Wednesday, February 08, 2012

UN's new Afghan envoy heartened by prospect of peace as am I

UN's new Afghan envoy heartened by talk of peace: The U.N.'s new representative to war-torn Afghanistan said Wednesday that he was encouraged by widespread discussion about prospects for making peace with the Taliban.

Jan Kubis, the new special representative of the U.N. Secretary-General, said that he thinks the Afghan people are tired of the 10-year war and are interested in supporting steps that would bring more stability and eventually peace to Afghanistan. "Political forces are discussing it. The parliament is discussing it. Civil society is discussing it at all levels - not only at the top level, but in the provinces,"

Yes they are sick of war. We have been at this for 10 years but Afghanistan has been at war for 30 years. Hell they have been at war since inception. That is what they do they fight and kill each other for tribal and leadership rights. That is what they do and it will continue when we are gone.However I want to say something about us first.

We keep hearing from tribal and terrorism leaders that the US is suffering from war fatigue. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is a reason for it besides are refusal to say die. We hear it as a negative that these wars are being fought by only one percent of our population. I agree in some instances but I think it is a plus because most of society does not even think about the fact that we are at war.

Whether most realize it or not they are insulated and the Afghans on every level are not and suffer to one degree or the other every day. I want my sons and all soldiers to come home from there but we have to keep hurting them to make them realize peace is the best option for now, at least until we leave.

In fact as discussed We may have Check, check, mate

I think it is right to keep squeezing them until they are convinced that talking to us is the best and quickest way to see us gone. We must convince the Taliban to at least stay peaceful long enough to let us leave. The Taliban are indigenous to Afghanistan and when all is said and done they will be governing like it or not and who cares how as long as they are not harboring efforts against the west.

NATO: Raids To Go On With Afghan Participation: NATO will carry out nighttime kill-and-capture raids against suspected insurgents with increased participation from Afghan special forces, the alliance said Monday, after repeated protests by President Hamid Karzai.

The raids have become a flash point for anger over foreign meddling in Afghanistan and whether detention operations will be run by the Afghans or Americans. Karzai has demanded that foreign troops stop entering homes, saying Afghan citizens cannot feel secure if they think armed soldiers might burst into their houses in the middle of the night.

We know you are much better off when talking from a position of strength and having decimated the Taliban on both sides of the border I believe we are.

I think this is great, decimate them a little further and send them back to their roots of inter tribal warfare. Let them concentrate on being fractured and fighting and killing themselves and not us. Give us a chance to hold Obama accountable, get him reelected, and get us out of Afghanistan,

Supposedly since 2004, the US has been conducting a covert program to target and kill al Qaeda and Taliban commanders based in Pakistan's lawless northwest. The program has targeted top Al Qaeda leaders, Al Qaeda's external operations network, and Taliban leaders and fighters that threaten both the Afghan and Pakistani states.

I disagree with that since with President Bush the project was in name only to make it look like he cared while he spent all his time and effort in Iraq. That is why of the 67 some odd top Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders killed since 2004 all but 4 were killed on President Obama's watch. Since 2004, the US has been conducting a covert program to target and kill al Qaeda and Taliban commanders based in Pakistan's lawless northwest. The program has targeted top al Qaeda leaders, al Qaeda's external operations network, and Taliban leaders and fighters that threaten both the Afghan and Pakistani states.

Anyway now we have killed 80 more in one encounter at a so called "secret camp" Bad days and bad times for the Taliban, they are being decimated There is a reason for this success as I said!

The Taliban think they are getting away with something and we are just getting lucky but they are being watched closely by JSOC ready to pounce and take them out when given the command. I say give it now and save lives. My guess is the command has been given because the Haqqani's have been going down en-masse. The network is important but I think "they" should take out the Haqqani's first.

I wish we would quickly kill the Haqqani's, both Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin and leave the rest to Pakistan and Afghanistan. I believe the are being squeezed from all sides and feeling intense pressure on their lifestyle and that is a big reason why the talks are progressing.

Anyway you look at it we are viewed as temporary and the violent convoluted backstabbing tribal relationships will always be a way of life in the border area especially. We can only be very concerned how this is going to turn out between NATO, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It won't be translucent or good!

The Haqqani's seem true to Mullah Omar who want us out of Afghanistan and want their independent Afghanistan. Pakistan has proven they do not want a free and independent Afghanistan but want to control it. At this point I want to say our soldiers have done their job let them come home as scheduled if not sooner. Let Mullah Omar the Haqqani's and other Taliban interests fight for Afghanistan it is theirs not ours or Pakistan's. Good luck Hamid Karzai that's all I say!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This may be a difficult exit much like Vietnam. To invade a country seems quite easy these days. To pull out not so.
I have an uneasy feeling about all this with the Syria situation and Israel wanting to bomb Iran while Russia and China sit on the sidelines waiting. I also wonder about the economic situation of the other countries in the region.

an average patriot said...

You know, right from the beginning we kept saying this is not like Nam but we made it 100% like Vietnam only on steroids.

You want to think about it? I was at the VA in Boston yesterday and struck up a conversation with a veteran of 3 wars "WW2, Korea, and Nam"

He kept saying Nam was hell and this is nothing compared to the jungle fighting of Nam.

I begged to differ, I think it is much worse because of the IED's and the killing of trainers seems to be occurring at a much higher rate.

Snave said...

Excellent post, AAAP. I hope we can get out of this one with the least amount of difficulty, and then not invade anyone else for a while.

an average patriot said...

Hi Snave long time no hear. Hope you are well! We never do anything right or easy so we will just have to wait and see what we screw up this time in getting the hell out of there.

At least Iran is right around the corner and probably Syria clandestinely if it is not already.

Really stinks what the scum Bush set up for our future that is why

I get angry when people say forget about Bush. We never will be able to as the worthless scum will influence us and the world for many generations.