Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent events prove 2007 scientific report that our environment is our biggest security threat

Global warming induced natural diasters

U.S. declares drought-stricken states largest natural disaster area ever: Recent events prove our environment is our biggest threat

U.S. declares drought-stricken states largest natural disaster area ever: The United States Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26 drought-stricken states, making it the largest natural disaster in America ever.[Also read: First half of year hottest ever] According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, more than half the country (56 percent) experienced drought conditions—the largest percentage in the 12-year history of the service.

And according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the period from January through June was "the warmest first half of any year on record for the contiguous United States." The average temperature was 52.9 degrees Fahrenheit, or 4.5 degrees above average, NOAA said on Monday. Twenty-eight states east of the Rockies set temperature records for the six-month period. A heat wave blistered most of the United States in June, with more than 170 all-time temperature records broken or tied during the month. On June 28 in Norton, Kan., for instance, the temperature reached 118 degrees, an all-time high. On June 26, Red Willow, Neb., set a temperature record of 115 degrees, eclipsing the 114-degree mark set in 1932.

* 2007 scientific report that our environment is our biggest security threat

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In 2007 experts said the environment was our biggest security threat. I am sure you will agree it gets worse every year and will get much worse. The planet is in the final stage of its life known as the nurturing stage and we do not take care of it. Instead we worsen our own situation and besides a kaleidoscope of horrific man made disasters including numerous little wars. we are preparing to worsen our situation exponentially with another world war.

* The Nurturing Stage – This is supposedly man's mature stage. This is mans preservation period. The time is now. This period marks mans awakening as to the realization of mans negative impact on the life sustaining life cycle of the planet as a whole. This period marks the awakening of man as to the as to the necessity of revitalizing Natures life sustaining ecosystems.

This period marks the necessity for an end to all out war. We must come to the realization that as a world we must destroy all advanced weaponry and their systems throughout the world. This is an absolute necessity for the survival of man and the planet. We must form a world board to ensure compliance by the entire world. It is for the benefit and survival of mankind and the planet. We now know the fragility of our planet and our negative role in it. As a world we must act responsibly, be held accountable, and act accordingly.

** Man has taken his ability to live and learn, an ability that has sustained and nurtured him for thousand of years and forgotten he ever had it. It had served us well throughout are creativity. Through the beginning of the 20th century man has been going through the maturity stages of his existence. Like a maturing teenager man now thinks he has all the answers. However he has none of the right ones.

Would you send your Grandmother off to war? That is something you can relate to. Likewise man and the planet can not survive a world war this late in the life cycle of man and the planet. Whoever ushers in a new world war must be held personally accountable for knowingly and unwittingly bring about the end of the civilized world and our planet.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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