Thursday, August 15, 2013

Iran's Revolutionary Guard no longer at the helm as Iran’s Leader Reduces Posts of Military Elite IRGC

Iran’s Leader Reduces Posts of Military Elite IRGC:Mr. Rouhani’s cabinet appointments in recent days have marked a sharp reversal from a nearly decade long trend in which IRGC personnel increasingly have dominated many branches of Iran’s government, and their companies have taken over key industries in the national economy.

The IRGC is the country’s most powerful military, economic and security force, and has led the decision-making on Tehran’s role in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian territories, according to Iranian and Arab officials. Its nation-wide paramilitary organization, the Basij, was the lead force in the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in 2009.

IRG Ahmadinejad, the stolen election, the killing and imprisonment of the children of the Revolution, the violent crushing of all opposition, the clandestine nuclear program,  How will this end?  The IRGC which gained tremendous power and control under Ahmadinejad is now being reigned in under Rouhani or so we are led to believe.

Rouhani is Iran's Obama. He is a kinder gentler version of more of the same so I do not see any real change coming here. Taking a few IRGC from their posts is not going to relinquish them of their power and control.

As this ratchets up instigated by the Basiji and the IRGC another reminder! You know how I feel about Iran's Revolutionary Guard Command, As you know, the IRGC was set up to protect the ruling authority after 1979 and are supposed to be controlled By Ayatollah Khamenei the final authority.

I know Ahmadinejad and 2/3 of his first 21 member cabinet were ex IRGC members and that simply reinforces that I was increasingly led to think the IRGC had become the final authority not the Supreme leader. Maybe this can be changed but I do not think so.

The IRGC is in control of furthering Shiite demands around the Middle East! You know by now what they are doing in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and everywhere they can in the Middle East. I now believe Khamenei is the power behind the crackdown but he is unknowingly enforcing a lie!

 Iran will not give up her nuclear weapons designs and will never give up power or efforts to dominate the Middle East. Ahmadinejad and the IRGC are the driving force and will not relent. Increasing sanctions will only work to defeat all the opposition has done. It does not matter who is President any more. Sound familiar?

You know, I have long said that Iran’s civilian nuclear program is a cover for their nuclear weapons program. You know that Arab leaders feel the same way. They fear a nuclear arms race and I can only conclude that knowing how far along Iran is and how they feel that they are hedging their bets and it is already under way clandestinely. 

The Gulf Corporation Council “Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman. And the United Arab Emirates, who are all incidentally armed by us with advanced conventional weapons and technology and missile defence batteries all want the Middle East to be declared a nuclear safe zone. That as you know is DOA as neither Israel or the US will never agree to that. 

 The centuries of acrimony and convoluted Relationships throughout the Middle East though I knew of it is mind boggling and worse than I thought so I invite you to read the report it is eye opening. ! Why Arab leaders worry about Iran's nuclear program | Bulletin of ...I really wish the era of nuclear weapons was over but I am afraid that era will not be over until it is over!

James Joiner


Demeur said...

First off the link doesn't work "page not found".

Second for middle eastern countries it's a badge of honor to develop advanced weapons systems. We do after all set the example. It's why when they knew they couldn't develop nukes in Iraq Sadam turned to chemical weapons which are a poor man's nuke. And we are no less guilty of creating the mess we see today because we sold Iraq the means when they were fighting Iran in the 80s. Then there was the atoms for peace program which is now coming back to haunt us with Iran.
As for the IRGC it's looked upon much like we look at our WWII vets with respect. They did after all defeat Iraq
I just wish we'd get away from the "us vs them" mentality. Iran is a cornered animal with all the sanctions so what else would you expect it to do?

James Joiner said...

I agree but we both know the ,mentality will not change until they have their war.

James Joiner said...

I FIXED THE LINK Demeur, thanks!