Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I wanted to discuss America the Fascist police State and the Bankruptcy of America but I had to go back to the instigation to war with Russia!

I wanted to discuss that These are not Conservatives we are dealing with as you know. They have hijacked the Conservative party. They are using the facade of conservatives and perverted Religion in this facade of a Democracy so they can clandestinely emplace their new Fascist society and bankrupting America is part of it. They are almost done and McPaling is scheduled to continue it after Bush. Okay I will shut up!

I wanted to discuss the video about Reporter Amy Goodman getting beat up by Fascist police. I have watched that before but just watched it again as it is very sobering. I know some think I am crazy but this sadly is a small example of the new Fascist America replacing our Democracy! You see so many examples and every day. It blows me away that there are many who do not believe it and I firmly believe that is because they are benefiting from it. In response to Paulson, he should be jailed for creating this problem and now ah you know, the purposeful Bankrupting of America! Anyway: It really sucks but I have been saying it for years now but the Russian Doctrine of Destruction that Bush is following dictates that you must create disorder so you can then replace it with your version of new order. That is what Bush is doing to our societal order and what he is doing to the world.
The same is being done to our financial system in the Bankrupting of Our America! You know how I feel so I will just shut up! Damn, Damn, Damn,

Damn!You think about that while we discuss once more the instigation to war with Russia as Ron Paul is right Rice and Bush are instigating "cold" war with Russia!

I am really bothered by the blatant hypocrisy of Bushco as everything they are doing to us, here and around the world is all about oil and control! Anyway as you know we hear Russia's policies are putting it on a path to isolation and irrelevance, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday. Rice also said that Moscow's other behavior, including using oil and gas as a weapon, threatening countries with nuclear attack, selling arms to rogue states and political persecution of journalists and dissidents, paints a picture of "a Russia increasingly authoritarian at home and aggressive abroad." WTF?

The United States and Europe will stand up to Russia and not allow it to bully or threaten its neighbors, she said. While the international community has pledged to help rebuild Georgia and provide massive international aid, Rice said Russia has precious little international support. Warning about the consequences of Russia's actions, Rice said the United States has more options than during the Cold War "when U.S. foreign policy was hostage" to the standoff with the Soviet Union. While Bush bankrupts America and our markets are falling apart thanks to Bush he has the temerity to warn Russia: As Russian economic markets continue to take a tumble, Rice warned, Russia needs to be part of the world political and economic community to realize the forward-looking vision laid out by President Dmitry Medvedev when he took office.

If Russia ever wants to be more than just an energy supplier, its leaders have to recognize a hard truth: Russia depends on the world for its success, and it cannot change that," she said. She also took a jab at Russia's recent overtures to Cuba and bomber exercises with Venezuela. The U.S. agenda to help democracies in the Western Hemisphere prosper "will in no way be diminished by a few, aging Blackjack bombers, visiting one of Latin America's few autocracies, which are themselves being left behind by an increasingly peaceful, prosperous and democratic hemisphere." At a CNN panel discussion Tuesday, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and James Baker warned the Bush administration against rupturing its relationship with Russia over the Georgia conflict, saying that the United States needed Moscow's cooperation on major national security issues. Rice: Russia becoming isolated, irrelevant

Russia's response: President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday that Russia would not yield to Western pressure or be pushed into isolation over the war in Georgia. Medvedev dismissed a claim that Russia was sliding back to authoritarianism. "They are, in fact, pushing us onto the development track that is based not on normal and civilized cooperation with other countries, but on autonomous development behind thick walls and an 'iron curtain,"' Medvedev said at a meeting with non-governmental organizations. "This is not our track, and it makes no sense to return to the past." In addition, he vowed that Russia would set its own course.

"No new outside factors, let alone outside pressure on Russia, will change our strategic course," Medvedev said. "We will continuously strengthen our national security, modernize the military and increase our defense capability to a sufficient level," he said. "And we will determine what level is sufficient proceeding from the current situation; it can't be measured once and for all." Medvedev reaffirmed his push for a new pan-European security pact, saying NATO alone can't ensure security on the continent. "It only has provoked the conflict," he said, in a reference to the war in Georgia. Medvedev: Russia won't be pushed into isolation

! You know, this analyst knows Bush's true goal with purposely allowing our financial and infrastructure collapse and his instigation to war with Russia and his instigation of war with Pakistan is not to close out his Presidency but to create enough chaos to allow him to declare martial Law take control of us and prosecute this new order agenda! Remember Executive order #51 giving Bush total Dictatorial control! This election will be stolen for McPalin or Bush has till January 20th to implement Executive order #51!

* Executive order #51 is a horrible tool in the hands of Bush or McCain!!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

At least there's one republican congressman who will not vote for McCain.

Did you see the clip of Ron Paul saying he could not vote for a man who would sing "Bomb Bomb Iran"?

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
you are something! I saw that video when I was looking for a video on what Paul said about our instigation with Russia. There were so many good ones I was amazed. The guy really does have the best take on things that is why he never had a chance, I have been looking through the news and man what a friggen mess!

gabrielle said...

Mussolini defined fascism as the merger of state and corporate power.
All this emphasis on nationalism, the militarization of society, identifying The Leader as the nation, a constant state of fear and anxiety heightened by the authorities, repressive laws that shred constitutional guarantees of due process, wars of aggression launched on weaker nations, the desire to assume global hegemony, the merging of corporate and governmental interests, vast mass-media propaganda campaigns, a populace that tends to believe the slogans and lies it's fed without asking too many questions, a timid opposition that barely contests the administration's reckless adventurism abroad and police-state policies at home, etc. etc.
From The crisis papers, the Easy Slide into Fascism
What I like about this article is the historical perspective. And the analysis of how individuals become complicit. Written in 2003 when the Patriot Act was being rammed through and we were sold a pack of lies about invading a sovereign nation

Weaseldog said...

Pakistan fired on a US Helicopter yesterday when it entered Pakistani airspace.

The Helicopter retreated back to Afghanistani airspace.

an average patriot said...

That is a good article! The parallels are stunning and undeniable but of course denied. This is the Brown shirts all over again.
Bush is lying while improving on Mussolini and Hitler's Fascism. Some people think he a god and our savior. He is our destroyer and is almost done.
Fascist America is here! It is almost complete and he will keep this facade of Democracy until he or McCain is far enough along to declare the new Fascist America! It drives me shit house that most don't have a clue or care.
My wife makes me shut up all the time because she thinks I am crazy and doesn't want to hear what she thinks is craziness. I can only shake my head!

an average patriot said...

I saved that story because I wanted to update the breakdown to war with Pakistan but had to let it go because there is too much crisis to cover.
I use to make a point of telling people it will get much worse, Bush will speed up his damage as he is running out of time, And he has yet to do his worst.
You are witnessing it! I was reminding my wife this morning and she made me shut up because she wants to live in LaLa Land. I can only shake my head we're screwed!

gabrielle said...

Please don't shut up. There is nothing average about you. Your perceptions, your passion, your commitment to the forum you host are invaluable in these times.

I appreciate the dialogue we have here. It is wonderful to come to a place where values, ideas , responses to world events can be discussed openly and intelligently.

One of the names I have for myself is Cassandra. Because I invariably deliver messages that no one wants to hear. I have learned over time to temper the vehicle (language, tone and content) according to the context. And continue to try to engage the person or group I am interacting with. I’ve tried to be a better listener. It’s really hard to do when you just want to scream the truth of what you see, the peril of our current trajectory.

At the same time, I’m not afraid of conflict. Often times it’s necessary.

Silence is not an option! Please don’t shut up.

an average patriot said...

Thank you! You know, I can never watch what is happening and shut up about the truth, what is really happeni
I have found that many do not want to be reminded and want to make like everything is going to work out. It will not!

Anyway one site recently deleted my comment and she said to stop fear mongering. I don't go there any more.
It is not fear mongering it is just trying to get people to see nothing is isolated. 100% everything that is happening is interrelated and part of the lie we are living today!

an average patriot said...

I just went to your site to see if you discussed things I do but could not get to your posts I wonder why?

Utah Savage said...

Great post, James. I am focused today on the Senate Banking Committee's questioning of Paulson and Bernanake. It has shaken me to my core. I am very lucky to own my own home outright, but still I empty my monthly income will utilities and insurance and taxes and medical expenses medicaid doesn't cover. And the dollar is soon to be worthless. Our currency has lost half it's value in the last two years. I'm 64 and have never seen anything like this. It is terrifying to see us go down the toilet like this.

an average patriot said...

What a pleasant surprise!You are pretty lucky in that re3gard and you have a cute place. This is all part of the purposeful bankrupting of America. This is all coming to a head perfectly at this time and there are no surprises or coincidence.
Whenever Bush says trust me you know your screwed. He wants this passed before it can be fixed and a free hand for Paulson only. Very scary.
I have been focusing on the bankrupting of America and the race to war with Russia. This is all getting worse as I said it would and this is not good.
By the way you just relax and take care of yourself.

One Fly said...

It's the ones you are writing about that are bat shit nuts not you. Remember that and it'll be otay.

I differ slightly on 51 and that is if they feel they have the election for sure they may not use it. On the other hand have felt for several years this will be a total power grab. Everything is in place. It is fascism and our populace has been brain washed.

Of course no talk about where the money went and who got it and this happening just before the most important election in history and most on our side do not entertain these thoughts at all.

The bailout is a biggy and there will be other things coming and that's a fact. These sonsofbitches thousands of them have been sitting around for years planning for this very time so wise people take nothing off the table with the likes of these slugs.

Brother Tim said...

I don't care that her jack-boots are made by Ferragamo, Condiliesalot Rice is a moron, just like her simian 'husband'.

The American MSM hasn't reported on it, but the Russian Naval build-up in the Eastern Mediterranean is massive. It is widely reported in the foreign press, especially the Israeli press.

It's all coming to a head, Jim. Buckle your seatbelt, we're in for one helluva ride.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
It does seem like the banks have lent and spent out all the deposits and investments, the "economy" is being exposed as nothing more than a printing press, surrounded by fools!
There is probably going to be a riot or two as inflation increases, and particularly if pensions and savings commitments are not met, which patently is a moment arriving soon.
Internal revolt? ..Cue the imposition of martial law, which in turn would probably lead to the american military splitting into two camps, the blindly subservient bible bashing, right-wing corps, and the hopefully larger more powerful supporters of the left. Interesting times, a "coup d`etat" that might become the "coup de grace".

an average patriot said...

one fly
I agree with you! 51 will only be used if they can't steal it for McCain! This bailout will aid in nothing except speeding up the Bankruptcy of America! I was thinking all night about how to respond to Jerome and Danny because Jerome is very concerned about the bailout and not taking care of average Americans.
They are 91 and 65 and I just can't get them to understand this is not politics as usual, average Americans do not matter and are on their own, and fascist America is here!

an average patriot said...

I know bud! I am sickened at our condition and those asses are still antagonizing Russia saying they better make sure they have boats and planes that can reach Venezuela!This is all coming to a head and we are screwed as average Americans are on their own. Hope all is well with you by the way!

gabrielle said...

My blog is dormant due to personal/family demands. Hope to have it up and running when things settle down.

an average patriot said...

Oh Okay! I wanted to see what you wrote about! I happened across some very disturbing videos today and I will post them tomorrow. I am stunned any way just one small thing Russia gave us 21 days to get out of the Black Sea and warned of World war three. This entire friggen mess is just starting and we have been wrong about nothing!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Sorry, I forgot to reply to you, whack me! Anyway speaking of Martial Law I happened across some very disturbing videos today and I will post them tomorrow. I am stunned any way just one small thing Russia gave us 21 days to get out of the Black Sea and warned of World war three. This entire friggen mess is just starting and we have been wrong about nothing! It is coming!

landsker said...

All about there, Nah, I`d be after shooting the breeze, not your good self Jim.
Yup, might be that the last moves are coming up for the bush-man and his masters.
The Russians smell fear, and are closing in, I don`t think they want to engage in battle, but as they sense an end to the US as global rulers, they will seek to contain any attempts by the rapture fanatics to set off a nuclear conflagration.
Incidentally, the fishing is good here at present, plenty of molluscs, and the sea bass are shoaling close to shores, before setting off for winter, hope to get a few net fulls soon!

an average patriot said...

This is all coming to a head and the timing is no coincidence. Martial law and WW3 watch! Glad to hear the fishing is great and I hope it continues!