Thursday, October 05, 2006

While we are diverted with the Foley Folly We threaten Korea with Annihilation!

CNN: The U.S. envoy to stalled North Korea nuclear talks says the United States will not tolerate a nuclear North Korea and has warned Pyongyang not to test a nuclear weapon.
"We are not going to live with a nuclear North Korea," Assistant Secretary of State Chris Hill told the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University Wednesday. "We are not going to accept it."

North Korea "can have a future, or it can have these weapons. It cannot have both," Hill said. The U.S. and its allies "are in a very tense time" in dealing with Pyongyang, Hill added.

South Korea, meanwhile, warned North Korea's stance could trigger a regional atomic arms race that could upend the balance of power in Northeast Asia.

Any display of Pyongyang's nuclear force could prompt Japan to go nuclear and trigger a regional arms race, South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. (Watch how North Korea is justifying its planned nuclear test -- 3:37 ) Speaking to lawmakers, Yu said such a North Korean nuclear test "could provide a pretext for Japan's nuclear armament."

"This will prompt countermoves by China or Russia and lead to a change in the balance of power in Northeast Asia," AP reports Yu saying. Hill said that on Tuesday the United States passed a message "of deep concern" about a possible test to Pyongyang through the North Korean mission to the United Nations, which serves as a contact between the two governments, but did not receive an answer.

"We will do all we can to dissuade the DPRK [North Korea] from this test," Hill said.He declined to say exactly what the United States would do if North Korea undertakes such a test, but said, "we would have no choice but to act resolutely to make sure that the DPRK understood -- and to make sure that any other country understands -- that this (nuclear test) is a very bad mistake."

If North Korea does conduct a test, it "will realize that they had a bad day when they made that choice," he said.After his appearance, Hill told reporters, "if they think that firing off a weapon will somehow make them a part of some sort of nuclear club, they should think again."

"If they think that by exploding a weapon, that somehow we will come to terms with it, we won't," he said.Citing U.S. belligerence and pressure, North Korea said Tuesday that a nuclear test was in the works. (Pyongyang's statement).

These Tests could trigger Asian nuke race!

Tuesday is the first time North Korea has made an official announcement that it is going to conduct nuclear tests. Previously, it has said it had the right to conduct such tests. Such a scenario would significantly set back diplomatic efforts with North Korea and have serious implications for regional security, according to a House Intelligence Committee report released Tuesday.

Coming on the heels of North Korea's test firing of seven missiles, including a long-range ballistic missile in July, a nuclear test would bring Pyongyang's relations with its neighbors to a new low, the report found.

The tests might prompt not only Japan, but also Taiwan and possibly South Korea to begin their own nuclear weapons programs, the report found.Six-party talks on the country's nuclear program have been stalled for months. In addition to the United States and North Korea, China, Japan, Russia and South Korea are taking part.

North Korea wants bilateral talks with the United States before the six-party talks resume and it wants Washington to ease up on economic pressures.
Hill repeated that the United States was willing to meet with North Korean officials, but only within the context of six-party talks.

I just don't get it! Didn't we just threaten North Korea with Annihilation? why is it not okay for Iran to threaten Israel? We can back it up, they can't. Something wrong here!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


LittleBill said...

Very good article, AAP. Heard snips of it on CNN today. What I don't understand is how the nuclear nations, especially the US, can tell others they can't have them.

LittleBill said...

Very good article, AAP. Heard snips of it on CNN today. What I don't understand is how the nuclear nations, especially the US, can tell others they can't have them.

jmsjoin said...

I agree! what got me is that we make a big show of the fact that Ahmadinejad threatens israel with annihilation if he could but we threatened North Korea with annihilation and we have the ability but that's okay.
Bush is screwed up. He has made a mess of everything with his bullying politics and he isn't done yet. Only those Bush says can have nukes can have them and be left alone,everyone else is toast! This guy man! Anyway, thanks a lot!