Friday, September 05, 2008

watch all DNC and RNC speeches so you can compare while I work on Cheney in Georgia instigating war with Russia while we're occupied!

watch all DNC and RNC speeches so you can compare while I work on Cheney in Georgia instigating war with Russia while we're occupied!
Please feel free to ease watch any or all 9 of the DNC speeches including Obama's" All 9 great DNC speeches!

Also if you can stand it watch any of the 12 RNC speeches you can stand! all 12 of the Fascist speeches

I want you to look at them side by side so you can do a comparison. Realistically though I have to ask, If our America and our rights were the issue how the hell could there be any question as to which party you damn well better vote for or we are screwed?

Now if you want watch this video of Cheney in Georgia spitting fire towards Russia!

While we already have more war than we can handle and it looks likely that both Pakistan and Afghanistan may unite and turn on us. While we are occupied by this Political charade in the Facade of a Democracy Heir Cheney is in Georgia instigating war with Russia for his Fascist interests! Dick Cheney delivered a bellicose warning to Russia yesterday during a brief visit to war-torn Georgia, promising that America's small Caucasus ally would one day join the Nato alliance .
In combative mood, the US Vice-President stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Mikhail Saakashvili, the Georgian President, and bluntly reinforced Russia's worst fears — that Washington would not stop pushing for Georgian membership in Nato. He also attacked Moscow for trying to redraw the country's borders by force. “Georgia will be in our alliance,” he said, in defiance of the Kremlin, which has blamed the military alliance's expansion into Russia's traditional sphere of influence as one of the triggers for last month's five-day war in Georgia.

“Russia's actions have cast grave doubts on Russia's intentions and on its reliability as an international partner,” Mr. Cheney said, a day after the US pledged $1billion (£564million) to help Georgia to repair the damage inflicted by its huge neighbor. Mr. Cheney's warm words for Georgia's Nato aspirations are likely to cause consternation in several European capitals, particularly Berlin and Paris. Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, have argued strongly against letting the former Soviet republic into Nato too hastily. America's hawkish stance threatens to sour December's crucial Nato summit, where the membership attempts by Ukraine and Georgia will top the agenda. Cheney warns Moscow Georgia will be our NATO Ally

Also Cheney arrived in Ukraine on Thursday as a bitter row between pro-Western political forces in the ex-Soviet republic threatened to bring down the government. Cheney was expected on Friday to meet President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, whose political feuding has intensified over ties with Russia during its confrontation with Georgia and the West. Cheney has said his visit is intended to bolster US allies in the former Soviet region. Ukraine has applied to join NATO and the European Union, angering Moscow which sees the country as part of its sphere of influence.

European officials have suggested Ukraine could be the next flashpoint for tensions between Russia and the West after a war in Georgia last month that has left Russian troops occupying positions deep inside Georgian territory. Yushchenko on Wednesday accused his opponents in parliament of a coup attempt and threatened early parliamentary elections after the prime minister's party sided with pro-Russian deputies to pass laws cutting his powers. Cheney tries to push Ukraine towards preserving the pro-Western coalition

Yesterday after watching the Fascist activities at the RNC I found it necessary to republish the 10 steps and 14 threads of Fascism. Last night it dawned on me that while the country is occupied Heir Cheney is off instigating further war so his Fascist regime can stay in power and further this new Fascist America Bush has created. I am optimistic yes but we are in some serious shit here and we must stay united and stay with this. Take care!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

Check out this McAssHole quote I saw on Hillblogger!
The EQualizer said...

“I didn’t decide to run for president to start a national crusade for the political reforms I believed in or to run a campaign as if it were some grand act of patriotism,” he wrote in 2002. “In truth, I wanted to be president because it had become my ambition to be president.” He added, “I had had the ambition for a long time.”John McCain.

Weaseldog said...

Gotta save Dick Cheney's oil.

No sacrifice is too great when it comes to shoving money into Dick and pals, pocketses.

America is just a resource to siphon off to make foreign parties wealthy.

Robert Rouse said...

Of course, the speeches at the RNC were chock full of lies and obfuscation.  Even Newsweek decided enough was enough and published their own fact-check  about the disinformation disseminated during the RNC.  Check these out:GOP Convention Spin  - GOP Convention Spin Part II.

As for Cheney, Hell has a special place for him - right next to Satan. Even the Devil wants to keep him in site out of fear Cheney may try to usurp him.

an average patriot said...

I love it1 You are entirely right of course! Man I just got in from the VA and my Doctor is from Slovakia! man she had me going full steam. She loves to hear me go on because she said she can't say anything there because people think she is anti American.
Sound familiar? She said everyone over there is saying the same that we are instigating war with Russia and you know they are. It pisses me off that Cheney is there instigating while everyones attention is elsewhere!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Robert! I will have to check those out. It was sickening to hear them spew their own shit and I didn't hear any facts and not one correction from MSM!
There is no way in hell anyone can deny that Cheney the Devil is the dictator of policy in the White House. They're going to get more war going and soon. What comes next is not good!

Mariamariacuchita said...

There is spin on both sides, however, only the Repubs are hellbent on continuing the war at any cost...even Palin made a threat against Iran while speechifying and reading the teleprompter at the RNC.

Saying they would basically horde their oil and refuse to share, thereby victimizing us.

They are so anxious to go into Iran.

an average patriot said...

Going after Iran was the original reason for getting into Iraq and we don't have 5 carrier battle groups in the gulf for nothing. If Pakistan blows they can get them both from the gulf or so they think.
Cheney is in Georgia instigating Russia and who knows which of the growing wars Bushco has set the stage for is going to ignite this Forever war but it is coming soon. I firmly expect the facade of elections canceled as the Fascists prosecute their wars if they think the election can not be stolen by McCain who has been chosen to do it otherwise!
I just got back from the VA but I have a great video for tomorrow I missed because it was at the same time as the RNC! Obama did a good job!

Brother Tim said...

The MSM's complicity is apparent by their unattentiveness. Nowdays, even grade school children know how to use Google. The MSM is not into fact-checking. They don't have the time, as they're too busy parroting the talking points put out by their handlers. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

an average patriot said...

You know you are entirely right but I think it is to their benefit to ignore the lies whether they know or not because being complicit, whatever works to keep Fascist America moving forward!

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah, sorry I didn't get around yesterday. I had to go to the VA. It is a long day and when I got back I had to work with TC for an hour then I have a friend in need who is buying her Mom's home next door to where I grew up on Gallows Hill. Lot there but another time. Take care I will be around but this is shaping up to be another busy day already!

Ingrid said...

Iran has so much oil and gas, what would the world be without them? The 'Gusher of Lies' Book is a real worthwhile read though that lays out how much oil the US imports from where and the same from Saudi Arabia and Iran, both places import oil? They do have enough to sit on but of course, they need the money too. I need to buy myself that book 'cause with all the goings on, there's no way I can have it read by the end of the library lending time.
Jim, Russia is gonna stick to their guns. I saw the reuters headline this morning that Medvedev was condemning US warships circling around the Black Sea with their humanitarian aid.. maybe the red cross needs to buy themselves a run-down apparently does the job of carrying humanitarian aid better than any ol' ship.

an average patriot said...

Russian anger is going to blow! I feel for the countries in the atrea Cheney has screwed! I was going to discuss Russia's anger over our most advanced war ship being in the Black Sea and that they may ber it! This too will not bw quelled and Cheney is over there making sure of it!
I have 10 vital things to discuss from what I heard on the radio while having coffee but I just decidet it is time tio do another pictorial of out concerns here and around the world!