Friday, July 27, 2012

Shanghai Cooperation Organization calls for nuclear-weapon-free zone for space. What a joke!

Shanghai Cooperation Organization calls for nuclear-weapon-free zone, space security because they think they are prepared to dominate the coming space war. This is not a new concept actually but one touted by Russia China and the United States as each clandestinely or so they think, prepares to dominate the others in a space war.

SCO calls for nuclear-weapon-free zone, space security: Member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) called for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in central Asia in a declaration released after the conclusion of the group's Beijing summit on Thursday.

All member states stand for ensuring outer space security, peaceful use of outer space and prevention the weaponization of outer space, said declaration of the heads of state of the member states of the SCO. Member states will work to build a peaceful, secure, fair and open information space, on the basis of the principles of respect for state sovereignty and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, according to the declaration.

That space war China and Russia didn't want is well on its way and will not be good for the U.S. You know without our satellite security Veil our entire military and intelligence system is absolutely worthless. "dead in the water".

Why should we care? Knowing China has been endeavoring in secret for 10 to 20 years for the ability to take down our Satellite system. China and Russia's combined ability in the area of satellite destruction can not be ignored.

A couple years back as worldwide attention focused on China’s first successful anti-satellite missile test, U.S. officials were questioning why some Chinese spacecraft are in orbits that bring them close to key U.S. satellites, according to military sources.

The big question is the scale and progress of the Chinese anti-satellite program, including whether the Chinese spacecraft are benign or time bombs that can someday be used to threaten the space assets on which the U.S. military and economy depend for everything from reconnaissance and dropping bombs to logistics, communications and navigation.

The Chinese spacecraft don't appear to be conducting any particular mission. Rather, "there is a menu of missions that could be performed that we are not yet clear about," said one source.

From what I understand, China has been attempting to develop anti satellite capabilities for some 20 odd years in response to our growing dominance of space and in a desire to counter our overwhelming military satellite superiority.

That destruction of a Chinese satellite by one of there missiles despite China saying it was innocent was anything but and was a direct warning and shot across our bow.

I hope we are all concerned that this is just a small sign that there is in fact a space war that now includes the U.S. on one side and China and Russia on the other. In light of what is preparing to happen. You should be very concerned. By international convention, a physical attack on a nation’s satellites is considered an act of war.

To date to my knowledge there has been no physical attack but the U.S. is expressing concern as to why China's satellites are simply hovering so close to ours? One air force program has as its public mission a desire to demonstrate the ability to maneuver on orbit and autonomously rendezvous with orbiting satellites. Critics say that such a maneuverable spacecraft could be used to ram enemy spacecraft or attack them with weapons.

A report that I posted once may have been missed as it was a small part of a larger story I will repost as part of this story, to show we are lagging behind and China has already in possession of this capability. We know that China has been for at least 10 years been developing anti satellite weapons that have to be deployed covertly so that in a crisis with America, China can shoot down some satellites as a deterrent message. You know damn well we have been doing the same thing preparing for that space war neither side wants.

You know it just kills me because both sides deny weaponizing space but neither side will talk about it. Air Force times

I do understand that knocking out big pieces of our defense system is said to be difficult but in light of the following report I think it is possible and we better reevaluate what is getting ready to happen.

From what I believe this entire unfolding war scenario boils down to who has the best C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance). Neutralizing C4ISR is like cutting off the head of a chicken. It can run around in circles for a while, but will soon collapse and die. The same is true in warfare.

Having the mightiest and most modern armed forces in the world, America prides itself with having the most sophisticated and advanced C4ISR. US military spy satellites can gather intelligence data and disseminate it on a real time basis. US surveillance and reconnaissance satellites are so sophisticated that their sensors can detect objects on Earth as small as one-tenth of a meter in size, from several hundred miles up. Satellite sensors can also penetrate clouds and bad weather or see in the night. Some of these spy satellites can also monitor radio or telephone conversations.

Aside from communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, satellites are also used for navigation, most especially in guiding ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and other smart weapon systems to their targets. Without satellite guidance, such "smart" and precision weapons turn into "dumb" bombs and directionless missiles.

The advances in C4ISR are rapidly revolutionizing warfare. Gathering, processing, disseminating, and acting on intelligence is now made possible on a real-time or near real-time basis on a global or regional level. Because of these developments, a new war principle is emerging in the modern battlefield: "If the enemy sees you; you are dead."

We are supposed to be far superior to China in our C4ISR capabilities, myself I wouldn't bank on it. China can't hope to catch up to us anytime soon so they have been concentrating their efforts on methods of destroying our aircraft carrier battle groups and most of our weapons systems as well as our communication systems.

For more than two decades they have been busy developing anti-satellite weapons. They have been developing maneuverable nano-satellites that can neutralize other satellites. They do their work by maneuvering near a target satellite and neutralizing the target by electronic jamming, electro-magnetic pulse generation, clinging to the target and physically destroying it, bumping the target out of orbit, or simply exploding to bring the target satellite down with it. I would be very concerned with this especially since I am sure they have been getting help from their military partner Russia.

If all else fails China can attempt to blind our satellites with land based laser systems but then so couldn't we. If worse comes to worst, China can always use its weapon of last resort, destroying adversary satellites with a high-altitude nuclear burst but again so couldn't we. At any rate this is a hell of a mess preparing to unfold and if America's C4ISR was compromised as seems possible America would be brought to its knees. All of this will be done in our environment we are supposedly concerned about as it is severely compromised already. What is wrong with man? We are seemingly preparing to commit Hari Kari in the name of national interest?
5 years ago the U.S. expressly ignored Chinese and Russian calls for a global ban on the development of space weapons.

in the request China calls their satellite shoot down a weapon of peace

Instead, a new policy preserved America's right to develop military space technology, while "dissuading" others. As in every friggen instance it is okay for us to do what we want because we want to dominate but not for anyone else. The ability to use space is vital to U.S. national security, economic and foreign policy interests and we will fight to keep China from creating an even playing field.

Remember when the US and Russian satellites collided above Siberia? US warns of space "dodge ball" after satellite crash

Concern of a space war Russia, China, and the US say they do not want but are all prepared for has long been a concern of mine for a long time for a few reasons. Have you ever heard of Assassins Mace

China's satellites shadowing ours, and now you know Why

How about HAARP Well researched for over 90 years at a cost of many millions! A New York Times story, dated December 8, 1915, describes one of Tesla's more well-known patents, a transmitter that would "project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace."

We know how critical controlling Satellites is to us and our military along with those of our friends and adversaries. that disruption really made me think of how fragile our ability to communicate is. I have said many times that whoever controls space controls the future. Without satellites the worlds militaries are dead in the water, sitting ducks waiting to be picked off!

I am not saying I am concerned that these two satellites colliding was anything more than an "accident" I will wait and see what if anything leaks out but it makes me curios know this happened above Siberia? A Russian and US satellite? What are the chances of 2 satellites colliding and destroying each other? This was a first but... I used to be concerned about the possibility of a space war because whoever owns space owns the battlefield thus the future,

Today's militaries are totally controlled by satellites. No satellites no air Force nukes, nothing. Aircraft carriers and entire navy's would be dead in the water. As I said I have long been concerned of a space war for that reason and because of the resultant millions of pieces of space debris! We would no longer be able to use space, we would be trapped on earth

This collision accidental or not gives me hope. If one collision causes concern as to dodging space junk I have to believe we will more than make every effort to refrain from trapping us on earth.

Mans future: sadly It is in our hands and man can't manage anything. If we have the space war no one supposedly wants but we are prepared for we are all stuck here. HAARP has been in progress for a century, do you remember when a couple years back the entire middle east went dead except for the US and Iraq? That was no accident.

Remember when a Russian and US satellite bumped into each other over Russia. That was no accident either. Read Assassins mace,it is in the link above, not good!

Also remember around 2 years ago when China took down her own satellite to see if they can? Well Russia, China, and the US can and much worse. Just the other day a tiny piece of that junk had us afraid the space station was going to be hit and they were preparing for it.

In a nut shell if they have a space war and destroy each others satellites we are all stuck on mother earth that they are destroying.

So much is made of oil and weapons but whoever owns space owns the future. Take out the satellites and aircraft carriers are dead in the water like the rest of the navy and entire modern military. "the best laid plans of men and mice" All we can do is shake our heads and go for the ride because we do not matter!

As we follow the path of the Roman Empire it will all get worse as it is and those who can pilfer the ship as they are before it sinks as they are every day and we can just watch. What a future huh? AAARRRGGGHHH! Nostradamus gave us two paths into the future, one to peace and prosperity and one to total war and devastation. We are bent on taking the latter.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Samuel L. Bronkowitz said...

The DPRK, of all places, has repeatedly demonstrated a stunning ability to disrupt satellite communications whenever they please. They have wrought havoc on the ROK's air traffic control and naval navigational systems several times now.

If they, being who they are, can do this.... who knows how much China or Russia, with their legions of trained engineers, can do.

Ranch Chimp said...

Morning Jim (6:30 am Dallas), I know this isnt supposed to be in humour, but I couldnt help laughing my ass off throughout this reading it, I dont know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch! : ) I would laugh if they did start getting to a point where shit collide's in space, a few year's back I read that alone there was over 10,000 satellite's around the globe floating (along with all the other trash we pollute with), we are not satisfied with the war and destruction that we have on earth and will take it to space as well, show's you no matter how advanced we are technologically or otherwise, were still animal's by nature instinctually, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) while we run around bragging about our civility and thinking were the bullshit ass pinnacle of universal knowledge. We should be grateful that we been spared so far of a meteor/ astroid smashing into this bloody planet, and not only wiping us out and all life as we know it, but burying us in mud,dirt, water, rock/ lava so deep that there wouldnt even be any visible sign of our once existence, heh, heh, heh, heh. However, what I do know is, that this planet and system wont even exist in this form a billion or so year's from now anywayz, since the universe and system is alwayz in motion and expanding, the sun will even have it's own time before it burn's out, so we may as well have all the fun we can in the form that we are now, eh? : )

And I'm still not a robot ... : )

Later Jim ....

an average patriot said...

You know Sam, NK is thought to be backwards in a lot of ways but they are not. They just want to starve the people and feed and build the army. Plus I believe China is behind much of what NK gets credit for.

an average patriot said...

You're the man RC! All I can do is shake my head at our stupidity! Any way you look at it if there is another planet to go to we are all stuck here if they start a space war and trap us here with all the space debris floating around up there. We just can't be this stupid!

Demeur said...

I wouldn't be terribly concerned with all this. From what I recall, and this was several decades ago, our u.s. military could read a man's wristwatch from space. And you will note that our military has been doing secret launches of satellites and who knows what ever since.
No my biggest concern would be about the hacking and cracking of the programs that control all that as well as our infrastructure.

You will note some outages of some of our information systems of late. No one's mentioned the cause. Were they from an overload of traffic or some other nefarious reason? Part of Brazils' power grid was off line for three days because of a hacker. Imagine the havoc that could be wrecked here with our antiquated systems.

an average patriot said...

You know Demeur it is the secret launches from all of the "Big three" that concern me. My thing is you clutter it up with debris and we are all stuck here.

Yeah the so called mysterious outages amaze me that people buy the BS stories. Once everyone over there was shut down except for us and Iraq and they blamed it on an anchor hitting a cable. Yeah right! It was HAARP as far as I was concerned.

city said...

thanks for sharing.