Thursday, October 12, 2017

We are killing ourselves not just the ocean, our food supply,and the planet

Argentina aims to revive nuclear exports after finding nuclear fish with 3rd eye

On the subject of self destruction remember this just 5 years ago?  When The Simpsons introduced the cute three-eyed orange fish called Blinky, it was just a silly commentary on the fact that there was a nuclear power plant in the town. But it turns out that the creators of the show may have been more right about the effects of nuclear waste than anyone knew at the time. Recently, five fishermen in Argentina caught a real-life Blinky in a lake that receives runoff water from a nearby nuclear power plant.

Fernandez says his government wants to sell nuclear products and materials and hire out experts and technicians. Details of the accord with the UAE were not revealed. The Arab state is vying with northern neighbor Iran to build a nuclear capacity it says will be for peaceful civilian purposes only. Saudi Arabia and other neighboring Arab states in the Persian Gulf have also announced plans for nuclear development programs.

Can't we see what we are doing to ourselves and our only mother earth and take responsibility for it? What the hell is wrong with us? We create 3 eyed fish before we dump the water into the ocean. Just look at what Japan is doing. Can Argentina or any of us be trusted?

Argentina has 3 power plants itself and Brazil also has a nuclear power plant. I had no idea. Can they be trusted with this knowledge. I think not.No one else can, we are creating a planetary nuclear soup that we have to live in and eat. If we nuclearize our food what do they think is going to happen to us? Are we going to grow a third eye too and worse?

Record high radiation level found in fish : Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said caesium equivalent to 254,000 becquerels per kilogram - or 2540 times more than the government seafood limit - was detected in a "murasoi" fish. The fish, similar to rockfish, was caught at a port inside the Fukushima plant, a TEPCO spokesman said. 

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was battered by a towering tsunami following a huge earthquake on March 11, 2011, causing reactor meltdowns which spewed radioactive contamination into the atmosphere. Fishing around Fukushima was halted and the government banned beef, milk, mushrooms and vegetables from being produced in surrounding areas. It gets much worse! 

Fukushima radioactive groundwater rises Worse,the clean up crew has started dieing.

Radioactive plankton found near Fukushima plant: Researchers say high concentrations of radioactive caesium have been detected in plankton in the Pacific Ocean off the shattered Fukushima nuclear plant. The Fukushima nuclear plant was badly damaged in the March earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, and has been leaking radiation ever since. 
 It is feared more radiation could now enter the food chain and you see it is. Research leader professor Takashi Ishimaru told Japan's NHK network sea currents had carried contaminated water south from the nuclear plant, heavily contaminating the plankton. A wide range of fish and other marine species feed on the plankton, leading to fears it could have a serious impact on the food chain.

Phytoplankton the enabler of all life: We are killing ourselves not just the oceans. 

 We are killing our oceans, we are killing ourselves and it is much worse then you realize. I always say "remember where life came from" we are killing the phytoplankton as you all may know by now but I for one had no idea how critical a role it played in mans life, all life, including the earth itself. Makes sense if you realize this planet and all life forms on it are all one. 

This is critical but watch this video from a friend who speaks about super foods. It was sent to me with that in mind but when I heard the part about phytoplankton's I stopped in my tracks. It is a natural vitamin and mineral supplement. I was amazed but take a quick glance at this.

According David Wolfe marine phytoplankton is the number one food on the planet. Marine phytoplankton is the smallest organism on the earth. It's the bases of the entire food chain. It grows in the ocean and produces more oxygen than all the forests combined times three. It's the bases of sulfur. Whales eat it, dolphins eat it. It's food for all animals at all ages. It's a complete protein source. It contains EPA and DHA, 100% pure without contaminants. It's one of the highest mineral and anti-oxidant foods. It contains about 90 minerals. Why not go back to the bases?David says we can't kill all phytoplankton but I beg to differ as we are!

 Scientists may have found the most devastating impact yet of human-caused global warming — a 40% decline in phytoplankton since 1950 linked to the rise in ocean sea surface temperatures. I happen to think it is largely due to man and our pollution though some may be natural but I doubt it. We’ve known for a while that we are poisoning the oceans and that human emissions of carbon dioxide, left unchecked, would likely have devastating consequences. We are all part of the whole.

*“Phytoplankton are a critical part of our planetary life support system. They produce half of the oxygen we breathe, draw down surface CO2 and ultimately support all of our fishes said marine biologist Boris Worm of Canada’s Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We say the ocean is critical to life but personally I had no idea how critical. I thought we were talking giving up fish for food not life itself. Somebody of consequence better wake up! 

So why should it be any surprise the fish that eat the phytoplankton are radioactive? What are we doing to ourselves?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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