Saturday, December 19, 2009

US to stage simulated Iran missile attack after Sejil-2 test

Reaction: Iran test-fires new missile

Iran troops enter Iraqi oilfield, no Nation dare attack us
Switching to the proven water based mobile missile defense system was certainly timely and is proving to be one of the wisest decisions Obama has made to date.

Iran makes a point with new missile test
US to stage simulated Iran missile attack after Sejil-2 test

I am sorry, I do not think I am any different than the rest of you but knowing Iran wants to wipe at least Israel off the map and says they are not developing a nuclear weapon but if they had one would use it on Israel I have to believe while they may have a valid need for nuclear power their program is a cover for their real goal of developing or getting their hands on a nuclear weapon to use on Israel!

Likewise Iran has been upgrading its missile systems and has showed off its Sejil 2 two stage solid fuel missile capable of reaching targets 1,200 miles away. They had that ability with the Shahab 3 but are now prepared to produce these en masse. They now have capable short and medium range capabilities but no way to deliver nuclear warheads. Supposedly these are not to be used offensively but only to prove Iran can defend herself. Once again you have to believe the weapons are to prove they are a threat offensively.

Iran was already a threat to her immediate neighbors with a 600 mile range now they have paraded the ability to produce missiles capable of reaching parts of Europe and certainly most of the middle east.

President Obama based his decision to scrap Bush's worthless MDS Boondoggle as it was only designed to provoke Russia and was never even tested under realistic conditions despite its 4 Billion dollar cost. As you know after much expert advice and thought he scrapped it for the much tested land and water based mobile Aegis system. This great decision which Europe and Russia welcome was based on a reassessment of the developing and changing threat coming from Iran! defending Europe because of Iran is the priority Decisions based on intelligent reasoning what a novel idea!

* In closing: The water based mobile Aegis system can even be moved to the Gulf and other area's of concern that may and will crop up to counter immediate short and medium range missile threats. It may already be there! Meanwhile by 2017 when Iran is expected to have long range capabilities the Aegis is also scheduled to have long range and ICBM defense capabilities. If Russia and NATO join the effort as proposed I am confident we will be prepared for any future threats!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Iranians know they are one American Neocon president away from being attacked. If Iraq had not gone into chaos, Bush/Cheney would have done so.

They have every right to react in the way they have done. It was the Zionist regime that the little Iranian president bloviated about wiping off the map, not Israel.

We're in no position to complain. The US, Israel, and Iran all have belligerent right wing regimes that would be best for the world if they were removed from the map.

an average patriot said...

I agree Dave! The US, Israel, and Iran all have belligerent right wing regimes but we managed to at least appear to get out from underneath ours for a bit.

Iran will not be so lucky and Bush failed to instigate war with Iran but Iran will not fail. They will not relent now1

Holte Ender said...

The problem here is were are having a war of words with an illegal regime and they are the ones that need targeting. The Iranian people seem to dislike then as much as the US government, from within is how Iran needs to fall, and we should help that cause however possible.

an average patriot said...

Holte the IRG with Hezbollah is in Yemen with the rebels trying to make it Shiite they just attack an oilfield in Iraq,they are going to get this war going where Bush failed.

Demeur said...

This looks like something out of the Bush play book. When the people turn on you create an enemy/boogieman.
An update on the Iraqi oil field. The Iranian troops stayed long enough to put up their flag and left. Now Iraqi forces are gathering about 1/2 mile from the site.

Demeur said...

Forgot to ask how's the weather there? Much snow yet?

45 here with fog. :P

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur! I have heard more than a few versions but the one I tend to believe is the military left but they left technicians and the Government of Iran says it is on their land. The area has always been in dispute!

an average patriot said...

Man I meant to get both of these at the same time. I actually just went out and swept the 1/4" away. I get sick of the hype! Slight flurries right now and about9 degrees.

blogger said...

landsker said...

The Iranians share a border with Iraq, which was suffered heavy bombardment and then invasion by the US..... an invasion which now seems to have been illegal and spurious.
They also have a border with Afghanistan, same thing, heavy bombardment and then invasion.
Pakistan too, seems like they are getting uninvited US military attention.

If only Saddam really had had nuclear weapons eh?

Right after the first US bomb hit Baghdad,....imagine a retaliatory attack, nuclear explosions in Chicago, New York, Washington, Miami and LA.
There would be few tears for the US.

Can`t blame the Iranians for standing up to defend their nation.
If tomorrow, they destroyed Israel, in the name of pre-emptive self-defence, then would that be any worse than what Israel (or America) proposes to do to them.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I don't know if you ever read a clean Bread. I have posted the link a few times but you can also google it.
Anyway Bush planned on attacking Iran right from the beginning but he could not instigate a war to fight for new middle east order. Now Iran is and they will not relent.

Iran wants hers and the Saudi's want their version. This mess is just starting. Wait until we really start leaving Iraq. Iran has already started! What a mess!