Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too many excuses for Bush to Declare Martial all of them brought on by him. Martial Law is coming! How long will it take for people to activate?

Remember Executive order #51 giving Bush total Dictatorial control!

With our rapidly failing infrastructure in this case Financial and the growing threat of major world war all instigated by Bush You better believe Martial Law is coming! Bush, Rice, and Cheney are doing their damnedest to instigate Russia to war but it looks increasingly like Pakistan may get involved first!

You know I keep saying with 5 carriers and Battle Groups in the Gulf they are available to go after Iran and Pakistan without a big troop increase but things are developing rapidly to make that a reality while our attention is diverted with this facade of an election, Hurricane Ike, and the rapidly developing financial collapse engineered under Greenspan!

Pakistan is devoluting to war with us and worse rapidly! The furor intensified Friday over Washington's decision to pursue Islamic militant targets inside Pakistan, with opposition lawmakers threatening the country could pull out of the war on terror if the U.S. refuses to respect its borders. About 100 protesters burned American flags after the latest missile attack left at least 12 people dead in the North Waziristan region of the troubled northwest. Residents said they heard the sound of propeller-driven U.S. Predator drones circling overhead before the explosions. President Bush secretly approved more aggressive cross-border operations in July, current and former American officials have told The Associated Press. Some secret huh?

Domestic media have criticized the government for not reacting more strongly, even suggesting the public criticism is just lip service and that a secret deal has been reached with Pakistan's leadership allowing cross-border incursions.Pakistan army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has denied that and vowed to protect the country's sovereignty "at all cost." "We need at this time to make it clear to foreign countries that Pakistan will not tolerate such actions," said Ahsan Iqbal, a lawmaker in Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-N party. "If it continues, then Pakistan can consider pulling out completely from this war on terror." Iqbal and another party leader called for an urgent parliament session to debate how Pakistan can respond.

"The parliament must be convened on a one-point agenda, because the nation is under a threat of war," said lawmaker Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. "Irrespective of where the threat is, every inch of this country is sovereign. Every inch of this country is sacred." Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar said Pakistan's armed forces were "ready to meet any such eventuality if this is repeated" and evoked Pakistan's war against India in 1965. "America is daily deepening the well of resentment against itself that no amount of aid or pious diplomatic platitudes will ever fill," The News daily said in an editorial Friday. Some analysts suggest the Bush administration is turning up the heat in Pakistan, hoping for last-minute victories in the face of a growing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. Pakistan threatens to pull out of so called war on terror

Then Alarm bells suddenly went off in government offices from Washington to Ottawa to London to The Hague when Pakistan's newly minted democratic government, after almost nine years of military rule, suddenly closed the border to all NATO resupply traffic to Afghanistan. NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan are resupplied by endless convoys of trucks that snake over 1,200 miles through Peshawar and the Khyber Pass to reach Kabul and points north and east, and over 600 miles for the more direct route through Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan, and Chaman on the border to reach Kandahar and points south and west in Afghanistan. Oil, food, heavy equipment, hospital supplies -- all are trucked at a cost of $1 million a day in Pakistani road tolls.

The Taliban had announced it was planning for a 20-year insurgency campaign to victory while NATO's only member nations doing the fighting in Afghanistan -- Canada, Britain, and Holland -- said they were authorized by their parliaments for two more years, and then out. In a country the size of France or Texas, the outgoing NATO commander said the Afghan mission required at least 400,000 troops. Current in-country force: 60,000. The withdrawal of 8,000 U.S. troops from Iraq would allow for the transfer of another brigade to Afghanistan, still a far cry from rock-bottom requirements.

Pakistan is fighting an existential threat comparable to 1971 when Pakistanis lost half their country in a war with India. East Pakistan, separated by 1,000 miles of Indian territory, became Bangladesh. This traumatic shock to the body politic also sparked Pakistan's drive for nuclear power. Now Pakistan is fighting a large-scale insurgency against a wing of the Taliban that has spilled out of FATA into the North-West Frontier province and beyond with attacks on the army's principal ordnance plant and other army installations. In authorizing last week's raid into South Waziristan, one of seven tribal agencies on the Afghan border, President Bush was testing the boundaries of the new government -- and the authority of Zardari over the army. In Afghanistan, the future of the Atlantic alliance is at stake. In Pakistan, the state itself is at stake. Pakistan closes its border to NATO resupply convoys

Now KEY corps commanders of Pakistan's 600,000-strong army issued orders last night to retaliate against "invading" US forces that enter the country to attack militant targets. The move has plunged relations between Islamabad and Washington into deep crisis over how to deal with al-Qa'ida and the Taliban. What amounts to a dramatic order to "kill the invaders", as one senior officer put it last night, was disclosed after the commanders - who control the army's deployments at divisional level - met at their headquarters in the garrison city of Rawalpindi under the chairmanship of army chief and former ISI spy agency boss Ashfaq Kayani.
Leading English-language newspaper The News warned in an editorial that the US determination to attack targets inside Pakistan was likely to be "the best recruiting sergeant that the extremists ever had", with even "moderates" outraged by it. The "retaliate and kill" order came amid reports of unprecedentedly fierce fighting in the Bajaur Agency of Pakistan's tribal areas, an al-Qa'ida stronghold frequently mentioned as the most likely lair of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. At the same time, a series of brutal killings by the militants were reported.

The order to retaliate against incursions by "foreign troops", directed specifically at the 120,000 Pakistani soldiers deployed along the border with Afghanistan, follows US President George W. Bush's authorization of US attacks in Pakistan. Washington's determination to launch such attacks has caused outrage across Pakistan, with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani last night strongly backing a warning by General Kayani that Pakistan would not allow its territorial integrity to be violated. The "kill" order against invading forces, and the sharp deterioration in relations with the US, has far-reaching implications for the war on terror. Anger at all levels in Pakistani society was summed up last night in The News, not normally sympathetic to the militants. "There is an escalating sense of furious impotence among the ordinary people of Pakistan," the newspaper said. Pakistan order to kill US invaders

You know, this analyst knows Bush's true goal with purposely allowing our financial and infrastructure collapse and his instigation to war with Russia and his instigation of war with Pakistan is not to close out his Presidency but to create enough chaos to allow him to declare martial Law take control of us and prosecute this new order agenda! Remember Executive order #51 giving Bush total Dictatorial control! This election will be stolen for McPalin or Bush has till January 20th to implement Executive order #51!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Robert Rouse said...

Have you seen the photos Jill Greenberg took of McCain? I posted some of them in a flash video I posted at my place. Greenberg is one of my new heroes.

an average patriot said...

I'll go give it a look. I have been taking care o0f thiings around here so hahe not gotten around much.
Your the one to ask. I prepared this post and wanted it to shouw up tomorrow at 8:00 like you did while on vacation. Don't you do that by hitting post options and putting in the time and date and then hit publish so it posts at the date and tine you stated?

Linda Sama said...

great post!

an average patriot said...

Welcome and thank you! I am sad to say this is not pessimism or conspiracy theory it will be fact soon. This perfect manufactured storm coming to a head in its totality at this time is no coincidence. Relax, in hold, stay together, and stay in touvh!

Weaseldog said...

Today's 'Quick', a little paper published by the Dallas Morning News, characterized yesterday's events in the markets, as a 'Stunning Make Over'.

Makes it sound like a good thing, doesn't it?

an average patriot said...

Sure does Wease
Right now AIOG is teetering on disaster. I heard the Fed made moves in the Billions during the night to try to band aid this.
Today I just heard the auto industry is looking for $25 billion but do not call it a bail out. Pharma companies are taking a big hit and I just caught McAssHole again say we are fundamentally sound.
Obama pounced on it so McCain's comeback was he meant the hard working American. WTF? How friggen sound are you?
The odds are increasingly getting worse and will get much worse and it is by design despite the rhetoric. The Fed is to meet today on a rate cut and it too will be a temporary band as all this is.
Nothing will stop Bush's collapse. You know what is going t6o happen I guarantee it. By the way I E'd Dusty did she get back to you?

Weaseldog said...

I haven't heard from Dusty yet.

an average patriot said...

That bothers me because you have a talent and should be heard. She asked on an E if we knew anyone else who should be added with Dave and of course I said you and Robert. I have been a bit busy so have not been back to Sirens to check. I will dig up the E and forward it to you. Maybe you will want to contact her. Hold on!

an average patriot said...

I found one but for some reason your E is not on my file anymore?

Weaseldog said...


Dusty may simply be busy.

I think my songs have merit, but frankly, I find myself hard to listen to. Maybe I'm my worst critic.

I'd like to hear other musicians take my songs and run with them.

an average patriot said...

Not to worry! I just discovered I set one of them as a draft so I just sent it to her. Your music is good and does have an audience. I told you before it reminds me of someone of renown but man it keeps coming to me but I can't quite remember his name. Maybe it was the guy who did the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald.

One Fly said...

Jim- came over from Robert's place under comments. I agree with your post. Do not think these people ever intended to give up power. All the ground work has been taken care of these last eight years for this to work.

There is a reason for everything these guys say or do. Why did Rove say McNutt was over the top or something like that. It sure as hell wasn't to help BO but something other.

Some say Bin Laden will show up before the election but something is going to happen before then whether it's big or other smaller events that have the same result. Palin is an example.

Outta the Cornfield has liked to you and will make a point to visit often. Giv'em hell.

an average patriot said...

one fly
Glad to see you! Man don't get me going I will never stop. I started writing books about this fascist lying idiot on Day one and after 7 books and multiple pamphlets and manifestos I just Blog trying to alert people because as warned it is now moving too fast and it is too late to stop.

I firmly believe they will not stop now and will steal the election one way or th4e other. McCain has already been selected to continue this and how they will steak him in is all that remains. If that is in doubt Executive order #51 will just be the start!

I won't link you to death but just check this out a bit. Some of the links are still good and you will see why JFK was killed but yes this is long in the planning and they will not stop now!
You may remember the secret meeting in Congress 3/13 to declare martial law, Bush's advocates want him in for life, ability to declare war anywhere in the world even here, Bush was meeting the Taliban in the WH and at Crawford because he wanted an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, when they refused 9/11 occurred and he attacked them as warned. It gets much much deeper!

One Fly said...

One of the names that came up in the links was Sibel Edmonds a true patriot and just like so many others we never got to hear her full story. I bet they threatened her like the others at least that's what I think and have posted on as to why our side has won nothing in eight years.

We are watching history happen but it's not fun and it's scary. I do think there are multiple scenarios in the works to achieve and keep control. I may be wrong but the odds are in our favor of being correct. LTFO!

an average patriot said...

one fly
It all boils down to the total lie we are living today! Lying is the new truth as you know and McCain and Palin are the masters scheduled to bring this mess to the next step.
You will find this interesting. As you know from Dan Rather and beyond anyone that speaks the truth about Bush and this mess pays for it with their career if not their life. Remember the Anthrax and the guy they just killed? Look at The Bush Body count

an average patriot said...

I have a couple of friends who are more than a little influential in the Government. The relentless liberal you can google is now 91. He still lectures where his 65 year old son had me go meet him and we became instant friends. He is a Grassroots organizer behind every accomplishment in the last 60 years.
I finally got my first feed back from Jerome and that is an accomplishment. It is an ongoing daily effort of mine to get him to realize we have never been hear before as he thinks and we better do something quick. There is no other option!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Dangerous times and dangerous markets, and an even more dangerous set of fiends in power. If we are not in a depression, we are sliding.into.one.

an average patriot said...

I was just at Weasel dog lair

He had a video of Nancy Pfotenhauer saying the Republican's have dumped on America but Democrats would be even worse. I am going to get sick! WTF? Stay together!

Weaseldog said...

That's quite a complement, comparing me to Gordon Lightfoot. :)

Thanks Jim! :)

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

Youre style! There is another name too but I just can't quite remember it. You sing just like someone famous. I will get it eventually and you too will agree! I like your style. I E'd your link to Dusty has she gotten in touch with you yet?

an average patriot said...

Youre style! There is another name too but I just can't quite remember it. You sing just like someone famous. I will get it eventually and you too will agree! I like your style. I E'd your link to Dusty has she gotten in touch with you yet?