Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain is self destructing: Blowing off the Military, America's needs, Dumping his enablers Lobbyists and Spiritual Leaders, Barak's chances improve!

Yesterday was all about McCain primarily his arrogance over the military and his distancing of his his really perverted spiritual backers. After watching for the last week the issues piling up and McCain distancing himself from everyone that got him this far as he attempts to reinvent himself with a new set of lies so he can hopefully fool enough people to get elected as President. That is up to Obama! First let me put it all together as the full picture so you can look at it all at once and evaluate the situation in its entirety as we know it today! The more he distances himself from Bush the worse he gets and the more like him he gets!

I'll be a son of a gun! I wanted to start this off with the passing of yesterday's GI Bill that Obama rightly voted for and McCain abstained from. I just searched 3 1/2 friggen hours and I couldn't find the Bill? I wanted to show that it should really turn off many of the Veterans Groups that have all along been one of the backbones of McCain's Campaign. I wonder what my sons think of McCain now? McCain and Bush's big opposition to the Bill is that they think too many Veterans will opt out of their Forever Wars and get out to go to College. I really do not see that as a problem because many will be drawn to the Military as a means to afford College especially as the entire economy races South. It drove us in the military in the early 70s. Also included in the Bill were substantial funds to improve our failing infrastructure and improve unemployment benefits. McCain not wanting to vote on that Bill that was very important to our military, Katrina victims, hurting Americans, and American Society as a whole should tell many how important they are to McCain and what his priorities are and it is not them, the troops, or our Country that is in trouble!

I was offended that McCain could justify being against the bill but very disturbed over his ignorant response to Obama when he mentioned McCain abstained knowing his friends Rove, Bush, and Cheney, either didn't serve at all or went AWOL. He is okay with the fact that His Bosses either didn't serve having dodged Vietnam or got in the Reserves and went AWOL. I will go to my death knowing Bush received special favors to keep him from serving in Vietnam. Anyway he jumped right on Obama: I listened to this exchange between Obama and McCain. Obama criticized McCain and rightly so for not voting in favor of giving the troops added benefits. McCain in his smart ass holier than thou tone said I do not need someone who has not served in the military telling me how to treat the troops and that was the end of that one. McCain shut him up and it made McCain look strong. That should have been the beginning and Obama should have shut him up. Obama should have responded saying I do not have to be a woman to know how to treat them.Thus shutting McCain up, taking no punches, shutting him up, and appearing wiser as he is and more presidential. He has to learn how to fight like theses idiots. Taking the higher ground is just going to be a quicker way out of town. Do I have to teach Obama how to debate on this level? If he does not learn we are already done!

Anyway McCain is also biting the hands that fed him by dumping his many Lobbyists in response to Obama's efforts! While McCain claims holier than thou on the pork issue he is more than vulnerable on the Lobbyist issue. The New York Times notes McCain is finding a "thorny path" on this issue. "McCain’s political identity has long been defined by his calls for reducing the influence of special interests in Washington. But as he heads toward the general election as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, he has increasingly confronted criticism that his campaign staff is stocked with people who have made their living as lobbyists or in similar jobs, leaving his credentials as a reformer open to attack. The process of trying to purge the campaign of conflicts that in appearance or reality might violate Mr. McCain’s stated principles or cause him political trouble has so far focused only more attention on the backgrounds of his aides and advisers.”
“The delicate task of writing and enforcing the new conflict-of-interest policy has fallen to Mr. McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, who was himself a lobbyist until he took a leave of absence from his firm, Davis Manafort, two years ago." The paper also notes a slew of potential senior staffers who may have conflicts. "Wayne Berman, the campaign’s deputy finance chairman, has lobbied for the governments of Cyprus and Trinidad and Tobago, along with many other corporate clients. Christian Ferry, who is a lobbyist for Mr. Davis’s firm, is Mr. McCain’s deputy campaign manager. Susan Nelson, the finance director of the campaign, was as recently as last year a registered lobbyist for the Loeffler Group, for companies, including AT&T that have had business before Mr. McCain on the Commerce Committee. John Green, who has been reported to be coordinating the campaign’s efforts with congressional Republicans, is registered as a lobbyist for Ogilvy Government Relations, Mr. Berman’s firm. Carlos Bonilla, described by the McCain Web site as an economic adviser, is also a registered lobbyist."

Obama jumped on the lobbyist issue yesterday. "During a speech at a high school here, Obama said voters should be concerned that ‘after nearly three decades in Washington, John McCain can't see or won't acknowledge what's obvious to all of us here today -- that lobbyists aren't just part of the system in Washington, they're part of the problem.’” “McCain's campaign shot back quickly, challenging Obama to "shed light on the long list of federal lobbyists advising him on policy issues’ and accusing him of diverting attention from more serious matters. ‘Every moment that Senator Obama spends attacking individual volunteers on our campaign is time he's not using to address issues of real importance in the lives of Americans,’ said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds." And as we predicted yesterday, the blind quotes are telling. Check this out: "Some of McCain's advisers said Monday they are mystified by the new policy, which they said gives Obama an opening to attack their candidate. ‘The most interesting thing in every campaign is the self-inflicted wound. This is a great case,’ said one GOP fundraiser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss McCain's campaign decisions candidly. ‘When asked to name the 10,000 things people think are the most important issue, this doesn't make the list.’”

McCain is dumping his lobbyists and as far as I am concerned anyone who has dealings with them should be fired and tried. Average Americans, we the people, must be put back in the process and we will under Obama. Now I am happy to say to top it off yesterdays big issue with straight talking McCain as you know was his Spiritual endorsements: Finally Mr. McCain repudiated the Rev. John C. Hagee, a televangelist, after a watchdog group released a recording of a sermon in which Mr. Hagee said Hitler and the Holocaust had been part of God’s plan to chase the Jews from Europe and drive them to Palestine.

Later in the day, he also rejected the endorsement of the Rev. Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio, whose anti-Muslim sermons were broadcast on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday. Specifically on Hagee’s sermon on the Holocaust, McCain said, “Obviously, I find these remarks and others deeply offensive and indefensible. I did not know of them before Reverend Hagee’s endorsement, and I feel I must reject his endorsement as well.” A few hours later, after an ABC News report on Parsley started making the rounds, an AP reporter asked McCain about Parsley’s belief that the United States was created in order to destroy Islam. “I believe that even though he endorsed me, and I didn’t endorse him, the fact is that I repudiate such talk, and I reject his endorsement,” McCain said. It’s about time. Keep in mind, McCain was all-too pleased to not only seek out the support of these religious extremists, but to accept their endorsements, praise their “leadership,” and even campaign alongside them. McCain now claims he didn’t realize how crazy Hagee and Parsley really are. McCain slowly backs away from Hagee, Parsley — will there be consequences

You know he knew I am sick of the lying. McCain is finally being held account. He has been getting a buy up until now. he is now burning his bridges in an attempt to find new lies as he tries to reinvent himself. It is up to Obama to highlight these lies and uncover the living lie that is John McCain. Things are looking better for Obama every day as the soft underbelly of mealy mouthed McCain comes to light and I look forward to the one on ones between McCain and Obama. As long as Barack responds accordingly to McCain's smart ass dismissals we stand a beautiful chance of saluting President Obama. God Bless America!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Stella by Starlight said...

Hi AAAP. The Project Vote Smart site might be a good link for you. Here's McShame's voting record.

Happy 3-day weekend.

jmsjoin said...

Nice to see you and thanks I will check it out right now!

jmsjoin said...

thanks Stella
That is sickening it is the proven track record of an ass hole oops sorry! have a nice Memorial Day weekend. I hope many others see that record!

Unknown said...

I too, can't wait for the one-on-one debates between Obama and St John the Republican. McCain't has got a hair trigger on his emotions. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. Obama knows very well how to push his buttons. It's gonna be priceless to see his face turn crimson red, with the veins popping out of his neck as he goes ballistic on national TV, with spittle flying along with his incoherent sentences. And I can see Obama, alternating from mock slack-jaw shock to that wry little grin of his. YouTube had better get more bandwidth to prepare for this onslaught.

jmsjoin said...

I have to laugh! I am really looking forward to it. Like a kid to carnival. I expect McCain to melt down. Maybe I should call you but it might be too stressful. I'll be around this weekend but I just want to wish you and friggen Wally a nice labor day Weekend!

Karen said...

Backacha on the holiday weekend greetings.

btw, you are kiddin' in your last post wishing Wally a nice *labor day* Weekend!

Pul-eeeze, we don't want to rush summer!! :o)

Utah Savage said...

Nice piece. Thanks Stella for the link.

Happy memorial weekend.

Let's try to rest our brains for a couple of days.

enigma4ever said...

Have a good Memorial Day friend...and we all will battle on...namaste...

Larry said...

The war must be over Jim read this:

Bush golfing again, says “long nat’l nightmare” over

by Brad Jacobson

President Bush, who recently revealed he gave up playing golf on Aug. 19, 2003 because it “sends the wrong signal” during a time of war, has ended his near five-year sacrifice. The Wounded-Courier has obtained a rush transcript of the president’s discussion to air tonight on Fox News’ Special Report with Brit Hume. The following is an excerpt from that interview:

BRIT HUME: Mr. President, why did you decide to take up golf again?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, Brit, I’ve proven my solidarity with our troops and their families. I haven’t hit the links for longer than the longest tours of duty of any of our brave fighting men and women. And, quite frankly, I think this country has sacrificed enough.

BRIT HUME: A tremendous sacrifice indeed, Mr. President. I’m sure our citizens will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our progress in the war on terror is such that their commander-in-chief can once more safely bestride golf courses across America.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Exactly, Brit. The long national nightmare is over. Tomorrow morning, I plan to eat a healthy egg white omelet, maybe a little yogurt and fresh fruit, then I’m off to play a good eighteen holes. (laughs) Maybe more if these ol’ battle-scarred knees allow it.

BRIT HUME: Is it fair to say you’re picking up golf again, sir, should be seen as not only evidence the surge has been successful but also a rallying cry to those young men and women who continue to put themselves in harm’s way so their president can play golf with peace of mind?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, I’m sure there are those out there who won’t make that connection for partisan reasons. But, you know, we’re in the political season. So politics has taken over. I know that. But, look, I’m confident the American people will see this as what it is - a clear victory against the killers who have no respect for the civilized game of golf. A sport our forefathers fought and died for so that we might play today.

jmsjoin said...

Yes i was kidding! Until we talked I thought Wally was someone that lived with Brother so I mess with him now. He is a good egg and we will meet some day. If my son survives Iraq he is going to be stationed near brother and I will go see them! Take care!

jmsjoin said...

That was a link Stella sent that everyone should read. I was hoping to enjoy this weekend and take a little down time but after what Hillary said yesterday I now feel vindicated and will write about that once again putting everything in context. Take care!

jmsjoin said...

Than you enigma and yes we will. After hearing Hillary yesterday you now know my concerns are real and I will put it all in context. I pretty much did for Robert. I will be around you relax and take care!

jmsjoin said...

That idiot is brain dead. Sacrificed enough! This entire mess is just taking shape. He has sacrificed nothing. He is a friggen Idiot1

jmsjoin said...

okay that was a joke but i put nothing past that mindless fool!

Minnesotablue said...

Happy Memorial Day to you! I am excited about Obama and McCain debates also. Wouldn't you just LOVE to see McCaine blow it. You can tell always tell when he is on the verge, He clenches his jaws and looks like he is about to go off. Let's hope he will.

jmsjoin said...

I fully expect McCaine to finish destroying himself when he debates Obama. The true mindless, ignorant, cold mcCain will come out. After Hillary's suppopsed slip up yesterday I now know I was right on there too and will put it all in context when I have a chance. Take care! Enjoy!

Naj said...


I am really doubtful that McCain is serious about wanting to be president. He acts like a free-lancer if you ask me. All the better for America!

Oh ... maybe Hillary should replace him, McCain!

jmsjoin said...

I always like your line of thinking! Do not be fooled though, McCain wamts the Presidency more than he can taste it. He will say and do anything he has too in order to get it. You do not campaign at this level just as a facade! after yesterday all bets are off as to what is going to happen in this facade they call A Democracy!

Naj said...

Jim, I think you may find this article interesting

This guy was some form of an unofficial broker between Iran and Us during Clinton era. I find his articles insightful.

Dave Dubya said...

It is entirely likely Bush will initiate hostilities with Iran if Obama wins the election. We all know deep in our hearts the treachery that man is capable of.

We know Johnny Bomb Bomb wants that war as well, and will be entrusted to start it if he is elected.

Hillary is already repeating her invocation of assasination to a horrifying extent. How Rovian is that?

She probably would have no problem with a war with Iran. She is becoming a female version of Bush.

jmsjoin said...

That was very interesting thanks! It says 100% what I have been saying for years and "some" thought I was crazy. It is just hearing the truth when you are told a lie. know your enemy, Bush. Consider the source! That idiot will find the excuse to appear forced to act unless President McCain can be stolen in, in this facade of a Democracy and he will do it! Be concerned he is much worse than Bush! Thank you very much naj. By the way am I safe to return to your site I miss your input?

jmsjoin said...

I just put what Hillary said in context I would be interested in what you think! I just responded to naj hope you saw it! You know I agree with you! By the way naj just sent a link that confirms what we have been saying you might want to check it out! naj seems to get stuff we don't or something. She is a good source to have around!