Sunday, August 11, 2013

More than 1,000 Iraqis killed in July as Bush's success devolves into a total middle east war

Wave of bombings in Iraq during holiday kills 69

 More than 1,000 Iraqis were killed in July, the deadliest month in more than five years, the UN peacekeeping mission in Iraq reported on Thursday. "The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq said on Thursday that more than 1,000 Iraqis were killed and more than 2,300 were wounded in acts of terrorism and violence in July," said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky at a daily briefing.

"The Mission, in releasing its monthly casualty figures, said that most of those killed or wounded were civilians," Nesirky said.  More than 4,000 Iraqis have been killed since the start of the year, Nesirky quoted Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Gyorgy Busztin, as saying.
"The Mission hasn't seen such numbers in more than five years," said the spokesperson.

It does not take a damn military expert. We and Bush knew it would erupt into total civil war before he ignored all good advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq to get back into the middle east to help Iran and look for a reason to go after Syria, Iran, and others. Well you see how that is going.

Bush started this civil war he knew would be the result of his illegal attack on Iraq so he could get back in to the middle east to help Israel. 

It will not be stopped and before Bush's illegal attack he was warned of this. He as you know ignored all good advice.

Bush still swears this was a success and history will vindicate him. Iraq's breakdown that he guaranteed with his illegal attack will spread throughout the middle east. Now it will be aided by Syria's breakdown spreading throughout the middle east. Turkey is already preparing to go into Syria after Turkish, Iraqi, and Syrian Kurds forming up and attacking from Syria. The total middle east breakdown we have seen coming and talked about from day one is fast approaching.

The breakdown Sunni against Shiite against Kurd was guaranteed the day Bush ignored all good advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq. It was guaranteed as soon as we left whether we left today or were stupid enough to hang around longer as Republican nominees are wrongly criticizing Obama for not doing. From Iraq it will spread throughout the entire middle east compliments of Bush not Obama.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, in a report titled "Iraq: No Let-up in the Humanitarian Crisis," writes, "Despite limited improvements in security in some areas, armed violence is still having a disastrous impact. Civilians continue to be killed in the hostilities. "The injured often do not receive adequate medical care. Nothing has changed people except in some cases to get worse.

Millions of people have been forced to rely on insufficient supplies of poor-quality water as water and sewage systems suffer from a lack of maintenance and a shortage of engineers." "Nothing has changed people but we are leaving them to their own demise and it will spread through the entire middle east."

Both Amnesty and the Red Cross slam the Iraqi government for failing to grapple with the critical needs of their populations.

The two reports cited a litany of concerns that will not be corrected, including severe widespread poverty, a lack of food and water, and broken families left to scrounge for whatever they can find to get by. Both reports described a situation that shows no sign of clear improvement. Many women "have been forced to wear Islamic dress or targeted for abduction, rape or killing. That is not to speak of the more than 2 million permanent nomads because of Bush's and Obama's.

If Bush had stayed in Afghanistan as he should have instead of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq so he could start implementing his new middle east order, Iraq may still have a Dictator but they would have security, electricity, water, fuel, and a lot more than they have now or will have in the future. We will never be able to bring services anywhere close to the level they were at when Saddam was in power. It is laughable to think that anyone thought they would be better post Saddam.

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma

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