Wednesday, October 18, 2017

After almost 8 years of lies we're still recovering from Bush now we have trump

After a couple conversations I had yesterday with a couple of our Friends who were getting hit by the created financial mess so total control over us could be gained and this new (dis)order agenda here and around the world could be continued I was thinking in the middle of the night that I would put a compilation together today illustrating once again from beginning to end that we are living a total lie. It is all documented but denied and lied about, and this "manufactured" perfect storm is coming to a head in the perfect time for Bush to do what this says and allow him to take over as dictator for life as I posted a couple days ago. This is no joke, no paranoia, no drill. Just relax, be forewarned, and be prepared!

* Let me start from the beginning! This will all be lied about as it is but this is well documented and true. We have discussed the vast majority of this numerous times but never from beginning to end. As this is coming to an ugly head pretty soon I hope you and certainly those that have not heard much of this before will take a few moments to read my links and know you are living a controlled lie that looks like it will come to fruition this fall negating the facade of elections, Democracy, and your freedom, so this purposely created mess can be continued!

From the absolute beginning with this mis-Administration oil has run the White House and the country with oilmen in charge (Bush and Cheney) and oil their only concern. After failed meetings with the Taliban in Crawford and the White House to have an oil pipe line run through Afghanistan to the Caspian 9/11 mysteriously happened and 10 days later Afghanistan was attacked. 9/11, the Patriot Act, the terrorists, all a lie

While this has been happening those behind this mis-Administration have been orchestrating the financial collapse of America via Allan Greenspan. This too is undeniable and part of "The Great setup" Michael Whitney the Second Great Depression

Coupled with a growing Forever War this will Dwarf the Great Depression and WW1 and WW2 combined and it has to as you will soon read the truth that the goal is to reduce the planets population by at least 30%. As you know things here will continue to worsen every day. Yesterday I had a friend who was feeling the pressure on his business, A friend whose bank was one of the ones that just failed, and we got notification from our oil Company we would have to start giving them $800 per month. This will get much worse especially after war with Iran and Russia starts. To create another facade of concern that once again will help no one that needs it. Fannie and Freddie amongst others will be bailed out and our debt ceiling has been raised once again to $10.6 trillion to supposedly be paid by our children and grandchildren if they survive this forever war and still have air to breathe! another bail out sent to Congress

Bankrupting America is necessary so people will be more receptive to total control. As you will read, a new currency will be enacted to replace the dollar. Now do you know why we are being Bankrupt? In march a secret meeting was held in Congress to Declare Martial Law if things continue to worsen as they are and people increasingly become disgruntled as they are. Please read it if you haven't it is important that you do

Meanwhile Bush's advocates wanted him to have Lifetime dictatorship

Mukasey has also asked that Bush be given the right to Declare war unilaterally without Congress's okay anywhere around the world including here if we get out of order. please read

This all very sobering and undeniable! Any power in Bush's hands was misused and abused as you know. Meanwhile this dirty divide and conquer phony election process continues in this facade of a Democracy as this entire manufactured so called perfect storm is coming to a head at the perfect time. This is no coincidence my friends. Relax, educate yourself, be prepared, and we will get through this together! God Bless and take Care! By golly I think I said it all!
By the way! Paul Roberts Assistant treasury Secretary under Reagan will verify this manufactured nightmare

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now thats a slippery slope

an average patriot said...

Hey Torrance
I see you love gardening. Excellent that is one of my specialties and you mat need it. I don't know if you looked at the links but there is absolutely zero speculation here only much denied fact!

LittleBilly said...

That was SOME post, as you forewarned. I'll be mulling that for weeks to come. Thanks.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill!
Glad to see you about! It is all 100% documented fact and of course much denied. As you know, we are living a lie! You read but just relax and be happy!

Dave Dubya said...

After the joke of a "non-impeachment hearing" by the House Judiciary Committee, it becomes clear that the Democratic party is the moderate right wing of the fascist radical right Republicans.

Brother Tim said...

You've just about covered it all, Jim. One thing you left out, was the NAFTA Super Highway (Nasco Corridor) running from Mexico to Canada.

We are soooooooo screwed.

Great post!

an average patriot said...

You are right Dave!
It is shaping up to be a very disquieting fall! I am really sickened listening to McCain's lying spew knowing this crap will not stop in November!

an average patriot said...

You are right! Do you think I should include that? That will not be stopped either and I have done more than a few posts on that too as you probably know. Concert recharged you , good! Thank you daughter and son in law!

Trevor said...

Good article full of facts and here is a fact Mccains damn son quit his executive banking jobs in nevada as they are about to go under and it is his fault

D.K. Raed said...

Great post, Jim! Lots to think about. November will be here soon & then we'll find out if the neocons give up power peacefully. I have great hope, but am preparing for the worst. I need to read some of your links ... tomorrow.

an average patriot said...

Really! That is interesting. I will look for information on that if there is any. Where did you hear that? Do you have any back up?

an average patriot said...

Thanks Red
Please read the links, all fact and very informative as to what they are prepared for and how you can prepare.
You have to keep hoping but prepare for the worst. The very best we can hope for is Obama to sneak through and have someone helpful at the helm of this nightmare that is now beyond prevention!
I am going to post on Rove today but am going to post a great political joke about heaven and hell as I get from so many of our friends that this is really hurting them. We at least have to keep laughing!

Ingrid said...

"Coupled with a growing Forever War this will Dwarf the Great Depression and WW1 and WW2 combined and it has to as you will soon read the truth that the goal is to reduce the planets population by at least 30%."

and here I was worrying about global warming..


an average patriot said...

I have to laugh but you are right! Knowing someone has to live her you have to believe bringing about the end of Days is the goal. Mutual destruction use to be a deterrent to nuclear war today it appears to be the goal!
This whole subject is a very long read and I have written many stories about it. I can't cover it here or do it justice but I may have reminded you that even Nostradamus said we have 2 roads to travel into the future. One to war and destruction and one to peace and prosperity. We have taken the wrong road!