Sunday, July 22, 2012

Putin putdown: Russia will not be pushed around any more

Russian Navy ships from three Russian fleets also are now steaming toward Syria’s coast

Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean: A flotilla of Russian Navy ships set sail Tuesday for the Mediterranean, where Russia maintains a small base at Tartus, Syria. A destroyer and three landing ships left the Arctic port of Severomorsk. A second destroyer left Russia’s base at Sevastopol, Ukraine. And Interfax reported that more warships from the Baltic Fleet, based in St. Petersburg, are preparing to join the flotilla.

The warships set sail the day after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin accused the West of “missile bomb democracy.” With Russian Navy ships from three Russian fleets now steaming toward Syria’s coast, the Kremlin seems to be sending a clear signal that it will stand by Assad.

Russian Autumn: Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, he is putting on a clinic for fellow dictators in how to put down an incipient democratic rebellion. Since he began his third term as Russian President in May, the Kremlin has raided the homes of opposition leaders, threatened criminal probes, and proposed legislation to remove "harmful" Internet sites.

In the latest crackdown, the submissive Duma, or parliament, last week adopted new rules that make it possible for the Kremlin to fine or otherwise punish any non-governmental organization (NGO) that accepts foreign money and engages in "political activities" (definition left deliberately vague).

Kremlin internet bill 'signals growing repression of critics by Putin': Two months after Vladimir Putin once again assumed the post of Russian president, the long-feared crackdown on his critics appears to have begun. The internet bill due to be considered by parliament on Wednesday is, say activists, the latest sign of growing repression of civil freedom in Russia.

This is very concerning. I remember back in 2008 when Putin was going to try and be President for life. He was not alone. Leaders aligned with Russia were all trying to get permanent leadership so they could be at the helm of their prospective countries to take on then President Bush when his war mongering hit the point where Russia, the 135 non aligned Nations, Iran, and others were prepared to join forces and take him and our allies on.

I remember when Bush first met Putin and he said he shook his hand and looked him in the eye and saw a man of compassion, a man who was true to his word, and a man he could work with. I shuttered at Bush's stupidity. I looked at Putin and saw a man deceitful to the core who was not to be trusted period.

We were too pompous then and were pushing the world towards WW3 with our take it or leave it, my way or the highway, interference around the world. Putin was determined to head us off, to directly confront us when we were on Russia's front door trying to instigate war by installing the so called missile shield in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and return Russia to the role of a world leader.

Personally we blew it when Russia broke up and the Berlin wall came down. We were the world leader and had the perfect opportunity to be humble, show we were the leader, and bring the world together to proceed successfully through the 21st century.We egged on the likes of Vladimir Putin who understandably chaffed under our we are the boss do what we say take it or leave it, it your face tactics of Bush and Cheney.

Putin has taken their cue. Putin's goal is to stop the US and put an end to US hegemony. While supposedly supporting Democracy he is arresting all the leaders of the movement against him and harassing all its supporters. He is doing what he can to suppress their means of communication. I have heard in recent weeks that Russian aircraft have been found twice feeling out the borders of the United States in a reminder of the cold war.

Putin has taken the lead role in stopping the US from gaining influence in Syria. He has taken us on head on offering the Kremlin as an alternative for talks with both sides of the fight in Syria. They are currently on going with the opposition saying they have strong Russian ties "speaking in Russian" and would like to keep them.

Russia has absolutely no intention of letting her ties or her assets and influence go in Syria their last real grasp in the middle east. Putin as we long feared is going to be our Bane.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Joseph Brandon said...

Leopards do not change their spots. KGB is KGB! However, one shouldn't be surprised by this. After all, it is quite clear that Comrade Obama after being given his marching orders from his Stalinist Leftist handlers, has done verything he could to put Putin in this position including giving him the green light to squash anyone against him.

Demeur said...

I believe it's too late for the Russians on Syria. The FSA had done quit a bit of damage and it's too late to turn back now.

Obama a communist? Give me a break. If he moved anymore right he'd be in with the tea bag crowd. He's given corporations almost as many breaks as Bush.