Friday, December 04, 2009

North Korea Waning as currency evaporates!

You know I have been very concerned about North Korea and her Shenanigans as she was firing missiles testing nuclear weapons and as a matter of policy, antagonizing the west in order to bring us to the bargaining table and barter cooperation for food for its citizens.

I have finally realized that average citizens of countries around the world do matter and they are mere pawns and bargaining chips for a countries ruling party to use and get what they want. North Korea has routinely sacrificed its people while pursuing its expensive military endeavors.

As you know, famine is one of the biggest and oldest problems in the world. It will only get worse as responsible nations fight to regain their economic footing. We are talking responsible nations one of which North Korea is not. Right now there are over 800 million people around the world suffering from hunger.

North Korea ranks as the worst in the world in that category and a share that distinction with the likes of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan but North Korea has one of the largest military’s in the world and plays with nuclear weapons while starving her citizens.

The main problem is North Korea is closed to the outside world so the Government can ravage the people and follow their militaristic agenda. Most North Koreans do not realize they are among the poorest Nations on the planet and bow to and thank Kim Jong Il for their one meal a day they get and are told is good for them. North Korea Disaster hunger and famine

I always wondered just in knowing what South Koreans have when the North Korean’s were going to rebel? This latest action should do it! As if things weren’t bad enough for the downtrodden North Korean’s North Korea was just paralyzed, shops and Markets forced to close and the country plunged into chaos as the currency was devalued.

They are not allowed to work and have been given a week to trade their old won (currency) in for the new Won and are only to be given 1 for every 100, 100:1 destitution that is their reward for blind loyalty. Supposedly the poor impoverished people were getting too rich and Kim Jong Il felt the need to knock them down a little further and usurps further control. North Korean misery as currency evaporates

North Korea’s military is on alert as the people saw what little money they had flushed away and public anger grows. A curfew has been reported as unrest continues to grow. Supposedly any pathways to wealth had to be closed and are. N.Korea military on guard against unrest: reports AF

Free Markets are no longer allowed and the docile people of North Korea are roaming the streets cursing the Government loudly. This is pretty radical for North Koreans who have been taught from birth that they owed everything to Kim Jong Il. This is disaster; the starving citizens are really going to be starving in a few days then nothing will stop them. My heart is with the up to now loyally starving citizens purposely being starved by their own Government!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Infidel753 said...

North Korea ranks as the worst in the world in that category and a share that distinction with the likes of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan

The striking thing is that what these countries have in common is not overpopulation but political dysfunction. Despite the huge increase in population (today's 7 billion is about 20 times what global population ever reached before 1400) the vast majority of humanity has a more secure food supply than ever before.

It's no wonder the North Korean regime is so concerned about keeping information about the outside world away from its people. The only cases where famine remains a threat today are cases where the root cause is grotesque incompetence of the rulers.

jmsjoin said...

Hi infidel
You know you are right! That is definitely true in North Korea and largely in the African continent coupled with war and changing climate.

North Koreans have the benefit of cell phones and communicating with South Korea and China! They are chafing if they do not starve first!

Dave Dubya said...

All I can say is we seem to be holding N. Korea up as a role model. Since 1980 the US has been sliding into a militarized police state, ignoring the needs of citizens in order to project the image of power and strength.

Bush and Obama have killed more innocent people through militarism than the "Dear Leader" has.

We are lied to as much as the poor North Koreans are lied to.

Vicki said...

Dave Dubya: you really need to get out more often. North Korea is in a situation today that is entirely the making of it's own government. With thecurrent US administration, the North Koreans could engage in talks that could lead to normalized relations,open up trade, and benefit their people without fear of being overthrown from without. They will not have a better opportunity after Obama leaves office. Jim is correct, the desperate North Korean government is corrupt and deluded and oppresses it's own people at the expense of saber rattling. They will fail. The people will overthrow the government as it collapses from the top down.

jmsjoin said...

Dave I know we have of late had our wires crossed but personally I can not see us equated to North Korea or Obama to Kim Jong Il!

jmsjoin said...
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jmsjoin said...

Hi Vicki
This is disaster in the making; the starving citizens are really going to be starving in a few days then nothing will stop them. Even the loyal North Koreans are ruled by their stomachs and not only are their stomachs empty they are taking away any means to get any. We all have our limits!

Vicki said...

Well, I have no doubt that Kim Jong Il will not give a damn about the starving Koreans, he is about in tune as was Marie Antoinette...and the rest of the world (except for Koreans who have relatives in North Korea)doesn't care...having their own assorted troubles and because North Koreans are so inaccessible. I wish the UN would do more. I'm thinking Hillary Clinton and the State Dept. are trying to do some under-the-radar stuff, but Kim Jong Il is really paranoid, very certain in his beliefs, surrounded by a lot of yes men and exercise total control over the society.

jmsjoin said...

I know Vicki. like the rest of us they are on their own. He is purposely starving them to control them. They live in a closed society so do not know they are the poorest in the world. Especially under Bush but I wondered how much they can take!

Holte Ender said...

If things in North Korea are as bad they seem to be, then pretty soon, starving millions become desperately sick millions and then, without help, dead millions. Kim will have to take his own trash out or sell his Nuclear Technology to the highest bidder. Yikes.

jmsjoin said...

Yeah this could be quite a mess. When the starving people get even more desperate than they are they will do anything but you know, I do not think Il will (ill will hmm!) anyway I think he will kill his own people. I just saw they are making them trade at a thousand to one right now!

Dave Dubya said...

I'm not comparing Obama to the "Dear Leader", although does anyone think Bush/Cheney would behave any better with unlimited power? I'm just saying it was not the North Koreans who started two illegal wars of aggression and occupation, killing hundreds of thousands of innocents.

I'm saying if you compare the numbers of dead human beings, North Korea is not as rogue as the US has been.

And coupled with the Patriot Act and every other police/surveillance state measure enacted by Bush/Cheney, and NOT repealed by Obama, our drift is towards a totalitarian state.

And yes, Vicki, I really need to get out more often. It seems every time I do go out, there's an ever-so-tiny bit less freedom out there.

jmsjoin said...

Dave they were pretty bad and a lot worse than most remember. They would have been a lot worse if they felt they could get away with it.

I am firmly convinced that the worst of what they did and set up has yet to reap its terrible dividends!