Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surviving Mumbai terrorist just a bad actor?

Gunman smiled as he sprayed bullets!

Another Kasab flip flop

Mumbai Defendant Recants Confession

Mumbai suspect says wanted to be a Bollywood star

First Kasab was a tough guy cool calm and calculated! Indian police heard the first full account of what led up to the devastating attacks in Mumbai from the only terrorist captured alive, who told authorities that he was ordered to kill "until the last breath," the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper reported. Azam Amir Kasab, 21, the only terrorist to survive a raid by Indian commandos, told authorities that the attacks included 10 terrorists in a heavily orchestrated plan devised six months prior to the attack that hoped to kill 5,000 people, targeting mostly "whites, preferably Americans and British," the Mail reported.

Then a local newspaper claims the man was talking and wanted to live, indicating he has perhaps struck a deal with his captors. But Geddes said the group was very well trained and the information could not necessarily be relied on. He added: "If this group has been so well prepared, so professional in their planning, there will be disinformation they will be ready to release or give in the event of capture.

"They can't really count on the integrity of the intelligence coming out of this one individual." Sky's Ashish Joshi, in Mumbai, said the commandos he has spoken to were astonished at the professionalism of the terrorists. He said: "They knew the terrorists were motivated. But they were shocked they were matched not only in firepower, but in movement. "That, they say, indicated a very highly trained squad of individuals."

Kasab was captured after being shot in the hand by police in south Mumbai the Sunday Times of London reported. A policeman and one other terrorist were killed in the same encounter. Kasab was captured after being shot in the hand by police in a standoff near Chowpatty beach, a popular evening destination for local families, in south Bombay, also known as Mumbai, on Wednesday night. A policeman and one other terrorist were killed in the same encounter.

The terrorists reportedly posed as students during a visit to Mumbai a month ago, to familiarize themselves with the city's roads and to film the "strike locations." Kasab confessed to being a member of the Pakistani terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistani militant group believed to be connected to Al Qaeda.

Kasab is an aspiring actor all right, a bad actor!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

am totally stressed, this is just to wish you Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday!!!
lots of love, sarah sofia

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah just take a deep breath and relax. I hope you do not have any guests at least. You have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! Sarah you are too nice, I am a guy and uncomfortable expressing my feelings but you know!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Sweet of you, Jim!

re you being a guy... well you know what my guys say? I'm the only one who's not female in the family... ha ha!
But I know what you mean.
Are you going to see your sons or have a chance to talk to them?

I guess, you might be visiting trice's parents?

Whatever you do, I hope you will have a good time.

my oldest is about to get on a ferry, is on his way back from berlin to DK, and almost went on the Swedish ferry, oops... but alright he's boarding now, conditions are fine and he should be home very soon. we didn't make it to sweden, because the winter came to us! It's lovely and nice and white outside. but i have about 2 hours to clean the entire house and pack the rest of the presents and guess what? I'm still sewing curtains! Something which by the the way, I really hate! but the result is worth the crappy job.

Our youngest has build a BIG snowman and now he's building a table for his brother for X-Mas, which has a snooker-game on it.

do you know how your youngest son is doing? Has he already crossed into Iraq? It's probably bloody cold there right now. but he will have thermal underwear and won't feel to macho to use it, right?

you know what I think this season is probably quite nice when you're looking for IEDs, because you anyway can't go fast, so they're gonna take it easy and won't miss anything...

So, gotta move my ass now, fast and efficient, before I can take a break later on. but seriously, Jim, that IS my problem, I never really do take breaks, I always push everything as far as I can and then try to see if it can bend even further...

you take care!
love, SSG

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia
Yes I have been talking to my sons! Bill stops in almost every day. Right now he comes by to do the shoveling. In the summer he mows the lawn and does a lot of raking. He is a big help.

Jim has been calling a couple times a week and still trying to run his shop though he does not have to as his wife just had a baby. I would rather see him spend as much time as possible with his son.

He has a touch of PTSD but not disabling. He is running the EOD school and figures it should be 100% rehabbed by June so he can step down.

Joe has been flying on short rest and just left to go back to Germany and the Middle East. This is his third back to back to back. He is getting tired.

Tom has been in Iraq about a month running point for the Iraqi's training them to take over. He called once and I sent him a couple of Christmas wishes but have not heard back from him.

You try to slow down a bit and smell the roses. You and yours stay safe and enjoy the Holidays.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

nice to hear that you are able to stay in touch with your sons!

just had a LONG call from the States and I don't have the time for that, especially also because my son's probably trying to get through as well... but she's a very nice lady and so what the heck!

Oh yeah, smelling the roses... you know, I never ever take coffee breaks or stuff like that, I always push on further and kick everybody else's ass... but if you don't stay on target, you won't make it!

Yep, kinda guessed that about PTSD and Jim... it's very understandable and he will probably also have a number of physical symptoms that are getting to him and which he's trying to suppress. It's really quite a natural consequence. I just hope he stays away from shrinks.

You know my guys ordered me a lot of books on PTSD for Christmas. If I come across something useful, I'll let you know.

Got a funny Christmas card from my lawyer today. He's really cute, even when he tries to be private and relaxed, it comes over in legal language... however, he's a sweet guy, not at all what you would expect and I know what he thinks, so I do get the real communication.

I would expect that it's rather difficult for Tom to stay in touch with you. he probably can only do it once in a while, or am I wrong?

Well, I hope, your boys are gonna be fine!
I can also imagine Joe being tired of it! And then they come with BS-diagnoses like "combat-fatigue" or crap like that! I mean isn't that a rather natural state to be in?!

gotta clean the d... floors now and it's 22:21 and i only have had breakfast. David's coming with a car full of cement plaster (half a ton in bags that needs to get unloaded) - oh well life isn't easy, is it?

are you doing any thing special tomorrow? Or will you only celebrate Christmas morning?

keith just found the lyrics for Santa Lucia, which mark and i will be singing both in swedish and italian... that's gonna get scary!

an average patriot said...

Sarah singing in Swedish and Italian I would like to hear that!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve here I don't know if we are ahead or behind you.We'll have a fire and sit by the tree and listen to Christmas songs. We have a lot of animate Christmas stuff.

We are going to get her Mother from the nursing home so she can get some Christmas atmosphere.

I will cook a turkey and have her here for Christmas Dinner. Her Father died last week. You know, they become so far gone death is a blessing though that sounds cold. I have been there so many times, it is just life.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

neah, be glad you won't be able to hear that!!! it's probably gonna be pretty much off tune!

sounds cozy, what you've got planed!
and lovely of you two to provide the Christmas atmosphere for her!

yes, i understand about dead being a blessing in some cases, I really know what you mean!

won't tell my guys about your turkey, otherwise they'll ask for your address!
i'll probably cock some pork or ostrich or reindeer or goat which I got from local farms, where animals live in happy and decent conditions. Don't know yet, what's gonna be.

we celebrate Christmas eve the european way and the 25th the british way and on the 26th we're gonna open the stockings... well we're gonna be busy!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

sorry, that word was supposed to be cook, not cock...

an average patriot said...

Sarah that typo is funny! I don't know what any of that taste like but it sure sounds good. Turkey turkey turkey, tell them they're welcome. I prefer ham but whatever the little woman wants. I am easy! You celebrate for three days that's something. Now go to sleep and rest!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

re the meat: forgot to tell you that mark said, i belong on the naughty list, because i ate rudolph...
yeah, ought to go to bed, but still got some hours of work ahead of me, even though it's almost 1 o'clock. also hardly slept the night before... but we'll take it easy tomorrow. have you got snow? we actually got snow this year. really romantic!

an average patriot said...

Funny but I thought you guys would always have a lot of snow. We had a foot and a couple more inches the other day and more Christmas day night but not too bad yet.
I am in the hills of western Massachusetts ant it is not uncommon to have one or two feet back to back to back with 7 or so feet for the season but we will see what this year brings.
I have to laugh thinking of eating Rudolph. I grew up being told be thankful you're eating. I am not fussy and will eat anything.
My sons never stop messing with me about the things I eat. Is it really necessary for you to work that long or is it just you?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

don't know if it's strictly speaking necessary to work that many hours, but I started out, like you, with nothing, or rather with a huge burden to carry. And I never would have gotten to where I am if I didn't have quite some self discipline and would always push beyond the limits. people always tell me they can't do this or that. wrong! they WON'T! that's all there is to it.
But I have to admit, it also went wrong a couple of times, like when I had blood poisoning in 1995. If I had gotten enough sleep back then and had eaten properly, it wouldn't have hit me so hard and would have been a whole lot easier to survive...
But in general I set the targets, give people the chance for some input and then we get going and we won't stop until we get some decent results.

Yeah, I guess your attitude to food is probably the most sensible. Even though I've been starving as well this lifetime, my attitude was always, I don't necessarily have to survive everything at any cost. Also you don't feel any discomfort anymore after a couple of days... so I would rather starve than eat something which might be gone of or bad for me. Today I'm extremely fuzzy re what I eat or drink. but in a different way than you would think. I hardly eat anything that others have prepared, but mainly just fresh/raw things. No canned stuff etc.And I keep a huge amount of food. I guess, we could like of what I have in my larder for half a year or more...

sounds really nice where you live. is it as idyllic as I think it is?
denmark is actually not very cold at all. remember, the country consists of islands which are affected by the gulf stream. also northern scandinavia isn't at all as cold as Alaska or canada!

Re the typo: you know read a short story once where some british soldiers had to explain the word wanking (hope, I spelled that right)to the Yanks and I thought, I really must be quite some bad company because I know what it means...

okay, now I'm really packing up for tonight. still got about 30 min. work to do and then i'm gonna join my little hubby (no he doesn't share my enthusiasm for pushing everything through and working long hours. I mean he works 16 hours or more as well, but he decides when he's had enough and doesn't push beyond all limits just to reach a target and he also thinks I'm pretty crazy to do so.)

So it's good night now... since the fire's burned down anyway...
sleep tight!

Middle Ditch said...

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas Jim. XX

an average patriot said...

Sarah that is quite a larder, that is because you know what hunger is. That is good. I know the work ethic, do whatever it takes period. I have a friend who just asked me about digging clams and here it is:

Sea clams are about as big as an open had and are on the surface. We use to search for them in the water at Devereux Beach in Marblehead. Clams are one to three feet under and you have to dig . I was happy with a bushel a tide. The best I ever did was two. If you were lucky you could dig 2 tides a day.

You need a boat in Ipswich as the flats are reached by boat. You have to play the tides. It is a cut throat business too.
When my boat was being repaired for a few weeks I use to put my clam fork boots bucket and snow toboggan on my ten speed, ride about a mile to a flat I found in the marsh drag everything out to the flat dig a tide and drag the full onion bag and everything else the 1/4 mile back to my bike load it up and drive the mile back to town and sell the clams to Ipswich shellfish for $40 a bushel.
Most say it is back breaking but as a young man I loved it. Oh yeah you search for their air holes that's how you find them.

Sarah while I was doing that I was going to College full time, in the army reserves, and had a family. Going 20 hours without sleep was routine but no more. Hope you had a good nights sleep!

an average patriot said...

xx and Merry Christmas to you Monique! This is Christmas Eve here. I can never get the time differences straight.