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Top Syrian General defects, Russia: Assad has 10% chance of survival

­A member of Assad’s inner circle and a brigadier in the Republican Guard, Manaf Tlas, has reportedly fled Damascus and was in Turkey en route for Paris, Reuters reports. Tlas could not be reached for comment but several sources confirmed his defection. A witness in Damascus, who spoke to Reuter anonymously, said Tlas's house in the Syrian capital had been ransacked by security agents. Tlas’s father Mustapha served as defense minister under Assad's father for 30 years.

This brings the number of such renegade generals on Turkish soil to 16, FSA officials said. Turkey, once an ally of Syria, now hosts some 250 officers who have defected to the FSA, Iraq says al Qaeda members crossing into Syria, Assad says Turkey party to bloodshed in Syria, tells Turkey to stop meddling, Assad: Syria Against Armed Conflict With Turkey, Russian source: Assad has "10% to survive"
Assad says Turkey party to bloodshed in Syria: paper: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has made Turkey a party to Syria's bloodshed by interfering in Damascus's internal affairs and by giving logistical support to the rebels, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told a Turkish newspaper.

Assad also accused the Turkish leader of being "two-faced" by pursuing a sectarian agenda in the region and trying to persuade Damascus to introduce political reforms while ignoring the killings and democratic shortfalls in Gulf Arab states.
"With his desire from the beginning to interfere in our internal affairs, unfortunately, in the subsequent period he has made Turkey a party to all the bloody acts in Syria," the Cumhuriyet newspaper quoted Assad as saying. "Turkey has given all kinds of logistical support to the terrorists killing our people," Assad said in the second part of an interview published on Wednesday.

Syria: Bashar al-Assad tells Turkey to stop meddling: In an interview with the daily Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, the Syrian president said: "Turkey's desire to interfere in Syria's internal affairs has put it in a position which unfortunately makes it a party to all the bloody activities.

"Turkey has supplied all logistic support to the terrorists who have killed our people." More than 16,500 people, mostly civilians have been killed in the violence and Turkey, once a strong ally in the region, has severed ties with Damascus and welcomed to its territory more than 35,000 Syrian refugees.

Iraq says al Qaeda members crossing into Syria: Iraq said on Thursday that it believed militants loyal to al Qaeda were crossing from Iraq into Syria to carry out attacks. "We have solid information and intelligence that members of al Qaeda terrorist networks have gone in the other direction, to Syria, to help, to liaise, to carry out terrorist attacks," Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari told a news conference in Baghdad.

Syria says that a 16-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad is not a popular revolt but a "terrorist" conspiracy funded and directed from abroad, not least by the wealthy Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It also says much of the violence in Syria bears the fingerprints of al Qaeda and its Sunni Muslim Islamist ideology.
Maybe but compliments of Assad!

Russian source: Assad has "10% to survive": "Western countries, and primarily the United States, have been actively trying to persuade Moscow to host the Syrian leader and grant him political asylum," the Russian daily Kommersant, citing a Russian diplomatic source. But, the source said, Russia, key ally of Damascus, "does not project to welcome" the head of the Syrian state. A source close to the Kremlin believed that the Syrian president had "about 10% chance of remaining in power ".

Assad: Syria Against Armed Conflict With Turkey: Syrian President Bashar Assad said he regrets the shooting down of a Turkish jet by his forces, and he will not allow tensions between the two neighbors to deteriorate into an “armed conflict,” a Turkish newspaper reported on Tuesday. Syria downed the Turkish F-4 warplane on June 22, after according to Syria it flew very low inside its airspace.

Turkey says the jet was hit in international airspace after it briefly strayed into Syria, AP reported. Assad offered no apology for the downing of the plane during an interview with Cumhuriyet on Sunday, insisting that it was shot down over Syria, and his forces acted in self-defense

Syria pummels rebels as battered city : TURKISH-SYRIAN TENSIONS, Another Syrian general defected to the opposition and fled to Turkey, bringing the number of such renegade generals on Turkish soil to 16, FSA officials said. Turkey, once an ally of Syria, now hosts some 250 officers who have defected to the FSA in its southern Hatay province and gives them logistical support, but denies arming them.

At this point the UN has condemned Syria for what that is worth and Turkey has said they would not go to war over recent events but she is sure appearing to be instigating it right now. Russia and China are not going to allow themselves to be kicked out of Syria as would be the case if the opposition gained power.

Likewise, there is also no way Iran is going to let her ally and guard 'Syria" fall to the opposition or more pointedly Democracy and US and Western influence. Nor are they going to sit still while Turkey gets involved which is what I have to say Syria has been counting on.

Syria seems to be baiting Turkey knowing NATO will step up because Syria knows in turn so will Russia China and Iran. I do not like what I see! Syria is China and Russia's last real foot hold in the middle east they and Iran are not going to give this up easily. This is going to take a hell of a long and deadly fight. I fully expect Russia and China to be drawn into this and then the entire middle east will take sides. I hope we can avert WW3 but I would not bet on it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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