Sunday, October 08, 2006

As the North Korea nuclear weapon Issue continues to unfold, think about this!

The hypocrisy of the Bush administration is evident amongst other places in its relations with North Korea. While the United States is busy developing a new generation of nukes, the Bush White House has tried desperately to politically isolate North Korea because of its nuclear weapons program.
Apparently though, Israel, India and Pakistan are permitted to possess nuclear weapons because they are allies of the United States, or so goes Bush administration logic.
The hypocrisy of the Bush administration is clearly evident in its targeting of alleged rogue states--Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea--while supporting non-democratic and repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, among others. The Bush administration's militaristic rhetoric and actions have not only resulted in increasing numbers of people around the globe viewing U.S. foreign policy as a significant destabilizing factor in international relations, it has also made clear exactly who is the world's principal warmonger. Bush!

Chavez pledged solidarity with Syria in its struggle against Israel and the United States and predicted the demise of U.S. "imperialism."
Chavez, a harsh critic of U.S. foreign policy, also said he would seek a front-row seat if President George W. Bush accepted an invitation from Iran's Ahmadinejad to a televised debate, adding he would be cheering on the Iranian president.
Chavez's popularity shot up across the Arab world after he ordered Venezuela's envoy to Israel home earlier this month to protest Israel's military offensive against Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

There is an easy answer to what is still unfolding and just starting and that is too fight and continue to fight, there is no easy way out though. We have no other choice as this will not be quelled by diplomacy. We must see this through to the end. Years ago I said like it or not, this will turn into a war against Islam. We will be forced to isolate them in their own lands for our own safety. It is an unpopular thought but we will not have a choice. Once on their own they will turn on themselves as they already are because they cannot tolerate any version of Islam other than their own.
Iraqi's are killing each other as we know,but Bush knew they would and ignored all good advice and intelligence to the contrary, as he had to in order to stay the course and prosecute his idea of new order. What no one seems to understand is the so called war against terrorism in the end will only be half of the war equation of the future still unfolding.
Reagan is credited with ending the cold war but, he set in motion many of the problems of today. Bush finished the job by belittling every country in the word and attacking Iraq unsettling the middle east.
As a result, with 2/3 of the world belonging to the non-aligned Nations and the enemies Bush has awakened wanting our demise by virtue of his superiority complex and destabilization of the already unstable middle east which we also contributed to by injecting Israel into the mix and again resetting boundaries as we saw fit, again ignoring traditional boundaries and dislikes. We will also be contending with China, Russia, and who knows who else?
"It looks like in the end of this still unfolding scenario that it will be Britain, Israel, and the U.S. against the World!"
As we all know, the average Iraqi is far worse off and it will get a lot worse as this progresses. Likewise, as you know the average American is far worse off because of Bush. That too will get worse because he is not done completing his new societal order either. This is all still getting started and Bush is an idiot to declare we are winning anything! We will be okay but we have to face reality and realize that we will win this but ?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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