Friday, December 10, 2010

President Obama the turncoat

Obama Steps Up Pressure on Tax Cuts Deal, Citing Economy's Needs

Profiles in Tax Cuts: Presidents in Tough Times

The hell with the poor Presidents what about average Americans? They can give away $900 Billion to millionaires and Billionaires who do not need it and will not put it back into our hurting economy but they can't afford to give social security recipients who for the second year in a row will not receive a cost of living increase $250 at a total cost of $14 Billion.

Without action by Congress, there will be no cost-of-living adjustments for retirees and the disabled for only the second time since 1975, when a law took effect linking benefits to inflation. The outdated formula for calculating living costs does not accurately take into account the budgets of senior citizens who spend a disproportionate amount on increasingly expensive health care and prescription drugs. GOP blocks legislation to award seniors $250

That is $14 Billion by the way that would be put right back into the economy as a stimulus package. We screw our soldiers who have been fighting and dying for 10 years with the smallest increase they have received in 50 years so the wealthy can have another tax cut. under threat of a double dip recession. Lowest pay raise for the military in 50 years

I am sick of the lying threats! I am sick of Obama the lying Republican! There is going to be a double dip recession anyway as some of us have been warning since 2007 under Bush. This as well as Bush's forever war is still barely beginning.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 


Jolly Roger said...

He's further to the right than Nixon was. Certainly further than Ford. He couldn't be a bigger disappointment, or a bigger danger to America as one nation going into the future.

And he's doing it all for people who would hang him, had they the chance.

an average patriot said...

JR You know I agree and I am so disgusted and sick of his spineless two faced crap!

One Fly said...

What worry's me guys and it gets old saying the same thing most of the time as our side likes the feel good shit more than the reality. The reality is that it's going to get worse-much worse.

an average patriot said...

I know the feeling Tom! I often say I am sick of beating a dead horse as absolutely 100% of everything Bush laid his slimy hands on will get much worse and it is all barely beginning!