Monday, September 08, 2008

The Bankrupting of America almost complete, Rice and Cheney are entrapping Russia as we speak to get this war going! Checkmate America coming soon!

As soon as it was mention we would bail them out Fannie and Freddie way back when I knew it was only a matter of time. I heard that $25 billion will be more like $250 billion. Yesterday we wrote about that, the $53 trillion we are really in debt for, and the purposeful bankrupting of America.

The bankrupting of America is almost complete and Cheney and Rice have been working on entrapping Russia and completing the war end.
In its entirety this manufactured perfect storm will come to a head soon then the shit will really hit the fan!

Yesterday our friend Betmo sent me an article that made total sense as to why Cheney is in the Georgia area instigating Russia and Why Rice is in North Africa rallying our allies! Look at the picture and you will know why but this is what the article said!

Rice arrived in staunch US ally Morocco late on Saturday after visiting Algeria and Tunisia and holding a historic meeting with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Tripoli. Rice’s visit is her first as secretary of state to this region of increasing strategic importance in terms of oil resources, emigration and terrorism. It is curious that Cheney went to Eastern Europe and Rice went to North Africa. Why does this smell of racism? These are Republicans, after all. Rice has been tasked to make the last ditch effort to sell the AFRICOM concept to hard line skeptics. To enlarge US Military presence on that continent, with the promise of humanitarian improvement, is really a checkmate to other countries seeking to exploit Africa’s natural resources. Africans can see through this tactic, they have been there and experienced that for hundreds of years. Being exploited victims is ingrained in their blood. Dictators are all over this continent, because foreign money has bought them, set them up and used them since the 1600s. Thanks to modern communications, the population of Africa has another idea. They refuse to willingly repeat the past. Granted, there are compelling examples that Africa can still be bought and coerced. Media has exposed Africa’s tragedies over and over. As these tragedies continue to unfold, AFRICOM does not appear to be the solution by offering clean up work for the victims. Short of imposing “Martial Law” onto the continent, AFRICOM is there to protect American interests and agenda. As always, its NOT about Africa at all …

Rice’s route within Algeria was the subject of heightened security precautions, after the website of one armed Islamic group urged the north African branch of al-Qaeda to assassinate her during her tour. Rice’s visit is her first to the Maghreb region as secretary of state. The region has become of increasing strategic importance in terms of oil resources, illegal-emigration and the so-called “war on terror”. This assassination threat is probably genuine. It does, however, play into the North African terrorist mark” Rice was pressed on a history of north African detainees at Guantanamo Bay seeking asylum in the US or elsewhere based on fears over their safety upon repatriation, with court judgments invariably required. Her reaction to reports by rights organizations who say terror suspects at the US naval base in Cuba have been known to disappear upon their return, was also a theme in earlier visits to Libya and Tunisia, and was due to be reprised in Morocco. “We believe this is okay,” Rice stated. “You know that our goal is to work with the right security provisions and the right human rights protection for the people. Our goal is to return as many people to their country of origin as possible.”

When the United States is confronted with it’s own Human Rights abuses, Condi says “Its Okay”. What does THAT mean? What kind of Foreign Policy is THAT? America has been called on the carpet for so many hypocritical actions by other nations, that the past eight years have sealed world opinion that we are just bullies, to be humored. The world is VERY tired of humoring the American “forked tongue” behavior. As much as I like McCain, he is a lost soul. The devil in the Bush has devoured McCain’s last vestige of humanity. He will now say anything to prove he is not another sock puppet on the hand of the PNC vision of world domination. Condi is paving the way for THIS! Read between the lines

We already have Russia surrounded and I was wondering why Rice was really in North Africa at this time? Now I know! If you noticed we have the Black sea surrounded and will be able to bottle up Russia's navy from or in the Black Sea! The timing of all this is too perfect! The perfect manufactured storm of our economic destruction which will make most people willing to relinquish total power to Bush and this rapidly developing Forever war is coming to a head perfectly for either McCain to steal the election and prosecute this or allow Bush to Declare martial order if he thinks he has to in order to keep this total chaos moving forward. He has until January 20th. Take care, relax, be prepared, Hold on and stay in touch!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

So, my recent blog post, added to yours, doesn't make you feel any better?

I wonder if Paulson freaked out any of McCain's base with this new Freddie and Fannie move?

Our moves in Africa make sense. Once the ethnic slaughter of real live breathing human beings is over, someone will have to send in troops to keep the stolen lands.

The 101st Keyboard Brigade still hasn't been called up for duty. There's plenty of young Republicans that can be drafted to patrol North and Central Africa.

an average patriot said...

I have to get over to your site to see what you posted on! I was helping tc and have been busy of late. It really sucks but it all makes total sense. If people would wake the hell up ignore these lying fascist ass holes and look at the total picture they would know too we are screwed!

I'm on my way!

Brother Tim said...

Stating that we have 'bottled up' the Russian Navy is hyperbole. It is akin to putting your foot in a snare so you can capture the bear hands-on.

As for Fannie and Freddie, this is just another Corporate/Government collusion, designed to transfer more of the wealth into the coffers of the few. You haven't heard any of the CEOs involved, crying about losing their jobs. It will be interesting to hear of the 'Golden Parachutes' they receive when they are ousted. It will also be interesting to see who gets the benefits replacing them.

They say we can't let them fail, it would ruin the economy. I say, "Tough sh*t, the economy has already been ruined for 90% of us". Let them fail. We can take what little we have left, and invest it in tar and feathers, something we can put to good use.

Weaseldog said...

It's rumored that the golden parachutes are going for $14 million.

At least someone is enjoying the money I pay into the IRS.

an average patriot said...

You can see what they are trying to do anyway but man this is not going to be good!
I agree they should let Fannie and Freddie fail. Shit they were set up with our money. The rich took what they could got richer and left.
Now we are taking billions more from average Americans weakening the coffers further. They don't have to shore up Fannie and Freddie for us they just have to complete the bankrupting of America.
This is all really screwed up because we have called it all while we were ignored and this mess just continued! Oh man!

an average patriot said...

Wease is $14 million one! I hope to hell they can not use our tax money for their bonuses. The bastards should all be fired!

Weaseldog said...

Yeah, $14 million is the unit price. No volume discounts.

I can't speak to the veracity of the rumor. But the value is about par.

an average patriot said...

I hope wait a minute where are they going to get that if they have no money? I hope to hell they can't use our money! if they can then why limit it to $14 million? They should kick em out with I.O.U.'s addressed to us!

Brother Tim said...

WOW......$14 million???????? Those guys should be screaming 'bloody murder'. They're getting royally screwed!!!!! I would have thought it would be worth over $100 million. [end snark]

an average patriot said...

Who pays that? How the frig can they justify that while being on the public dole? This is friggen not right!

an average patriot said...

I was on the phone talking to a contractor but I heard Palin's church being talked about, I can't believe it I just can't friggen believe it!
They think Alaska is a safe zone where priests can minister to survivors of Armageddon. This just friggen gets worse and worse! WTF?

betmo said...

i heard the word 'trillions' bandied about in regards to bank bailouts. 11 banks so far plus mae and mac. i read that 1/5 of all iraq monies goes to private contractors and apparently, the iraqis didn't know bushco was spying on them. what are they going to do about it anyway? folks in this country are so very distracted by a (s)election that doesn't matter much in the grander scheme of things- nobody is covering bushco. i don't really give a flying fuck that he was at the south lawn t-ball event recently. i care about cheney, rice and hadley visiting hot spots around the world. no, the big issue is olbermann and tweety miss out on being talking heads because the rethugs squawked about media bias. sigh. this country really deserves the butt fucking it's getting.

Wally da Weasel said...

Goodness gracious, Betmo, why don't you tell us what you really think. :)

an average patriot said...

Always a pleasure to hear your correct input! While everyone is screwing around with this facade of election process in this facade of a Democracy as you point out ass wipe Bush goes unchecked, Rice and Cheney are off setting things up for another upcoming war that along with this engineered Financial collapse will keep the right in control of their fascist agenda no matter how underhandedly they have to do it! Quieting Olbermann had to have come from Rove, Bush, Cheney or one of the complicit fascist bastards.
Most people have had their heads up their ass but it pisses me off they are taking us down with them unless we get lucky. You take care and be prepared. You know what pisses me off is lying scums who instigated all of this will lie and say they were forced to do it for our own good. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

an average patriot said...

In case my E's are not getting to you I got yours and thanks!
I was just watching this on CNN and the idiot on the right defended it saying remember the exaggerations about Haditha.
It isn't that bad and don't cry slaughter until you know the facts. You mean until a gray area is creating them and they are no longer know,! I am sick of this crap but it will soon get much worse!

Dave Dubya said...

Johnny the aristocratic favorerd son of the military industrial complex and his sidekick, Sarah the Armageddonist, might not even have to STEAL this election.

The corporate media love calling them mavericks so much they are giving them a boost in popularity.

So that's what a maverick is eh?

A corporate right wing authoritarian.

News to me. But that's what Reich wing propaganda is all about.

Anonymous said...

The Forever War was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager. I also liked its polar opposite, Starship Troopers. The movie was only watchable when drunk.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot....

You are all offensive to Muslims!!!!

landsker said...

With the gov`nt taking over the mortgages of half the nation, and the only jobs available require weapons, ammunition and a uniform, it`s fair to say that America may have reached a turning point in her histories... (The second war of independence?:)

"Follow the money"...

I wouldn`t worry about the Libyans etc, they know that America is falling apart, so they will smile, nod, take the bribes and then continue trade with their neighbours in Europe.

an average patriot said...

It isn't funny but I said right from the beginning that President McCain is a given. The MSM of course is complicit and want the Fascist McCain Paling in so their gravy train can continue! Those right wing underhanded lying bastards!

an average patriot said...

Space gopher
The Forever war has always been one of my favorite books and I have read it numerous times! Also the Lord of the rings! Anyway both of those books should be kept in mind as to what is just beginning because what you said about Muslims applies to those perverting Religion for war here. Religious wars are the worst!

an average patriot said...

The second war for Independence is going to have to happen but most still do not realize it or care. This will not be good and the entire world will be embroiled at the same time. It is all by design. Sadly this time our own Government is the enemy!

Weaseldog said...

Sarah Palin says we're fighting in the Middle East, because God wants it.

It isn't just the Muslims who view this as a Holy War.

betmo said...

right now- the 'christians' in this country are forming armies. no, it's true. hagee has one, palin's church advocates one- apparently, it's called 'the third wave' movement and it crosses denominational lines- although i have a sneaking suspicion that it's primarily the nutjob evangelicals (dominionists). the faithful sheep believe it is to hasten the rapture-and the powers that be see dollar signs and power. it's going to be a tough road ahead. these crazies aren't rational and once they get going- it will be hard to stop them.

an average patriot said...

Remember too Bush attacked the middle east because God told him to do it an that he talks to God. Palin's perverted Religion is pretty screwed up. She is more of the same!
I heard yesterday that Her pastor and her too think that after this Bush created Armegeddon Alaska will be a safe zone where they can minister the survivors. This is pretty frigged up and will get a lot worse!

an average patriot said...

This is a compliment! You have turned out to be quite a hot poato! I remember when you wanted out! You have had a second wind great keep it up!
A couple years ago I wrote a series of posts about Bush's creation of a Christian Crusader Army. As you know like it or not admit it or not this is a religious war!
Perverted Religiosity on both sides and all innocents caught in the middle. Then you throw in the Russians and the Chinese and this hell on earth Bush created is just beginning and will be stopped or controlled by no one!