Sunday, December 19, 2010

Julian Assange's poison pill?

Understanding the Julian Assange wiki leaks non-issue

Australia, Turkey, Russia, Middle East Nations, they are all down playing Wiki leaks but they all want him stopped. He wants Hillary fired and spying by US diplomats stopped. Like it or not that is what Governments do, all of them. Ruthless pompous self serving Assange should be stopped and now before he does some real damage. That is my only concern now!looks like Pakistan, Myanmar, and China are the losers right now They better beware! We should be thanking wiki leaks for the vital security information divulged and act at once against these countries.

Meanwhile according to the New York Times, "Justice Department lawyers are exploring whether Mr. Assange and Wiki Leaks could be charged with inducing, or conspiring in violations of the Espionage Act." At this point hundreds of thousands of so called top secret documents have been released and I know he thinks he is going to bring Governments down and the US wants him tried for espionage I can only see all this as comical and nothing else right now.

It was very interesting listening to to what his mother and stepfather had to say about Julian and his supposed goal to hold people to honesty but it all boiled down to the part where early on he expressed a hatred of Governments and that is what it all boils down to, to me. The secret life of Julian Assange, his stepfather speaks

Up to now I find all this to be a joke and really when all is said and done only harmful to Governments in Julian Assange's perverted mind. I have seen no harm here only in Julian's mind other than some red faces in the Governments which has been comical and nothing else. Like it or not and though the truth is always denied, we have heard it all before so I have to wonder and laugh at Assange's so called poison pill scheduled to automatically drop if he is harmed or something happens to him. Julian Assange's poison pill

I would not be concerned as nothing would go to any Government of consequence. Anything of that importance would be kept to yourself until it becomes undeniable fact. So I do not understand the hullabaloo by Governments inciting the ire of Wiki-Leaks supporters. I have friends who have said Julian Assange should get the peace prize which to me is another joke exemplified by Russia who was the butt of supposedly harmful statements, saying Julian should get the peace prize as a way to keep him safe. Julian Assange should get Nobel Peace Prize, says Russia

* In closing! He has disclosed nothing of consequence yet. He can keep himself safe by stopping any further attempts to bring down perceived dishonest Governments and businesses. Receiving the peace prize after all has not done imprisoned imprisoned Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo much good has it?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


RealityZone said...

The Espionage Act is a non starter and they know it.
If they go after him with this, he walks for sure.
I guarantee it.
Just as AIPAC was able to guarantee that their spies were set free from the espionage act.

Now they are suing. LOL

an average patriot said...

I wish he would just stop but he is not going to. Up until now after what he divulged about China and Myanmar I think we owe him!