Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to the Age of Denial: Part 1; Religion


Evolution verse creationism again but why?

I am hearing more idiocy about Religion and it blows me away. First I remember watching CNN and someone actually said if we are not careful this could blow into a Religious war. What the heck do they think this is? We have perverted Religiosity on both sides of the so called war on terror "and we know Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest" and we are in a Religious war right here amongst ourselves with those who have perverted Christianity to deny the obvious fact of evolution. I mean come on!

Remember this ? Tea Party star Christine O'Donnell thinks evolution is a myth

First the ditz that is right there with her screwed up stances like her idol Sarah Palin made the opening skit of SNL (Saturday night live) Look at their line on masturbation, read what they have to say then watch the video. I am stupefied that idiots like O'Donnell and Palin make total fools of themselves and then think it is funny being ridiculed by SNL. have a laugh

Anyway thinking about this continued debate on evolution which absolutely amazes me I remembered that this was an issue a while back (5 years ago to be exact) and I wrote about it from an unbiased viewpoint. Here it is in response to Bush's intervention and Pat Robertson who has proven himself to be a major quack. Until these idiots came out of the wall and started voicing their idiocy emboldened by the fact that Bush was their champion I never heard or paid attention to these perverted Christian zealots.

I refuse to believe anyone with half a brain can deny evolution. If you believe in intelligent design "God "invented" man okay but you can not deny evolution unless you have a selfish interest and must deny the truth. That has become the mantra of being a Republican. Less than half a brain I have to laugh O'Donnell does qualify! The more things change the more they remain the same: A little Bush era perverted Christian fundamentalism history!

Thankfully to me Bush had proven once again the danger of Christian fundamentalism in our society. I had to talk about this because I thought as the President he had no right to inject his beliefs into a religious debate. Then we heard from another crackpot that God wouldn't help the town of Dover because they didn't want divine intervention taught in their Schools. what happened to the god that loves everyone? what happened to the god that forgives all? What do they think churches are for?

Those Fundamentalist seem to worship the same God as the Islamists do and that is extremely dangerous as we have said many times. We have discussed in the past the theory of intelligent design. I do not believe in this for Religious reasons but rather for common sense. like most, I happen to believe in evolution. I also believe in what we call intelligent design. There are unexplainable "bumps" in mans evolution.

Both if thought about unbiased are fact. However due to personal bias most take one side of the issue or the other. Both views however are part of the whole which is man today as we know him. Religion should not be taught in our public schools. However, in teaching one or the other you are just giving half the equation and thus injecting your own personal agenda. Bush was speaking up for his base the fundamentalist Christian Right to lifer's and he had no right to advocate any principle and neither does O'Donnell, she should just keep her idiocy to herself and go away.

Evolution is an undeniable fact, so too is some kind of intelligent design. The question is what or who is what we call "God"? We must remember that in the end our selfish bias should not be the measure. Right or wrong, the truth, the whole story, should be the only measure.
 We must get back to Thomas Jefferson's ideal that once you became a member of society you would automatically obtain common sense and do the right thing for that society not your own self interest. Forget about it today.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Friday, August 30, 2013

Part 2 The misery of Islam: Gulf, US split over Egypt is a US victory

 Gulf nations split with West to back Egyptian military:  On Monday, the country’s foreign minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal issued a hard-hitting statement via the Saudi Press Agency pushing back on the West.

“To those who have announced they are cutting their aid to Egypt, or threatening to do that, (we say that) Arab and Muslim nations are rich and will not hesitate to help Egypt,” said Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency. “Arab states will never accept manipulation of their fates or tampering with their security and stability by the international community.”

I want to put this in context: First I want to remind you that yesterday we discussed the success of the west since Industrialization has been accomplished largely on the backs, riches, and lands of Islam.

*With the advent of technicalization in the west an entirely different kind of Society was formed. a new ideal of humanity came about. This in turn would affect the perception of the nature and role of God. The newly industrialized and efficient west also changed the course of history. Other countries of the civilized world found it increasingly difficult to ignore the western world as it had in the past.

The Muslims as we know are still unable or unwilling to come to terms with it.No other civilization in the history of the world had achieved anything like this. The west therefore created problems that were completely new, and very difficult to deal with.

 *Until the eighteenth century Islam had been the dominant world power in much of the Middle East and Africa.

With that said, what is happening today in North Africa and the middle east is cyclical and normal. The people have had enough both of us taking their riches and doing their bidding and of the ruthless thugs that from the sweat of their downtrodden brow, have become ruthless, fat, and rich while the people suffer.

The terrible genie is out of the bottle: Since Bush and his failed Democratization program in Iraq and elsewhere in thee middle east, other Muslim Nation's have seen that it is possible for them to rise up against the ruthless dictators who have been facilitated by the west as they do their bidding.

This has been a confusing time for the west too. They need to appear to be on the people's side they think will be victorious so they can continue to benefit from Muslim oil. We saw this in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and other Arab spring nations. Thi is not an Arab spring this is an Arab fall.

Every nation so far fighting for freedom has devolved into chaps. Egypt is no difference The wild card in all this is the Islamist's that will take the country the people have worked fought and died for and make the peoples plight worse than it was before.

I just want to point out that in the case of Egypt the US is once again trying to have their cake and eat it too. The US announced that it will be withholding the1.3 Billion it gives the military as long as the military continues to disrupt the "Democratically" elected Government.

First I have to  wonder what the hell is wrong with those people? They could have had their Democracy and freedom and they elected an Islamist as President. What the hell did they think would happen? Of course he would try to take over the government and be hard line with the people.

The people rebel, the Army unseats Morsi "which can't be done, and the US has to say they will no longer help the military. In steps the rescuer King Saud, another thug in our pocket who says "we are rich and will help our Arab brothers" You can bet the US made back deals and will still have Suez canal ans Egypt overflight rights when needed. Wait, watch, and listen!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Israel hands out gas masks calls up reservists as middle east breakdown imminent

  Israel hands out gas masks calls up reservists:  An Israeli official says the government has ordered a "limited" call-up of reserve troops in anticipation of a possible attack by Syria.The official says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Security Cabinet ordered the mobilization after special discussions on Wednesday. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Part 1: The misery of Islam has become the misery of the world

 The Misery of Islam: Yes but due to our success it has become the misery of the world

Book: The Misery of Islam

I first researched Islam after 9/11 to find out about the Religion and how we got to this position in the first place. I read the above excerpts and it is a scholarly read but omits a vast amount of how we got where we are. The book details how Muhammad actually murdered thousands of innocent Jews and Christians and there are so many versions of the Koran any action can be justified as it is.

However it was not intended this way! Muhammad wanted to form a unique Religion for Muslims so they would be thought of as the equal of Jews and Christians. He used to go out into the desert and spend days and nights in a cave 30 feet below the desert. When he finally put it all down and formed the Religion in 610 Muslim's use to kneel down and face Jerusalem to pray.

Islam for whatever reason was never thought of as an equal and eventually Muslims wanted to be the best, the one and only and turned their back on Jews. That aside I have below the modern reasons why the gap became a gulf it seems never to be rejoined.

Why we began to be where we are Today: The Enlightenments influence on the Founding Of America.

With all our problems with Islam and our own declining morality I think this would be the perfect time to discuss what civilization was experiencing during the 18th century. It is important to know how Americans felt when the Constitution was written and the country was founded. This occurred during the enlightenment and the feelings at the time heavily influenced the forming of our principles.

In light of what we have experienced already we can be thankful for our founding fathers wisdom. With what you are about to read, it becomes obvious that the decision to keep religion separate from politics was a good one and we better get back to it. The enlightenment was a confusing time for Religion.

*With the advent of technicalization in the west an entirely different kind of Society was formed. a new ideal of humanity came about. This in turn would affect the perception of the nature and role of God. The newly industrialized and efficient west also changed the course of history. Other countries of the civilized world found it increasingly difficult to ignore the western world as it had in the past. The Muslims as we know are still unable or unwilling to come to terms with it.

No other civilization in the history of the world had achieved anything like this. The west therefore created problems that were completely new, and very difficult to deal with.

*Until the eighteenth century Islam had been the dominant world power in much of the Middle East and Africa. By the end of the eighteenth century Europe had begun to dominate the world. The very nature of its achievements made it impossible for the rest of the world to catch up.

 Europe began to colonize as much of the world as it could. One of the worse things they did was divvy up Africa causing many of the problems there today They did this with the overlying prevailing thought being that western civilization was far superior to everyone else.

They believed that with their vast religious and civilizational principals that they were beyond reproach. They felt that they were vastly superior and always were. We know now that this is not true and right for everyone. They also believed that any country would be better off under its guidance.

 We have surely found out the hard way that none of this was true either. This is just a small part of the problem today. This is an excerpt from a book I wrote six years ago titled Life Today/The real Story but would wake up a lot of people today.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iraq Kurds flee Iran and Turkey, Syrian kurds all flee to Iraq

Kurds flee Iranian and Turkish bombardment: Iraqi Kurds say they are caught in the middle as Turkey and Iran attack their villages across the border while Ankara and Tehran court their local government with foreign investment that has helped make the Kurdish region the most stable part of Iraq.

Since mid-July, when Iran began shelling, farmers abandoned crops and livestock for small refugee camps on the parched hillsides at the foot of Qandil mountains where Turkish jets now fly low across the frontier to hunt Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels taking refuge in northern Iraq and southern Turkey.

The Kurds wanting a free Kurdistan are right now a people without a country" that corner of Iraq is their safety zone if there is one.

Kurds are a dispossessed people whose natural homeland stretches across much of the Middle East. A substantial number of Kurds live in Iran, which is as close to a mortal enemy of the United States as there is in the world today. American support for reclaiming those colonial possessions of Teheran and the incorporation of those lands into Kurdistan would roughly double the area of the Iraqi Kurds.

A significant, but smaller, number of Kurds live in Syria, an enemy of America and a supporter both of the Iraqi insurgency and of international terrorism. If the Baathist regime did not give up its Kurdish lands, then the Kurds, with American military support, should smash the Syrian Army and force as humiliating a peace treaty as possible on Damascus.

The majority of the thirty million or so Kurds, however, live in Turkey – almost one quarter of the population of Turkey. That, more than anything else, has stayed our hand so far. Kurdistan with the southeast quarter of Turkey is a fairly large nation. Traditionally, Turkey has been an ally of America, but that has been changing fast and Turkish support for American policies has always been based entirely on cynical self-interest.

We owe Turkey – neutral in World War Two and our enemy in World War One – nothing. Our support for Turkey costs us the goodwill of Greeks, Armenians and other European nations that suffered through centuries of Turkish oppression. It also has cost of much of the goodwill of Kurds, who would otherwise welcome the presence of a superpower that was not intolerant, not Arab, and sought nothing but friendly relations with it.

Another important reason for supporting a true Kurdistan is that the Kurds are a genuinely diverse people. Although they were forced to covert to Islam, today only about seventy percent of the Kurds are Moslem, and many of those only nominally, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians (or a faith much akin to that) and Bahai have lived within the long-persecuted Kurdish community with their first allegiance as Kurds, and there is no single branch of Islam that clearly dominates the Kurdish community.

Kurdistan could then be a democracy with an Islamic majority that was genuinely inclusive of all faiths, both needing the support of all Kurds to survive (much like Israel) and also because of centuries of living largely underground, tolerant of all Kurds. There is little doubt that it would become an affluent nation as capable of defending itself as Israel is today, and that along with the establishment of a truly free and democratic Lebanon, would create three strong, free and prosperous democracies which would naturally become allies or at least friends.

The dismemberment of Iran, which would lose ten percent of its population, and the humiliation of Syria, which would be forced into a very precarious position, would be great peripheral benefits. The downside has always been the impact on Turkey.

Oil-rich area
Iraq's ethnic Kurds maintain an autonomous region that comprises three of the country's 18 provinces. In recent months, the Shiite-led central government in Baghdad, which includes some Kurds in prominent positions "or there were", has accused Kurdish leaders of attempting to expand their territory by deploying their militia, known as pesh merga, to areas south of the autonomous region. Among other things, the Kurds and Iraq's government are at odds over control of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, which lies outside the autonomous region, and over how Iraq's oil revenue ought to be distributed.

What a mess the already volatile Middle East has become since Bush was told by God to attack Iraq to get into the Middle East to straighten it out. He freed up Iran to instigate wherever she can in order to have her idea of a new Middle East order not ours. Will we ever find a balance again?

Many of us have said numerous times that Bush was advised before hand that if he attacked Iraq he would destabilize the middle east. He knew before he ignored all good advice that the neighbors would get involved and they are. He knew that it was most likely that Iraq would be divvied up between the Kurds, the Sunni's, and the Shiite and it will be. In the past I have written extensively the entire middle east would blow and then the entire world would be involved in war.

I know that both Turkey and Iran are fighting Kurds that are looking for Autonomy but never really thought that a free Kurdistan would encompass areas of Iran and Turkey as well as Iraq. I think they should be happy with the three provinces they have in Iraq with maybe a small corner of Turkey thrown in. Iran will never give up a piece of her country.

James m Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Monday, August 26, 2013

CIA admits organizing 1953 Iran coup: So?

Yep we did it again! We just can't stop screwing ourselves and the world.The Bushehr project dates backs to 1974, when Iran's American-backed government  began plans to build the reactor.

Iran's aging nuclear facility

Atom's for peace was a program started by the US to build nuclear facilities for Pakistan and Iran. Rather ironic isn't it? The Tehran Research Reactor is an ageing nuclear facility located in the heart of the Iranian capital. It was built by the United States as a nuclear research facility 40 years ago; it is now at the center of Iran's claims that it needs nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes only. The reactor makes radioactive materials for use in hospitals - for example in the treatment of cancer.

We gave them their start! We gave them their cover for their real goal of achieving nuclear weapons. A reminder: As you know, when asked by a journalist how he felt upon returning to Iran in 1979 after 15 years in exile. Khomeini’s curt, one-word reply was “nothing” Whoa! From day one of his return to Iran Khomeini expressed no love for Iran only a love of the atom bomb. The drive even then was to possess a nuclear weapon though that desire is still denied until Iran can get their hands on one.

I have tried to give Iran the benefit of the doubt when they say their nuclear desires are peaceful knowing they could use nuclear power as an energy source for their growing population. I have always asserted that perceived need could be cover for the real goal of developing a nuclear weapon.

The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.[1] The support, encouragement and participation of the United States and Western European governments in Iran's nuclear program continued until the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran. We are so concerned about Pakistan and Iran today in regard to nuclear abilities and nuclear weapons and security. I was blown away to find out that we built the first nuclear Reactors in both Iran and Pakistan. Nuclear program of Iran - atoms for peace Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I would have to assume this was after we overthrew the democratically elected President of Iran Mohammad Mosaddeq to install our ruthless puppet the Shah of Iran. We built and supplied Iran's first reactor because we thought we were in control. What the hell is wrong with us? That makes us personally responsible for the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the capture of our hostages, the disaster in the desert after a failed attempt to rescue them, the rise of the Revolutionary Guard, the protesters dilemma, the nuclear issue in Iran today, everything!

You know, I have long said that Iran’s civilian nuclear program is a cover for their nuclear weapons program. Arab leaders feel the same way. They fear a nuclear arms race and I can only conclude that knowing how far along Iran is and how they feel that they are hedging their bets and it is already under way clandestinely.

The Gulf Corporation Council “Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman. And the United Arab Emirates, who are all incidentally armed by us with advanced conventional weapons and technology and missile defense batteries all want the Middle East to be declared a nuclear safe zone. That as you know is DOA as neither Israel or the US will never agree to that. The centuries of acrimony and convoluted Relationships throughout the Middle East though I knew of it is mind boggling and worse than I thought so I invite you to read the report it is eye opening. ! Why Arab leaders worry about Iran's nuclear program

You know from numerous discussions here that Iran is involved in every Middle Eastern country not just Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia where they have corrupted elections for Shiite interests in Iraq, backing rebels in Yemen, and instigating attacks on Saudi oil fields. Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border. Any new actions will only serve to worsen their instigation and cause them to cause chaos everywhere they can and further Bush's total Middle East breakdown Period. As powerful in death as life; remember Khomeini's Ghost

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Musharraf indicted in Bhutto killing: Finally Justice

 Musharraf indicted in Bhutto killing: Bhutto, Pakistan's first female prime minister, was assassinated in a gun-suicide attack in December 2007, shortly after she came back to Pakistan from self-imposed exile to take part in the 2008 general elections. Musharraf was president at the time.

First some history! The U.S. complicity is well documented but as usual, denied! They (the CIA)  can't really think they have any credibility?The 911 movie, press for truth has got to be the very best movie exposing the 9/11 cover up. Bush, Rice, Cheney, the FBI, CIA, everyone of them said over and over that there was no forewarning that terrorists were going to strike and that planes could be used as missiles to bring down buildings. They all lied about Pakistan's involvement. Why should we believe the CIA? Especially in light of what they are continuing to do against us.

The movie documents factually that we heard in 1995 that planes may be used but never concerned ourselves about it. We received multiple warnings prior to 9/11 that terrorists were around, planes would be used, and the towers were coming down. Surprising to me was that prior to 9/11 one of the hijackers backed out and turned himself in, telling authorities what was going to happen. He was given 2 lie detector tests that he passed with ease. I don't recall who in the Administration said it. But they were told to let him go and send him back to London.

9/11 was allowed to happen for a reason! Once it did occur we attacked Afghanistan of course. As you remember, Bin laden and many of the leadership were trapped in Tora Bora. In the past I have said Bin Laden was allowed to escape so bush could use him to keep fervor up and Afghani's were credited with being responsible for his escape. We knew there were four ways out and only guarded three. We gave them a way out. The CIA and others knew this and let him escape to Pakistan, how are we supposed to believe them?

Not only that but I vaguely remember hearing about a 1,000 car caravan but it was never mentioned that we were bombing the area around it but allowed the 1,000 car caravan carrying the Bin Laden entourage to escape into Pakistan and at night, come on. Now this part really irks me and I for one never heard anything about it and still don't. As far as I am concerned Pakistan is no friend of America's and will partner with India and turn on us when the time comes. We also heard over and over how Bush would track down any Al Qaeda finances and try anyone involved. He made a big deal out of the fact that someone outed the fact that we were checking out electronic transfers etc. Something he himself announced.

Then I watched the movie and find out that the head of the Pakistani ISI transferred $100,000 to Muhammad Atta just prior to the 9/11 attacks. This gets worse. Primarily because not only do we have records of this financing as well as pictures but we ignored it and supposedly are in cahoots with them. What happened to anyone caught aiding, abetting, or financing terrorism being hunted down? To make it worse, the joke of a sideshow they called the 9/11 commission hearings was an obvious farce. Again I ask, how are we suppose to trust the FBI,CIA, and especially Bush's Government which took total control of us through lies and secret laws?

We knew Rice and others were lying and Bush and Cheney were allowed to hold hands and lie together (take that any way you want). I think I vaguely remember hearing this but like everything else it was dismissed as insignificant. Anyway, the guy who ran Bush's election campaign if I remember correctly, is the one running the commission hearings. He was the one who decided what was significant and what wasn't as well as what questions could be asked. What the hell is that. This entire thing was stacked against the truth and the facts getting out. It is our duty as Americans to hold these liars accountable. We owe it to the victims. We owe it to our children. We owe it to our history and we owe it to ourselves and this underhanded crap just continues! How? Why?

To reiterate, 9/11 was allowed to happen. As you may remember, Bush was looking for something to happen that would put the country and the world behind what he already had plans to do. 9/11 gave him that something.He had plans right from the beginning to establish a new societal, middle east, and world order. That is why it was important to him to whip up a media and public fury which of course, he has done. Bush and the CIA have been complicit with Pakistan from the beginning. They can't seriously think we or the Pakistani's believe them when they come to Musharraf’s aid again?

As you know, I am convinced that the ISI and musharraf sympathizers murdered Benazir Bhutto.  For some reason the CIA thinks they have credibility. They were and are complicit and as dirty as Bush and Musharraf. they stupidly think they can make Musharraf’s lies believable, wrong!
Anyway what a surprise, the complicit CIA agrees with Musharraf’s lies. The CIA believes extremists associated with a Pakistani tribal leader are responsible for the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, according to a U.S. intelligence official.

 The official, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said the agency concluded that Baitullah Mehsud -- the leader of the Pakistani Taliban who has ties to al Qaeda -- was behind the attack. The Pakistani government was quick to blame Mehsud's organization for Bhutto's death in December 2007, producing an intercepted audio communication in which Mehsud confirmed his men were responsible for the attack.

 The U.S. intelligence community was first cautious about drawing the same conclusion as the Pakistanis. But after reviewing various other intelligence, the CIA agreed Mehsud played a role in Bhutto's killing, the U.S. official said.

* The CIA viewpoint was first made known in a Washington Post interview with then CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden. "This was done by that network around Baitullah Mehsud. We have no reason to question that," Hayden told the newspaper. Mehsud operated out of the tribal areas of northwestern Pakistan.

Pakistani officials have blamed Mehsud's forces for a number of attacks directed against the government, U.S. officials and terrorism experts are increasingly worried about the stability of Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban and al Qaeda have drawn closer ideologically over the past couple of years and see themselves at war with the Pakistani state, CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen said at a conference at a Washington think tank .

He pointed to the growing number of attacks against Pakistani government officials and the ISI, the country's intelligence service. CIA agreed with Musharraf
** what a surprise. There is no doubt that many Pakistani's in general want to kill Musharraf and his complicit ISI. That I am sure is true but I do not believe Al Qaeda killed Benazir Bhutto. Musharraf had her killed and we knew it from the get go. It has been 6 years but lets see if justice is finally served at least in one instance.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What will an energy independent world look like?

The governments of Greece, Cyprus and Israel recently signed an energy accord that further strengthens their ties in respect to joint plans to exploit the natural gas resources of the region, while Turkey strives to become the ultimate destination for the onshore transfer of the commodity. 

Greek Energy Minister Yannis Maniatis, his Cypriot counterpart Giorgos Lakkotrypis and Israeli Silvan Shalom signed a memorandum that stipulates the three states' joint cooperation in energy infrastructure and transportation, with a special focus on offshore gas projects, such as the Aphrodite in Cyprus and the Leviathan and Tamar in Israel. In the meantime, negotiations are under way to resolve the frozen Cyprus issue between the Greek and Turkish sides, and reports suggest that all interested sides have put natural gas on the table.

 Hydraulic fracturing has become a contentious environmental and health issue with Tunisia and France banning the practice and a moratorium in place in Quebec (Canada), and some of the states of the US.


Up until the mid-2000s, hydraulic fracturing was generally limited to conventional oil and gas wells in the Cooper Basin. This was limited to one, two or sometimes zero ongoing fracturing operations.[citation needed] The vast majority of coal seam gas wells have not been hydraulically fractured as the wells presently being drilled are in coal seams that have good natural permeability.[citation needed] The NSW Government has banned BTEX chemicals as additives.[1]


China completed its first horizontal shale gas well in 2011. A global shale gas study by the US Energy Information Administration said China's technically recoverable shale gas reserves were almost 50% higher than those of the number two nation, the United States.[7]

The Pandora's box of energy independence has been opened. To a growth and energy starving world it will not be closed. You see what is still on going in the Gulf of Mexico, you saw Chernobyl, you know a small part of the horrible damage Fukishima is doing around the world, These are a tiny part of the damage we are doing with our technology.

China is already one of the most polluted countries in the world. China is home to our medical and computer waste dump.The areas housing them are dead zones and entrance not allowed. In addition China at last check was building one coal fired power plant per month. This is all undder so called control. You see what we have done to the earth while under control, imagine the caustic conditions when everyone does what they want. Hell it can be argued that, that is what underhandedly goes on now.

*US to be top oil producer by 2017, report says, America will be self-sufficient by 2030, study finds: The consequences are ‘‘potentially far reaching’’ for global energy markets and trade, the report said. Birol noted, for example, that Middle Eastern oil once bound for the United States would probably be rerouted to China. US-mined coal, facing declining demand in its home market, is already heading to Europe and China instead.

I do not like Fracking or horizontal drilling but imagine the United States as the worlds leading gas And oil exporter? A headline on an old newspaper reads: Oil Shale Development Imminent,". That edition of the defunct Grand Junction News, was published at the dawn of the 20th century.

More than a hundred years later, instability is roiling world oil markets, and Americans are paying $3.50 a gallon for gas. And oil shale fever is again rising in the geologic region known as the Piceance Basin, part of the Green River Formation that stretches across the rugged plains of northwestern Colorado and parts of Wyoming and Utah.

There is no dispute that a thousand feet below the isolated ranch country here on Colorado's western slope lie almost unimaginable oil riches. It's locked in sedimentary rock -- essentially immature oil that given a few million years under heat and pressure would produce pools of oil easy to extract.

The Energy Department and private industry estimate that a trillion barrels are here in Colorado -- about the same amount as the entire world's known reserves of conventional oil. The entire Green River Formation might hold as much as 2 trillion barrels.
As it has before, shale oil holds out the hope of a USA no longer dependent on foreign oil. Shell Oil is engaged in a multi year test of a new technology for extracting the oil. Previous efforts that were uneconomical and environmentally destructive entailed mining the rock, crushing it and heating it above ground to release the oil.

From what I have seen already we are destroying peoples food and water sources making them dependent on who? and grossly destabilizing the ground. Everywhere fracking goes on earthquakes are showing up regardless of the fact that there was no earthquakes in the past and it is no ones fault of course, it is natural my rear.

To me for the people to think there is any plus at all at our becoming energy independent they would want to see the price at the pump go down. 
That you know will never happen because it is not in the interest of oil companies. As they do now, whenever something good or bad happens that may or may not even affect the industry they raise prices. The world as a whole have become mice living and running on a clogged and polluted wheel never to get off till we die.James Joiner
Gardner Ma