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China will not sign the South China Sea code of conduct? (+video)

Asean Summit Breaks Down Over South China Sea Disputes, Philippines says China warship is in its territory, a military aircraft spotted six other Chinese ships near the stricken vessel on Saturday. Japan's plan to buy the disputed Tiaoyutai island group provoked a Chinese live ammunition exercise. China will not sign the South China Sea code of conduct. China, Japan Face Off Near Disputed Islands. China, US seek to calm South China Sea tensions. Plus a recap of what led us to this point if need. If something interests you in this very long and convoluted issue just click on the link and read further!

Asean Summit Breaks Down Over South China Sea Disputes: China's efforts to assert its claims to the disputed South China Sea got a boost as regional talks to resolve the issue broke down despite U.S. support, even as Beijing made fresh moves that underscore its increasing presence in the region.A summit of foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, ended Friday amid tense disagreements over how to address territorial claims in the sea, which is claimed by China and in part by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who attended the talks, had pressed for discussion of a multinational agreement to ease tensions—a move opposed by China, which prefers to negotiate with each nation separately. But Southeast Asian nations argued over how hard to press the Chinese, with countries such as Cambodia resisting any steps that would embarrass China, and the Philippines.

Philippines says China warship is in its territory: The Philippines says a Chinese warship entered an area it claims in the South China Sea and ran aground on a shoal, as tensions continue between the two countries over a separate territorial dispute. Foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez said Saturday that Manila wants Beijing to explain why the Chinese frigate became stuck on Half Moon Shoal, about 110 kilometers (70 miles) from the western province of Palawan.

"We need to find out what really happened with the Chinese frigate in our territory," Hernandez said. He said the Philippine Embassy in Beijing has been instructed to inform China's Foreign Ministry that Manila is "willing to help the frigate get out of there." Defense department spokesman Peter Paul Galvez said a military aircraft spotted six other Chinese ships near the stricken vessel on Saturday.
You know China ran that ship aground on purpose to have ab excuse to have a presence there and to keep their military ships there. You know damn well they will not accept the Philippine's help.

Japan's plan to buy the disputed Tiaoyutai island group provoked a Chinese live ammunition exercise

China, US seek to calm South China Sea tensions: The United States and China signaled a willingness on Thursday to work together on "sensitive issues" in a move to cool tensions between rival claimants to the potentially oil-rich and increasingly militarized South China Sea.

Long-simmering tensions in the waters have entered a more contentious chapter this year as the six parties who claim the territory search deeper into the disputed waters for energy supplies while building up their navies and defense alliances. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Beijing was ready to work with Washington "to expand our common ground, respect each other, properly handle differences on sensitive issues, and push forward" relations.

Why won't China sign the South China Sea code of conduct? (+video) The agreement, raised at the Association of South East Asian Nations in Cambodia, would be the 10th covering essentially the same territorial dispute since the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The idea is that it would spell out what ships should do to avoid a clash but it wouldn't actually spell out how to resolve competing claims, according to regional news media.

Japan's plan to buy the disputed Tiaoyutai island group in the East China Sea has provoked a Chinese announcement that it will stage a maritime live ammunition exercise July 10-15, according to local media reports. In Taiwan, President Ma Ying-jeou said Saturday that there will be no concessions on the nation's sovereignty over the Tiaoyutai islands.

After Japan announced plans to purchase the island chain from its private owners by the end of the year, local media said this means Japan is trying to "nationalize" the disputed territory. The island group, some 100 nautical miles northeast of Taiwan, is known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and as the Diaoyutai islands in China, both of which claim sovereignty over the uninhabited islands. Taiwan also claims sovereignty over the islands, and has deployed coast guard boats to protect its fishermen operating in the area.

China, Japan Face Off Near Disputed Islands: Following days of hostile rhetoric since Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said his government was considering purchasing the islands, now privately owned, the face off fueled concerns that the island row will strain the burgeoning economic ties between the two Asian powers. Spokesmen from the two governments offered sharp words following Wednesday's incident, each emphasizing sovereignty over the islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

"It is very clear that the Senkaku Islands are Japan's inherent territory both from historical and legal perspectives," Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Osamu Fujimura, said. "And in reality, Japan effectively controls them." At a daily briefing in Beijing, Chinese government spokesman Liu Weimin said, "The Diaoyu island and its affiliated islets have been China's inherent territory since ancient times…China does not accept Japanese representations over it."

This is just one more confrontation you can only see ending in war rather than Diplomacy and sharing the wealth!

The long run up to the China sea's conflict and the US and allies verse Russia and China competing naval muscle flexing I mean exercises

Being in a superior position puts one in a unique position of power and that power must be handled gracefully, with humility, responsibly, and not abused. That is something I taught all my sons and America under Bush did a lousy job of handling. I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war and colonialism is over, period or else!

We are Taiwan's, Vietnam's, Australia's, and Japan's protectors. As China flex's their military muscles in the area we are not supposed to worry. Just what are we supposed to think they are going to do with their advanced weaponry, missiles, stealth aircraft, aircraft carriers and the like. Their threats are going to become more ominous until they cannot be ignored and it is too late. We have been here before. The world was not supposed to worry as Hitler built his arsenal and we know how that turned out.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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