Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bend over and get ready! Bush the most despicable purposely destructive President in US History! Bush’s last days

I have said for years now that Bush has been allowed to pit himself beyond the long arem of the law and we let him do it using fear mongering to get what he wants. It istarted with 9/11 and I will be More than pleased to supply multitudes of back up behind the total lies we are living every step of the way as I have documented it from day one.

To much consternation when I started telling people on Kos that Bush's legacy would be as the President who destroyed America and the world as we know it. Worse, it looks like ineptitude but he has done every step of it in America and around the world on purpose using his Rove taught 3D Politics (destructive, deceitful, deceptive, Politics) in A,erica and around the world!

Realizing that I could not get anyone of consequence to rdealize it was all being done on purpose and that it was not just because Bush was a life long loser they have been waiting for years to come along and prosecute this mess and worse, at a time when we had it within our grasp to bring the world together and succeed into the future.

Nostrodamus gave us two roads into the future! The road to peace, prosperity, world unification, and success into the future. Or two: The road to world conflict and mass destruction and thanks to some idiots electing a proven lifw long loser as the President of what use to be the worlds lone super power we are on the wrong road!

Anyway I switched to focusing on seeing all his damage undone in America at least as the world destruction is now beyond our control. Obama as you may know is focused on fixing our infrastructure and purposely created failed economy and his team has been working on preventing Bush from pardoning himself and his cronies thereby being the ultimate slap in the face by the worst President in the world dwarfing even Hitler and Mussolini as he gave himsely limitless power while being already the most powerfull leader in the world!

I learned the only way to stop him was to begin Impeachment proceedings which due to threats of further destruction if that was done he kept the complicit Congress at Bay. I was just sent an item this morning that the papers have been filed thereby self Pardoning Bush! I was unable to verify this as I am in Florida right now on someone else's computer and am very limited albeit I hope temporarily!

Now while looking for information I found this!

Many people have been forced into having their own verbal and intellectual lenses for explaining the behaviors of George Bush.

He can’t just be insane, so — what is it? What explains his behavior?

Today, as Congress fished around for money to save the U.S. auto companies, in a pickle because they had not invested earlier in alternative - energy projects, George Bush gave a speech, suggesting that Congress take the money from alternative energy projects to prop up the dying car makers.

Is he really an idiot?

Some day, in the not so distant future, several things may happen:

1. As laid out in Harper’s this month, the President, the Real President (Cheney) et. al may face domestic or international criminal charges for war crimes.

2. Not that George can not pardon himself or others for international crimes, as in the Nurnburg Trial. Even if he escapes domestic prosecution, he may end up like Pinochet, hounded worldwide by courts elsewhere, kidnapped, dragged around, arrested and jailed elsewhere, etc.

3. The simplest way to understand the entire Cheney/Bush regime is to assume that family ties to the Saudis were more important than catching bin Laden, that oil in general was more important than anything Bush swore to uphold on that Bible during his inauguration, and that Bush et. al (the heading on future lawsuits, ad infinitum) were embarked on an intentional, planned, consistent program of looting taxpayer monies for their personal and private benefit.

It is impossible to forget: We still have a month and more to go. There are plenty of miscreants on a master scale who would like to have a parting shot at screwing everything up for normal people in return for private gain, at the cost of a single large check to the Bush Library (Bush doesn’t read books; what a joke).

Bend over, and Get ready. George never cared for us then, and he still doesn’t today. He serves only his family, and a few close “friends.”

* At this point I can only laugh as it is too late to stop this scum and he has yet to do his worst as most fail to realize the just because Obama has been elected this is not over but will be going on for years until... and no one will turn this around. I have to concur, Bend over and get ready!


billie said...

well, once you realize that bush wasn't in charge- cheney was and that bush was merely a tool (and is a tool)- it becomes crystal clear. we couldn't get folks to listen until it was too late. hindsight is 20/20 i guess. our job now- and i know it will be left up to us- is to make sure that his 'legacy' isn't rewritten. we must compile the truth to pass on to future generations because bushco is counting on people forgetting and them being able to change history. we have lived it- we have to preserve the truth.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Betmo
I am still in Florida but hope to be home and back to my set up in a week!
As you know you are entirely right! The scum and his team is working hard to rewrite his legacy of destruction. I am pissed at him having a library and believe anyone contributing too it should be held liable. That Bastard!
I am annoyed that many have dropped out thinking because Obama got elected they can relax. Hell they will not relent, the worst is yet to come, and our work is just beginning! Take care B and stay in touch!

Billie Greenwood said...

Have you seen this?:

Bush's Final F.U.
The administration is rushing to enact a host of last-minute regulations that will screw America for years to come.