mistake.
It is only suppose to look like one.
Americans are very forgiving. The elite know this. So they use "supposed " mistakes as their get out of jail card.
In past eras or even in some countries today.
If a mistake [crimes] like these are committed, the perpetrators are either killed or convinced to wack themselves.
That is what I call accountability. :-)
All these Wall St. thieves should have been shown the edge of a 50 story building.
It is not the fall that would kill them. It is that sudden stop at the bottom that would kill them.


an average patriot said...

You're not crazy you're right on! They don't call people sheeple for nothing. They are going down and they are taking us with them.

I have highly politically connected friend who just called me. He was looking at my books and manuscripts on my web site and proposed I put them all together beginning to end as to what is happening and our future.

He wants to take charge when it is done and make it into a movie. We will talk more later but I am too busy unless a ghostwriter takes my book, 6 PDF's, 3 manuscripts, the right on document titled the awful future planned for us and how it's going to end, and almost 2,000 blogs now, and puts it together.

Demeur said...

RZ is dead on! We hoped that Obama would have changed things but yet again he caves to the republicans' every whim. No way in hell can we expect an economic turn around when he just added to the debt on the backs of the middle class. If you recall your history FDR raised taxes on the wealthy to pay for the building of this nation. Obama did just the opposite. I'd say he'll be a one termer unless Palin runs. I'm to the point of giving up on politics because nothing to our benefit gets done.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah he's right! There is no way in hell this is going to turn around for the lower classes. The gap between the haves and have not's was purposely widened and it will not be closed.

It pisses me off that we watched it being done every step of the way including the purposeful bankrupting of America.

Bush's goal too was to destroy FDR's legacy and not Republicans want to get back in and finish it up. When I heard Romney call FDR's legacy and the Democrats wanting to help all citizens the countries biggest enemy years ago I knew we were screwed.

I am afraid Obama is powerless primarily because he is spineless. I think I told you I have a good friend who is a nuclear and anthrax contractor who has given me an ear full.

One thing he said that made sense was Obama was allowed to live and get elected because he promised to bend to the Republicans and if he were to get in their way he would be killed.

It kills me after this election Boehner, Cantor, and Mcconnell, said if there is to be any compromising Obama will do it. We are in charge, we get what we want or everything stops. Frigging we the people are a mere inconvenience.

RealityZone said...

Maybe I am more jaded, and cynical than most.
But here is where I think they found the Big O.

Please read page two.
Here is Zbig and Khalilzad from two opposite sides of the aisle giving a seminar. LOL
This is where I believe the grooming of O began.
He was the Manchurian Candidate. It is just suppose to "look" like he is fighting for his dem side.
My God, he has given them all they want and then some.

an average patriot said...

Big O Are you still trying this it's easy? I'll look at it now.

an average patriot said...

That was almost 30 years ago! I remember what I did but almost no one from my past as I was a loner. That is not different.

I will tell anyone anything but I am sure the likes of him does have some harmless things he must keep to himself because there are those wanting to make a mountain out of a mole hill in politics to bring someone down for their gain.