Friday, September 12, 2008

If McPaling is stolen in as scheduled. It is a foregone conclusion and I have been saying it for too long, war with Russia is a given!

First this is Roberts! Have a great laugh and pass it around! You deserve a laugh! This is fantastic. His absolute best ever. We have to make sure this gets around. I already passed it to Danny, the relentless liberal and their connections. Hopefully it will get to Obama and his people because yes Jerome and his family are involved there too so we will see.

If McPaling is stolen in they are scheduled. It is a foregone conclusion and I have been saying it for too long, war with Russia is a given then the world!
McCain running mate Sarah Palin's first press interview since accepting her VP nod had ABC's Charlie Gibson asking her about the recent Russia-Georgia fracas and to clarify her assertion in June that the Iraq war was a "task" from God. ABC released early excerpts of the interview. Among the early highlights:

* Palin says she immediately accepted the VP offer from Sen. McCain, despite misgivings Gibson suggested she might have. "I didn't hesitate," she said. "I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can't blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we're on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can't blink. So I didn't blink then even when asked to run as his running mate."

* Asked about the "task from God" statement, Palin at first claimed the quote wasn't exact, but Gibson confirmed it. He then asked, "Are we fighting a holy war?" Palin then claimed that she was repeated "Abraham Lincoln's words" and further explained, "I would never presume to know God's will or to speak God's words. ... I believe that there is a plan for this world and that plan for this world is for good. I believe that there is great hope and great potential for every country to be able to live and be protected with inalienable rights that I believe are God-given ... and I believe that those are the rights to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That, in my world view, is a grand -- the grand plan."

* Gibson pressed, asking her if she was sending her son, who is deploying to Iraq, on a task that is from God. Replied Palin, "I don't know if the task is from God. ... What I know is that my son has made a decision. I am so proud of his independent and strong decision he has made, what he decided to do and serving for the right reasons and serving something greater than himself and not choosing a real easy path where he could be more comfortable and certainly safer."

* Gibson then brought up Russia's recent invasion of Georgia, an act roundly condemned by the Bush administration and by McCain himself. He asked Gibson if the US would be compelled to answer militarily under the NATO treaty if Russia again invaded Georgia. Palin answered, "Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you're going to be expected to be called upon and help." * Expanding on her answer, Palin said, "[W]e've got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable." Palin ready for war with Russia

As you know, Bush has been instigating for years. The MDS is part of the instigation to war and it is working. Britain wanted it there but Bush said no. He has to get this Forever war going. If McPaling is stolen in they are scheduled. It is a foregone conclusion and I have been saying it for too long but no one is listening. That is why we must do everything to keep them out. Obama is our only chance at calming the world down and getting them to realize our survival into the future depends on world cooperation period! I only hope Democrats jump on what she said and keeps harping on her and McCain wanting to taker on Russia and get the going. As you know, Russia has Bombers and nuclear ships in Venezuela for exercises right now Russian bombers arrive in Venezuela for joint maneuvers

Also Bolivia just kicked our representative out for instigating a Governmental take over! Evo Morales Puts Military on Alert of US Meddling — President Evo Morales called Monday on the Bolivian Armed Forces to remain alert to confront internal and external enemies, after the disclosure of new cases of US meddling in the Andean nation, reported Prensa Latina. The president highlighted the commitment of the military with the process of democratic changes taking place in the country, which requires that the soldiers receive further education. During the opening of the school year at the Sergeants School of Cochabamba, Morales rejected any effort to undermine unity and the nation’s prestige.

Morales ratified his confidence in the military to defend the constitution and the integrity of Bolivian territory. As a result of the recently revealed espionage plot organized by the US Embassy in Bolivia, Morales declared US embassy security officer Vincent Cooper as a “persona non grata.” Evo Morales explained that Cooper violated Bolivia’s legal norms by asking US students and Peace Corps workers to spy on Cuban and Venezuelan collaborators in Bolivia. Both the US Embassy and the State Department officially admitted to the espionage campaign for which Ambassador Philip Goldberg should be held responsible. The US Embassy will also need to explain its financial support for the Police Policy Studies Council, a parallel intelligence service dedicated to inciting destabilization campaigns. Plus our US Tax Dollars Foment Unrest in Bolivia

Get the word out to the entire country about the assistant warmonger Palin if it isn't already a foregone conclusion as I keep saying it is! McPaling will dwarf the war mongers Bush and Cheney!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Robert Rouse said...

Jim,. now you know why I was so scarce this week. That video was both time consuming and it consumed me as well. I was determined to finish it. Oddly enough, I was halfway through the video when I heard about the Lipstick on a Pig BS story and it gave me the perfect ending for the video. Amazing how events can change a project during the process.

Thanks for posting it and thanks for all the good work you do.

Middle Ditch said...

Oh yes, the lipstick on a pig story was big here too.

We are very uncertain about Palin. We (husband and I) say she is a Thatcher.

If so, bad news.

It's thundering here right now and it's coming closer. If it gets too close I will have to disconnect the puter. I'm always scared to lose everything.

BTW, I found you on Facebook. You don't go there very often do you?

an average patriot said...

Thank you Robert! You do great work and that is your best video ever! We have to try and get that on TV. I told you I already passed it to Obama's people. Hopefully it is deemed worthy and will get on TV! I would absolutely love to see that plated on cartoon Saturday as kids very heavily influence their parents as you know!

an average patriot said...

middle ditch
Hi! Are you talking to Robert about face book because I have only been there a couple times?

Robert I will have to watchit again to see how the lipstick story influenced that. That whole thing pissed me off because that ass learned from Rove like Bush to lie and create an issue where there is none for your gain and sadly many fall for it.

Middle ditch she is a fascist and a grave danger to us and the world and of course just what the Repugs needed. That lipstick comment was even used by McCain on Hillary and by Cheney on Dems in general. I am sick of the lying and hypocrisy once again and it really is frightening to see it working once again. What the hell is wrong with these idiots?

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, the way I used the Lipstick BS is by having McCain be Porky Pig at the end wearing Lipstick.

an average patriot said...

Oh okay I get it! I just got a new link from your site and it still isn't working on Fire fox or windows. It keeps cutting out! What the hell is wrong?

an average patriot said...

It must be my connection cause it keeps cutting out on you tube to but not on your place. Makes no sense? I am going to shut off and get back on and hopefully that will fix it!

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, you have a new award to pick up at my place.

an average patriot said...

Son of a gun I was just there but I will go back after I figure out what is wrong here. I hope this friggen problem is my computer or something because I just had my wife watch it on your site and it is fine and she found it re4markable.
I still can't get it to stop cutting out here or at you tube. Can you do me a favor and try it on my site and let me know if it works for you? Damn let me know please!

Robert Rouse said...

Jim, I'm watching it now and it's playing just fine. Sometimes I have to turn off Firefox and start it again to get YouTube videos to work. Especially when I have a lot of tabs loaded.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Robert that is a relief! I really want this to get around especially with Danny and Jerome and company. I shut my computer down and it did nothing but after I go back to your place I will shut it down and give it a rest!

Weaseldog said...

Yeah, Firefox has gotten funky with a recent patch. I restart it often to watch videos.

Great Video Robert!

I'm gonna have to make some time this evening to take the dogs out. Looks like it's gonna be wet here in the DF/W metroplex over the weekend.

With two dogs and five cats, (gawd how did that happen?) things get fun when cabin fever sets in.

an average patriot said...

Did it work for you" I really love it and want it seen everywhere. I hope Danny or Jerome find it worthy to pass on the Obama's people!
I was just on the phone with the son whose C17 was alerted 5 days ago to take supplies to Corpus Christie which they did but when they got there they had trouble getting the people to take them. Now with the hurricane heading towards Houston they had to go back and pick them up but he said they brought them somewhere useless.
He said it is a cluster fuck and no one knows nothing. Yesterday he called from a roach infested motel in Oklahoma. Today he is in Arkansas in a nice hotel near a big river but he does not know where he is. They just went out to get Drunk.
He said it is as if they are purposely dissing the minorities again. Here we go again! I don't friggen get it! How is your area?

an average patriot said...

I just turned it back on and it is still cutting out and not working right! I hope to hell it is working for others!

Weaseldog said...

Try it with Internet Exploder. It might work better.

It's overcast here, wind is picking up, but nothing dramatic to report yet.

It should be exciting tomorrow with expect high winds, hail and broken power lines.

Weaseldog said...

Jim, double click the video to go straight to the YouTube page.

Copy the url to the clipboard.

Shut down FireFox. then load it back up.

Before you do anything else, paste the url in and watch the video.

This works for me, most of the time.

an average patriot said...

I will try internet explorer because I am still having problems. Were you able to watch it here? If you were I will not worry. How hard are you guys supposed to get hit with this?

an average patriot said...

I am absolutely worthless with this shit. I know nothing. I don't even know what a clipboard is. I will check internet explorer otherwise I hope the friggen problem just goes away! Thanks man!

an average patriot said...

That didn't work! I did already watch the video. I just want others to see it here. If it worked for you and Robert the problem is just here and I won't worry about it right now!

Weaseldog said...

Select the text, then Ctrl-C to copy.

Then Ctrl-V to paste it.

But yes, I'm subscribed to Robert's videos and saw it soon after he posted it.

I'm in a suburb just west of Dallas. We are directly in the storm's path.

They are saying it may be tropical storm strength by the time it get's here.

We're on the edge of the Great Plains, so intense storms aren't unusual. I've been narrowly missed by a few very destructive tornadoes over the years.

This tornado actually came down a street I was living on, and turned right, three houses up from mine.

We are likely to have a lot of broken trees and some downed power lines. Maybe we'll see some hail.

Overall I don't expect it to be anything unusual.

an average patriot said...

Ctrl v cntrl C it is all french to me. I just checked my videos from yesterday and they are fine so I will have to hope thie is an isolated incident for now!
Wease hopefully by the time it reaches you it will be diminished.
I was just listening to the guy and he said the stuff he put out last night to track this is already under water. He said he has never seen conditions like this so far ahead of land fall!
He said it looks like the monster storm they describe from 1900! They are describing some pretty scary numbers of the impact of this. They are saying it looks much worse than what they saw during Katrina. You guys take care!

Weaseldog said...

Why you shouldn't drive in the ocean.

an average patriot said...

Thanks for sending that. It worked fine so the issue must be that isolated video I hope!
Anyway, I watched that rescue what fools! It always bothers me that idiots take risks and some poor slob has to risk their life trying to save them. I have been watching it in Galveston and there are 22 men on a floundering ship the air force and coast guard were trying to rescue but it got to danger4ous and they had to leave them there. Good luck!

Weaseldog said...

Yes, Jim. I think the important lesson I'm learning from this storm is to make your beer run, well in advance of the incoming surge.

an average patriot said...

Yeah and sit tight! I was just watching that it is affecting Florida pretty good too! This is friggen huge and seems to cover the entire Gulf. They just said it will cover your entire State. Again Good Luck!

an average patriot said...

This is really going to be hell for Texas! They just said in Galveston if you life in a one or two story home in Galveston you face certain death! 10 hours in advance and the sea wall is already being topped. They said expect more than 5 million people without power. This huge! Good friggen luck Bud and I hope you have plenty of Beer!

Weaseldog said...

It probably doesn't hurt to wrap your ice chest in a couple of bungee cords, so the beer doesn't spill out, as you use it for an emergency flotation device.

an average patriot said...

You're funny at least you can joke! You guys don't have to worry about flooding do you? I keep hearing about it when I can sneak it in and they are saying this is 275 miles wide and is affecting the entire State of Texas an parts of Florida and Louisiana!

Weaseldog said...

Flooding is probably our biggest concern.

You might remember me mentioning that a new housing development was built in the river bottoms.

They brought in a lot of dirt and elevated it. But of course, it just means that when the river is high, it'll crest a little higher and run faster.

I'm curious to see how it holds up. This storm will be the first good test of their engineering skills.

an average patriot said...

Son of a gun! In that last storm that kept leaving and coming back my parents were rescued by the guard because unbeknown st to them their entire community was built on a swamp. That should be illegal in areas prone to flood or at least be divulged when you sign on the dotted line! Good luck man!

an average patriot said...

Thanks for the link Bud! I refuse to believe they think they can do shit like that. What the hell do they think? It is unconscionable!

Weaseldog said...

If you look at Google Earth, and search for "Lone Star Park Grand Prairie", the subdivision is just NE of the park.

You can see the Trinity River snaking around.

Just East of Lone Star is plant that makes cement pipe. They've been flooded a few times that I know of, but it doesn't cause them serious problems.

To the West is where Lion country Safari used to be, before it flooded and killed most of their animals.

This area is where I've seen turkeys, wolves, bobcats and a spotted Jaguar.

an average patriot said...

I'll give that a look! The many chemical plants and the refineries to me are a big concern because of the collateral damage when they flood particularly on a large scale like this! That is pretty cool you have seen those animals there. I hope they leave them a large enough area to prosper in!

an average patriot said...

I just joined Google earth and put in Texas Lone Star Park Grand Prairie and came up with no matches unless I did something wrong!

an average patriot said...

Hey Wease! How did you fare or are you still dealing with it?

Weaseldog said...

The storm was a non event here.

We got rain a little wind, but nothing dramatic.

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear it Wease! I keep hearing that the 2.5 million that evacuated should stay out for weeks because much of Texas is a swamp. Who knows what there houses will be like then? 2 million without electricity! If the damage area is as wide as they were saying then in area damaged this could be worse than Katrina!