Monday, December 07, 2009

Philippines massacre hopefully not Politics as usual!

I have been following this for more than a month now as I did not know what to think of it and wanted to watch thinking it was going to develop into something big and it is! It is very surprising what is coming out and there is definitely more coming and it goes right into the Government itself.

I was stunned when I first heard of the 57 people slaughtered 18 of which were journalists “18” that is the most killed at one time anywhere in the world. It is a dangerous business and Politics in the Philippines is more vicious than I realized.

Toto Mangudadatu professed his intention to run for Governor of Maguindanao. After receiving death threats Mangudadatu decided to send his wife and other women covered by a bevy of reporters to record his registration to run.

The Amputuan’s have dominated Maguindanao politics for year’s and were not going to let their domination end. Andal Ampatuan Jr was identified as being with the gunmen and his family turned him in under threats of attack by the military.

President Aroyoyo’s ruling party had to distance herself from the Amputuan’s as they were instrumental in getting her elected so they threw the Amputuan’s out of the party saying they failed to exercise their moral duty. No, ya think?

Of course Andal said the charges against him were baseless, not true, and his conscience was clear. Philippines massacre: police charge local politician with murder

It is amazing how vile a person can be and with a straight face say they are innocent and have a clear conscience. I did not realize how common this kind of violence was in Philippine politics though I know this was the worst and hopefully now this is the beginning of the end for Philippines Political violence. . Philippine Massacre Suspect Turns Himself In, Military Still Pursuing Gunmen

This blew me away! The Amputuan’s were in fact preparing for war, clear conscience, yeah! Maguindanao was placed under martial law for the purpose of arresting the “innocent” clear conscience Amputuan’s and comb the property.

That is where this deepens and will get much deeper and more conspiratory. The Amputuan family compounds were searched and they found enough arms and equipment to field an army, powerful weapons and thousands and thousands of bullets some bearing the department of defense logo. The plot thickens!

Anti tank weapons, assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, 260 boxes if 5.56 mm ammunition, all can only be purchased by Government forces. There was enough to supply a battalion and this is just what was found there. Martial law declared in Maguindanao

Government arsenals buried deep under ground! This was a big inside job of higher ups. Huge caches of heavy military weapons were found deep underground next to Amputuan’s house. Coincidence? Innocent? No way! Clear conscience? Absolutely! They better clean house, stay tuned.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

The Philippines are not that safe a place to be, remember the Marcos family running the country like it was a family business, there were communist insurgents as long ago as the 1930s and more recently Islamists spread their machine gun shaped love. Very corrupt bunch of islands. Nothing surprises me about the Philippines.

an average patriot said...

Holte I gave it mere mention but the Amputuan's are muslim. I was going to head my line in that direction but I post my stuff on a public media site with many Muslim's and others from around the world so I thought I would spare myself the guff.

Karen said...

Thought I knew everything going on in the world, but didn't know about this.

Thx for the heads up, Jim!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen! We thought it would end with Bush gone but it is getting worse and worse. The Amputuan's are Muslim's and that should tell you something. Take care!