Monday, October 30, 2006

My pleasurable call from Afghanistan tempered with disgust of Bush's fundamentalist Lies!

I was pretty happy yesterday to receive a surprise call from my son in Afghanistan. He said he is putting in 18 hour days between combat and cleaning up explosives in and around Kandahar. While being very concerned for his welfare I sadly turned the conversation to the reality of Bush and that we must get Republicans out of control.
They are out of control and that is the problem. We talked about his brother who had to listen to Bush in Charleston before he goes back to the middle east and they are hoping to also meet in Afghanistan. We talked about the large salmon he caught in Alaska before I again turned the conversation back to my disgust with Bush as he rallies fundamentalists in order to keep corruptive control of congress.I have become obsessed with removing these idiots!
Our sons and daughters are hearing all the lies as they try to do their duty. This is just not right.
My son believe it or not likes what he is doing and says he is in his element in Afghanistan and might volunteer for another tour despite the fact that his young wife is pregnant with their second child. I am sure there are many like him.
Anyway of course Bush is trying to rally the Republican base using Gay marriage as a weapon against Democrats as he incites fear by saying the country is doomed if Democrats are allowed to get in control. As I watch our dedicated sons and daughters fighting for America and listening to Bushco's lies so they can stay the course even though he no longer uses the expression. I am increasingly concerned for my sons, for the country, and for the election and our future.
Tax cuts for the rich, hang in there in Iraq etc., in any other words, is stay the course and we can not afford any more of it. Bushco will stop at nothing in order to stay their corruptive course and create their horrible new order. No one or nothing is safe from their ridicule. As I'm sure you were, I was very disgusted to see Michael J Fox ridiculed for Republican gain.
This is a terrible disease we are talking about not just a celebrity to be casually dismissed as a political tool. It was humiliating as a caring American to watch Limbaugh ridicule him and to listen to Bush dismiss MJF just for personal gain and not taking any consideration as the reality of the disease and the fragility of the person. No one is safe from these idiots and nothing is sacred. I am hoping this ignorant arrogance and lack of humanity backfires on them.

Anyway, with Bushco motivating their Base with multiple lies it is becoming very critical that we pull in independents and all non voting Democrats. Volunteer to get people to the polls. Everyone must be made to realize how critical it is that we get Republican's and all inadequate politicians out.
This is extremely important to America, our children, and the future of the entire world. in the end I want to say every vote counts and believe it does but I am not sure right now with these underhanded Republicans. I am very concerned with these electronic voting machines and the ability to alter them. I understand there already is problems in Florida with people voting Democrat and seeing it register as Republican. I understand 5 minutes is enough time get inside these machines, alter them so they electronically vote in a predetermined way, and it can not be detected. What to do now?
We cannot afford or allow another stolen election and knowing how desperate Republicans are to keep their corruptive power and stay their corruptive course. I want to stay focused on the safety of my sons but listening to Bushco and knowing their underhandedness, I keep worrying about what they are going to do.We must get our America back!
Monitoring these elections and the results in every State electronic machines or not is very important as we can not trust these Republicans at all and will in the end prove very critical and interesting.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Controversial Colin said...

Glad to read that you had heard from your son in Afganistan. Surprised to read he may volunteer for a second tour.

Comradeship can do that, happened a lot in Vietnam, guys wanted to make a difference, so they went back for another tour.

As for getting America back, I can't see this happening. There aren't enough real decent families left in the US to get America back on track.

Unfortunately, having almost all been swallowed up by crazy laws and daft ideas like Positive Discrimination and Political Correctness.

The same is happening in Europe.

Liberal lefties, loonies, foreigners and fantatics have destroyed England. England has gone to the dogs. Great Britain to Great Shame


an average patriot said...

Glad to hear from you! I know Jim as he is his fathers son so I am not remotely surprised that he likes to be in the thick of things and in control as he is.
Not any more but I always told them all that I would rather be the one in any situation because I knew I was in control. Him being my oldest is that way and self motivated, to a T.
I am afraid I agree with you on getting America back. I am afraid of these easily manipulated electronic voting machines and these underhanded Republicans who will stoop to anything in order to keep their corruptive power.
I am posting today on the realities of Global Warming and in particular how Britain is the only country in the world who has reduced their effect.
Bush laughs at Gore andf his facts on Global warming and Britain hired him to help you and it is working.
I think I have more faith in England than you do because I know they are in trouble as we are but I have faith in your ability to deal with it and survive wnile I am more concerned for us and the entire world because of Bush and his asinine puruance of new societal annd world order.